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Listed below are historical scores for Boise State.
This file was last updated on Monday, February 6, 2023.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

2022-Boise State (MWC)

9/3@Oregon State (10-3)L1734
9/9@*New Mexico (2-10)W3114
9/17vs.Tennessee-Martin (non-IA)W307
9/23@Texas-El Paso (5-7)L1027
9/30vs.*San Diego State (7-6)W3513
10/8vs.*Fresno State (10-4)W4020
10/22@*Air Force (10-3)W1914
10/29vs.*Colorado State (3-9)W4910
11/5vs.Brigham Young (8-5)L2831
11/12@*Nevada (2-10)W413
11/19@*Wyoming (7-6)W2017
11/25vs.*Utah State (6-7)W4223
12/3vs.*Fresno State (10-4)L1628@ Boise, IDMWC Championship
12/17vs.North Texas (7-7)W3532@ Frisco, TXFrisco Bowl



2021-Boise State (MWC)

9/2@Central Florida (9-4)L3136
9/10vs.Texas-El Paso (7-6)W5413
9/18vs.Oklahoma State (12-2)L2021
9/25@*Utah State (11-3)W273
10/2vs.*Nevada (8-5)L3141
10/9@Brigham Young (10-3)W2617
10/16vs.*Air Force (10-3)L1724
10/30@*Colorado State (3-9)W2819
11/6@*Fresno State (10-3)W4014
11/12vs.*Wyoming (7-6)W2313
11/20vs.*New Mexico (3-9)W370
11/26@*San Diego State (12-2)L1627



2020-Boise State (MWC)

10/24vs.*Utah State (1-5)W4213
10/31@*Air Force (3-3)W4930
11/6vs.Brigham Young (11-1)L1751
11/12vs.*Colorado State (1-3)W5221
11/21@*Hawaii (5-4)W4032
12/12@*Wyoming (2-4)W179
12/19vs.*San Jose State (7-1)L2034@ Las Vegas, NVMWC Championship



2019-Boise State (MWC)

8/31@Florida State (6-7)W3631
9/6vs.Marshall (8-5)W147
9/14vs.Portland State (non-IA)W4510
9/20vs.*Air Force (11-2)W3019
10/5@*Nevada-Las Vegas (4-8)W3813
10/12vs.*Hawaii (10-5)W5937
10/19@Brigham Young (7-6)L2528
11/2@*San Jose State (5-7)W5242
11/9vs.*Wyoming (8-5)W2017
11/16vs.*New Mexico (2-10)W429
11/23@*Utah State (7-6)W5621
11/29@*Colorado State (4-8)W3124
12/7vs.*Hawaii (10-5)W3110@ Boise, IDMWC Championship
12/21vs.Washington (8-5)L738@ Las Vegas, NVLas Vegas Bowl



2018-Boise State (MWC)

9/1@Troy (10-3)W5620
9/8vs.Connecticut (1-11)W627
9/15@Oklahoma State (7-6)L2144
9/29@*Wyoming (6-6)W3414
10/6vs.*San Diego State (7-6)L1319
10/13@*Nevada (8-5)W3127
10/19vs.*Colorado State (3-9)W5628
10/27@*Air Force (5-7)W4838
11/3vs.Brigham Young (7-6)W2116
11/9vs.*Fresno State (12-2)W2417
11/16@*New Mexico (3-9)W4514
11/24vs.*Utah State (11-2)W3324
12/1vs.*Fresno State (12-2)L1619@ Boise, IDMWC Championship



2017-Boise State (MWC)

9/2vs.Troy (11-2)W2413
9/9@Washington State (9-4)L4447
9/14vs.*New Mexico (3-9)W2814
9/22vs.Virginia (6-7)L2342
10/6@Brigham Young (4-9)W247
10/14@*San Diego State (10-3)W3114
10/21vs.*Wyoming (8-5)W2414
10/28@*Utah State (6-7)W4114
11/4vs.*Nevada (3-9)W4114
11/11@*Colorado State (7-6)W5952
11/18vs.*Air Force (5-7)W4419
11/25@*Fresno State (10-4)L1728
12/2vs.*Fresno State (10-4)W1714@ Boise, IDMWC Championship
12/16vs.Oregon (7-6)W3828@ Las Vegas, NVLas Vegas Bowl



2016-Boise State (MWC)

9/3@Louisiana (6-7)W4510
9/10vs.Washington State (8-5)W3128
9/24@Oregon State (4-8)W3824
10/1vs.*Utah State (3-9)W2110
10/7@*New Mexico (9-4)W4921
10/15vs.*Colorado State (7-6)W2823
10/20vs.Brigham Young (9-4)W2827
10/29@*Wyoming (8-6)L2830
11/4vs.*San Jose State (4-8)W4531
11/12@*Hawaii (7-7)W5216
11/18vs.*Nevada-Las Vegas (4-8)W4225
11/25@*Air Force (10-3)L2027
12/27vs.Baylor (7-6)L1231@ Phoenix, AZCactus Bowl



2015-Boise State (MWC)

9/4vs.Washington (7-6)W1613
9/12@Brigham Young (9-4)L2435
9/18vs.Idaho State (non-IA)W520
9/25@Virginia (4-8)W5614
10/3vs.*Hawaii (3-10)W550
10/10@*Colorado State (7-6)W4110
10/16@*Utah State (6-7)L2652
10/24vs.*Wyoming (2-10)W3414
10/31@*Nevada-Las Vegas (3-9)W5527
11/14vs.*New Mexico (7-6)L2431
11/20vs.*Air Force (8-6)L3037
11/27@*San Jose State (6-7)W4023
12/23vs.Northern Illinois (8-6)W557@ San Diego, CAPoinsettia Bowl



2014-Boise State (MWC)

8/28vs.Mississippi (9-4)L1335@ Atlanta, GA
9/6vs.*Colorado State (10-3)W3724
9/13@Connecticut (2-10)W3821
9/20vs.Louisiana (9-4)W349
9/27@*Air Force (10-3)L1428
10/4@*Nevada (7-6)W5146
10/17vs.*Fresno State (6-8)W3727
10/24vs.Brigham Young (8-5)W5530
11/8@*New Mexico (4-8)W6049
11/15vs.*San Diego State (7-6)W3829
11/22@*Wyoming (4-8)W6314
11/29vs.*Utah State (10-4)W5019
12/6vs.*Fresno State (6-8)W2814@ Boise, IDMWC Championship
12/31vs.Arizona (10-4)W3830@ Glendale, AZFiesta Bowl



2013-Boise State (MWC)

8/31@Washington (9-4)L638
9/7vs.Tennessee-Martin (non-IA)W6314
9/13vs.*Air Force (2-10)W4220
9/20@*Fresno State (11-2)L4041
9/28vs.Southern Mississippi (1-11)W607
10/12@*Utah State (9-5)W3423
10/19vs.*Nevada (4-8)W3417
10/25@Brigham Young (8-5)L2037
11/2@*Colorado State (8-6)W4230
11/16vs.*Wyoming (5-7)W487
11/23@*San Diego State (8-5)L3134
11/30vs.*New Mexico (3-9)W4517
12/24vs.Oregon State (7-6)L2338@ Honolulu, HIHawaii Bowl



2012-Boise State (MWC)

8/31@Michigan State (7-6)L1317
9/15vs.Miami (Ohio) (4-8)W3912
9/20vs.Brigham Young (8-5)W76
9/29@*New Mexico (4-9)W3229
10/6@Southern Mississippi (0-12)W4014
10/13vs.*Fresno State (9-4)W2010
10/20vs.*Nevada-Las Vegas (2-11)W327
10/27@*Wyoming (4-8)W4514
11/3vs.*San Diego State (9-4)L1921
11/10@*Hawaii (3-9)W4914
11/17vs.*Colorado State (4-8)W4214
12/1@*Nevada (7-6)W2721
12/22vs.Washington (7-6)W2826@ Las Vegas, NVLas Vegas Bowl



2011-Boise State (MWC)

9/3vs.Georgia (10-4)W3521@ Atlanta, GA
9/16@Toledo (9-4)W4015
9/24vs.Tulsa (8-5)W4121
10/1vs.Nevada (7-6)W3010
10/7@Fresno State (4-9)W577
10/15@*Colorado State (3-9)W6313
10/22vs.*Air Force (7-6)W3726
11/5@*Nevada-Las Vegas (2-10)W4821
11/12vs.*Texas Christian (11-2)L3536
11/19@*San Diego State (8-5)W5235
11/26vs.*Wyoming (8-5)W3614
12/3vs.*New Mexico (1-11)W450
12/22vs.Arizona State (6-7)W5624@ Las Vegas, NVMaaco Bowl



2010-Boise State (WAC)

9/6vs.Virginia Tech (11-3)W3330@ Landover, MD
9/18@Wyoming (3-9)W516
9/25vs.Oregon State (5-7)W3724
10/2@*New Mexico State (2-10)W590
10/9vs.Toledo (8-5)W5714
10/16@*San Jose State (1-12)W480
10/26vs.*Louisiana Tech (5-7)W4920
11/6vs.*Hawaii (10-4)W427
11/12@*Idaho (6-7)W5214
11/19vs.*Fresno State (8-5)W510
11/26@*Nevada (13-1)L3134
12/4vs.*Utah State (4-8)W5014
12/22vs.Utah (10-3)W263@ Las Vegas, NVMaaco Bowl



2009-Boise State (WAC)

9/3vs.Oregon (10-3)W198
9/12vs.Miami (Ohio) (1-11)W480
9/18@*Fresno State (8-5)W5134
9/26@Bowling Green (7-6)W4914
10/3vs.California-Davis (non-IA)W3416
10/14@Tulsa (5-7)W2821
10/24@*Hawaii (6-7)W549
10/31vs.*San Jose State (2-10)W457
11/6@*Louisiana Tech (4-8)W4535
11/14vs.*Idaho (8-5)W6325
11/20@*Utah State (4-8)W5221
11/27vs.*Nevada (8-5)W4433
12/5vs.*New Mexico State (3-10)W427
1/4vs.Texas Christian (12-1)W1710@ Glendale, AZFiesta Bowl



2008-Boise State (WAC)

8/30vs.Idaho State (non-IA)W497
9/13vs.Bowling Green (6-6)W207
9/20@Oregon (10-3)W3732
10/1vs.*Louisiana Tech (8-5)W383
10/11@Southern Mississippi (7-6)W247
10/17vs.*Hawaii (7-7)W277
10/24@*San Jose State (6-6)W3316
11/1@*New Mexico State (3-9)W490
11/8vs.*Utah State (3-9)W4914
11/15@*Idaho (2-10)W4510
11/22@*Nevada (7-6)W4134
11/28vs.*Fresno State (7-6)W6110
12/23vs.Texas Christian (11-2)L1617@ San Diego, CAPoinsettia Bowl



2007-Boise State (WAC)

8/30vs.Weber State (non-IA)W567
9/8@Washington (4-9)L1024
9/15vs.Wyoming (5-7)W2414
9/27vs.Southern Mississippi (7-6)W3816
10/7vs.*New Mexico State (4-9)W580
10/14vs.*Nevada (6-7)W6967
10/20@*Louisiana Tech (5-7)W4531
10/26@*Fresno State (9-4)W3421
11/3vs.*San Jose State (5-7)W427
11/10@*Utah State (2-10)W520
11/17vs.*Idaho (1-11)W5814
11/23@*Hawaii (12-1)L2739
12/23vs.East Carolina (8-5)L3841@ Honolulu, HIHawaii Bowl



2006-Boise State (WAC)

8/31vs.Sacramento State (non-IA)W450
9/7vs.Oregon State (10-4)W4214
9/16@Wyoming (6-6)W1710
9/23vs.*Hawaii (11-3)W4134
9/30@Utah (8-5)W363
10/7vs.*Louisiana Tech (3-10)W5514
10/15@*New Mexico State (4-8)W4028
10/21@*Idaho (4-8)W4226
11/1vs.*Fresno State (4-8)W4521
11/11@*San Jose State (9-4)W2320
11/18vs.*Utah State (1-11)W4910
11/25@*Nevada (8-5)W387
1/1vs.Oklahoma (11-3)W4342@ Glendale, AZFiesta Bowl



2005-Boise State (WAC)

9/3@Georgia (10-3)L1348
9/10@Oregon State (5-6)L2730
9/21vs.Bowling Green (6-5)W4820
10/1@*Hawaii (5-7)W4441
10/8vs.Portland State (non-IA)W2114
10/15vs.*San Jose State (3-8)W3821
10/22@*Utah State (3-8)W4521
10/29vs.*Nevada (9-3)W4914
11/5vs.*New Mexico State (0-12)W566
11/10@*Fresno State (8-5)L727
11/19vs.*Idaho (2-9)W7035
11/26@*Louisiana Tech (7-4)W3013
12/28vs.Boston College (9-3)L2127@ Boise, IDMPC Computers Bowl



2004-Boise State (WAC)

9/4vs.Idaho (3-9)W657
9/10vs.Oregon State (7-5)W5334
9/18@*Texas-El Paso (8-4)W4731
9/24vs.Brigham Young (5-6)W2827
10/2vs.*Southern Methodist (3-8)W3820
10/16@*Tulsa (4-8)W4542
10/23vs.*Fresno State (9-3)W3316
10/29vs.*Hawaii (8-5)W693
11/13@*San Jose State (2-9)W5649
11/20vs.*Louisiana Tech (6-6)W5514
11/27@*Nevada (5-7)W5821
12/31vs.Louisville (11-1)L4044@ Memphis, TNLiberty Bowl



2003-Boise State (WAC)

9/6vs.Idaho State (non-IA)W620
9/13@Idaho (3-9)W2410
9/20@Oregon State (8-5)L2426
9/27vs.Wyoming (4-8)W3317
10/4@*Louisiana Tech (5-7)W4337
10/11vs.*Tulsa (8-5)W2720
10/18@*Southern Methodist (0-12)W453
10/25vs.*San Jose State (3-8)W7714
10/30@Brigham Young (4-8)W5012
11/15vs.*Texas-El Paso (2-11)W5121
11/21@*Fresno State (9-5)W3117
11/29vs.*Nevada (6-6)W563
12/6@*Hawaii (9-5)W4528
12/23vs.Texas Christian (11-2)W3431@ Fort Worth, TXFort Worth Bowl



2002-Boise State (WAC)

8/31vs.Idaho (2-10)W3821
9/7@Arkansas (9-5)L1441
9/14@Wyoming (2-10)W3513
9/28vs.Utah State (4-7)W6338
10/5vs.*Hawaii (10-4)W5831
10/12@*Tulsa (1-11)W5224
10/18vs.*Fresno State (9-5)W6721
10/26@*San Jose State (6-7)W458
11/2@*Texas-El Paso (2-10)W583
11/9vs.*Rice (4-7)W497
11/16vs.*Louisiana Tech (4-8)W3610
11/23@*Nevada (5-7)W447
12/31vs.Iowa State (7-7)W3416@ Boise, IDHumanitarian Bowl



2001-Boise State (WAC)

9/1@South Carolina (9-3)L1332
9/8vs.Washington State (10-2)L2041
9/22vs.*Texas-El Paso (2-9)W4217
9/29vs.Idaho (1-10)W4513@ Pullman, WA
10/6@*Rice (8-4)L1445
10/13vs.*Tulsa (1-10)W4110
10/19@*Fresno State (11-3)W3530
10/27vs.*Nevada (3-8)W497
11/3@*Louisiana Tech (7-5)L4248
11/10@*Hawaii (9-3)W2821
11/17vs.*San Jose State (3-9)W566
11/24vs.Central Michigan (3-8)W2610



2000-Boise State (Big West)

9/2@New Mexico (5-7)W3114
9/9vs.Northern Iowa (non-IA)W4217
9/16vs.Arkansas (6-6)L3138@ Little Rock, AR
9/23@Central Michigan (2-9)W4710
10/7@Washington State (4-7)L3542
10/14vs.Eastern Washington (non-IA)W4123
10/21vs.*North Texas (3-8)W590
10/28@*New Mexico State (3-8)W3431
11/4@*Arkansas State (1-10)W4214
11/11vs.*Utah State (5-6)W6638
11/18vs.*Idaho (5-6)W6624
12/28vs.Texas-El Paso (8-4)W3823@ Boise, IDHumanitarian Bowl



1999-Boise State (Big West)

9/4@UCLA (4-7)L738
9/11vs.Southern Utah (non-IA)W3527
9/18@Hawaii (9-4)L1934
9/25vs.New Mexico (4-7)W209
10/2vs.Utah (9-3)W2620
10/9vs.Eastern Washington (non-IA)W417
10/16@*North Texas (2-9)L1017
10/23vs.*Nevada (3-8)W5217
10/30@*Utah State (4-7)W3327
11/6vs.*Arkansas State (4-7)W6310
11/13vs.*New Mexico State (6-5)W4526
11/20vs.*Idaho (7-4)W4514@ Pullman, WA
12/30vs.Louisville (7-5)W3431@ Boise, IDHumanitarian Bowl



1998-Boise State (Big West)

9/5vs.Northridge State (non-IA)W2613
9/12vs.Washington State (3-8)L2133
9/19vs.Portland State (non-IA)W4224
9/26@Utah (7-4)W3128
10/3@Louisiana Tech (6-6)L2863
10/10vs.*North Texas (3-8)L1321
10/17vs.Weber State (non-IA)W2413
10/24vs.*Utah State (3-8)W3016
10/31@*Nevada (6-5)L2452
11/7@*New Mexico State (3-8)W5551
11/21vs.*Idaho (9-3)L3536



1997-Boise State (Big West)

8/30vs.Northridge State (non-IA)L2363
9/6@Wisconsin (8-5)L2428
9/13@Central Michigan (2-9)L2644
9/20vs.Weber State (non-IA)W247
9/27@Washington State (10-2)L058
10/11vs.*New Mexico State (2-9)W5210
10/18@*North Texas (4-7)W1714
10/25vs.Louisiana Tech (9-2)L2731
11/1@*Utah State (6-6)L2024
11/8vs.*Nevada (5-6)L4256
11/22@*Idaho (5-6)W3023



1996-Boise State (Big West)

8/31vs.Central Michigan (5-6)L2142
9/7vs.Portland State (non-IA)W3322
9/14vs.Eastern Washington (non-IA)L2127
9/21@Hawaii (2-10)L1420
9/28vs.Northwestern State (non-IA)L1620
10/5@Arizona State (11-1)L756
10/12@*Nevada (9-3)L2866
10/19vs.*Utah State (6-5)L1439
11/2@Fresno State (4-7)L741
11/9vs.*North Texas (5-6)L2730
11/16@*New Mexico State (1-10)W3332
11/23vs.*Idaho (6-5)L1964