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Listed below are historical scores for Carnegie Tech.
This file was last updated on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

1940-Carnegie Tech (Independent)

10/5vs.Geneva (non-IA)W210
10/12@Holy Cross (4-5-1)L018
10/19@Notre Dame (7-2)L061
10/26vs.Case (non-IA)W140
11/2@Cincinnati (non-IA)L67
11/9@Pittsburgh (3-4-1)L06
11/16@Franklin & Marshall (non-IA)W186
11/30vs.Duquesne (7-1)L714



1939-Carnegie Tech (Independent)

9/30@Wittenberg (non-IA)W350
10/7@Temple (2-7)W60
10/14@Case (non-IA)W210
10/21vs.New York University (5-4)L06@ Bronx, NY
10/28vs.Notre Dame (7-2)L67
11/11@Pittsburgh (5-4)L06
11/18@Holy Cross (7-2)L021
11/25@Duquesne (8-0-1)L722



1938-Carnegie Tech (Independent)

10/1vs.Davis & Elkins (non-IA)W490
10/8vs.Wittenberg (non-IA)W3213
10/15vs.Holy Cross (8-1)W76
10/22@Notre Dame (8-1)L07
10/29vs.Akron (non-IA)W2713
11/5@Pittsburgh (8-2)W2010
11/12vs.Duquesne (4-6)W210
11/26@North Carolina State (3-7-1)W140
1/2vs.Texas Christian (11-0)L715@ New Orleans, LASugar Bowl



1937-Carnegie Tech (Independent)

10/2vs.New York University (5-4)L1418
10/9@Purdue (4-3-1)L07
10/16vs.Notre Dame (6-2-1)W97
10/23vs.Temple (3-2-4)L07
10/30@Pittsburgh (9-0-1)L1425
11/6@Duquesne (6-4)W60
11/13@Michigan State (8-2)L613
11/20@Holy Cross (8-0-2)T00



1936-Carnegie Tech (Independent)

10/3@Notre Dame (6-2-1)L721
10/10vs.Michigan State (6-1-2)L07
10/17vs.Temple (6-3-2)W70
10/24@Holy Cross (7-2-1)L07
10/31vs.Purdue (5-2-1)L67
11/7vs.New York University (5-3-1)W146@ Bronx, NY
11/14vs.Duquesne (8-2)L013
11/26@Pittsburgh (8-1-1)L1431



1935-Carnegie Tech (Independent)

9/28vs.Case (non-IA)W63
10/5vs.Notre Dame (7-1-1)L314
10/12vs.New York University (7-1)L625@ Bronx, NY
10/19@Temple (7-3)L013
10/26@Purdue (4-4)W70
11/2vs.Duquesne (6-3)L07
11/16@Holy Cross (non-IA)L07
11/28@Pittsburgh (7-1-2)T00



1934-Carnegie Tech (Independent)

9/29vs.Geneva (non-IA)W70
10/6vs.Miami (Ohio) (non-IA)W137
10/13@Michigan State (8-1)L013
10/20@Notre Dame (6-3)L013
10/27vs.Purdue (5-3)L020
11/3vs.New York University (3-4-1)W60@ Bronx, NY
11/10vs.Temple (7-1-2)L634
11/17vs.Duquesne (8-2)W30
11/29@Pittsburgh (8-1)L020



1933-Carnegie Tech (Independent)

10/7@Temple (5-3)W250
10/14vs.Xavier (non-IA)W30
10/21vs.Notre Dame (3-5-1)W70
10/28@Washington & Jefferson (2-7-1)T00
11/4@Purdue (6-1-1)L717
11/11@Michigan State (4-2-2)T00
11/18@Georgetown (1-6-1)W190
11/25vs.New York University (2-4-1)L07@ Bronx, NY
11/30@Pittsburgh (8-1)L016



1932-Carnegie Tech (Independent)

10/1vs.Geneva (non-IA)W70
10/8vs.Western Reserve (non-IA)W190
10/15vs.Washington & Jefferson (5-3-1)T66
10/22@Notre Dame (7-2)L042
10/29vs.Temple (5-1-2)T77
11/5@Xavier (non-IA)W150
11/19@Pittsburgh (8-1-2)L06
11/24vs.New York University (5-3)L613@ Bronx, NY
12/3vs.Georgetown (2-6-1)W510



1931-Carnegie Tech (Independent)

9/26@Buffalo (non-IA)W250
10/3@Washington & Jefferson (6-4)L710
10/10@Georgia Tech (2-7-1)W130
10/24vs.Purdue (9-1)L613
10/31vs.Notre Dame (6-2-1)L019
11/7@Pittsburgh (8-1)L614
11/14vs.Temple (8-1-1)W1913
11/21vs.New York University (6-3-1)L67@ Bronx, NY
12/5vs.Duquesne (non-IA)T00@ Pittsburgh, PAPittsburgh Charity Game



1930-Carnegie Tech (Independent)

9/27vs.Buffalo (non-IA)W752
10/4vs.Thiel (non-IA)W526
10/11vs.Georgia Tech (2-6-1)W310
10/18@Notre Dame (10-0)L621
10/25vs.Western Reserve (non-IA)W408
11/1vs.New York University (7-3)L720
11/8@Pittsburgh (6-2-1)L67
11/22@Temple (7-3)W3213
11/29vs.Washington & Jefferson (6-2-1)W260



1929-Carnegie Tech (Independent)

10/5vs.Bethany (West Virginia) (non-IA)W210
10/12vs.Thiel (non-IA)W260
10/19@Washington & Jefferson (5-2-2)T00
10/26vs.Notre Dame (9-0)L07
11/2@Washington (Missouri) (3-4-1)W190
11/9@Western Reserve (non-IA)W336
11/16@Pittsburgh (9-1)L1334
11/28vs.New York University (7-3)W200@ Bronx, NY
12/14@Southern California (10-2)L1345



1928-Carnegie Tech (Independent)

10/6vs.Ashland (non-IA)W650
10/13vs.Thiel (non-IA)W3913
10/20vs.Washington & Jefferson (2-5-2)W190
10/27@Pittsburgh (6-2-1)W60
11/3vs.Westminster (Pennsylvania) (non-IA)W320
11/10@Georgetown (8-2)W137
11/17@Notre Dame (5-4)W277
11/24vs.New York University (8-2)L1327@ Pittsburgh, PA



1927-Carnegie Tech (Independent)

9/24@Westminster (Pennsylvania) (non-IA)W250
10/1vs.Thiel (non-IA)W400
10/8vs.Drexel (non-IA)W580
10/15vs.Washington & Jefferson (7-0-2)L620
10/22@Pittsburgh (8-1-1)L723
10/29@West Virginia (2-4-3)W137
11/5vs.New York University (7-1-2)L620@ Bronx, NY
11/12vs.Western Reserve (non-IA)W450
11/19vs.Detroit Mercy (7-2)L712
11/26vs.Oregon State (3-3-1)T1414@ Portland, OR



1926-Carnegie Tech (Independent)

10/2@Thiel (non-IA)W420
10/9vs.Adrian (non-IA)W470
10/16vs.Washington & Jefferson (7-1-1)L617
10/23@Pittsburgh (5-2-2)W140
10/30@Detroit Mercy (non-IA)W70
11/6@New York University (non-IA)L06
11/13vs.Juniata (non-IA)W520
11/20vs.West Virginia (6-4)W200
11/27vs.Notre Dame (9-1)W190



1925-Carnegie Tech (Independent)

10/3vs.Thiel (non-IA)W277
10/10vs.Mount St. Mary's (non-IA)W340
10/17@Washington & Jefferson (6-2-1)T00
10/24@Pittsburgh (8-1)L012
11/7vs.Drexel (non-IA)W450
11/14@Notre Dame (7-2-1)L026
11/21@St. Louis (non-IA)W182
11/28vs.Lehigh (non-IA)W370



1924-Carnegie Tech (Independent)

9/27vs.Dayton (non-IA)W143
10/4@Thiel (non-IA)W220
10/11vs.Toledo (non-IA)W540
10/18vs.Washington & Jefferson (7-2)L010
10/25@Pittsburgh (5-3-1)W60
11/1vs.McDaniel (non-IA)W270
11/8@Penn State (6-3-1)L722
11/15@Quantico Marines (non-IA)L03
11/29vs.Notre Dame (10-0)L1940



1923-Carnegie Tech (Independent)

9/29vs.Toledo (non-IA)W3212
10/6vs.Thiel (non-IA)W320
10/13@John Carroll (non-IA)W130
10/20@Washington & Jefferson (6-1-1)L79
10/27@Pittsburgh (5-4)W72
11/17@Lehigh (6-2-1)L613
11/24vs.Notre Dame (9-1)L026
12/1@Detroit Mercy (non-IA)T66



1922-Carnegie Tech (Independent)

9/30@Yale (6-3-1)L013
10/7vs.Waynesburg (non-IA)W540
10/14@Geneva (non-IA)W276
10/21vs.Washington & Jefferson (6-3-1)T77
10/28@Thiel (non-IA)W590
11/4vs.Grove City (non-IA)W280
11/11@Penn State (6-4-1)L010
11/18@Allegheny (non-IA)W70
11/25vs.Notre Dame (8-1-1)L019



1911-1921 - not rated

1910-Carnegie Tech (Independent)

10/1vs.Waynesburg (non-IA)T00
10/8@Penn State (5-2-1)L061
10/15@Grove City (non-IA)L316
10/22vs.Geneva (non-IA)W50
10/29vs.Washington & Jefferson (3-3-1)L08
11/5@Allegheny (non-IA)L027
11/12vs.Lehigh (2-6-1)L025
11/19@Pittsburgh (9-0)L035