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Listed below are historical scores for Franklin & Marshall.
This file was last updated on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

1904-Franklin & Marshall (Independent)

9/28@Columbia (7-3)L028
10/1vs.McDaniel (non-IA)L012
10/5@Pennsylvania (12-0)L034
10/8vs.St. John's (Maryland) (non-IA)L011
10/15vs.Dickinson (8-3-1)L057
10/22@Cornell (7-3)L536
11/5vs.Haverford (non-IA)L023
11/12@Swarthmore (6-3)L069
11/19vs.Jefferson Medical (non-IA)L023
11/24vs.Gettysburg (non-IA)L610



1899-1903 - not rated

1898-Franklin & Marshall (Independent)

9/24@Pennsylvania (12-1)L041
10/1vs.Phialdelphia YMCA (non-IA)W50
10/8@Princeton (11-0-1)L058
10/15vs.Gettysburg (non-IA)W260
10/22@Susquehanna (non-IA)W60
10/29vs.Dickinson (8-2)L022
11/5vs.Swarthmore (non-IA)L610
11/12vs.Bucknell (4-4-3)T1111
11/19@Ursinus (non-IA)T1010
11/24@Haverford (non-IA)W110



1897-Franklin & Marshall (Independent)

9/25@Pennsylvania (15-0)L033
10/2@Virginia (non-IA)L038
10/6vs.Lafayette (9-2-1)L08
10/16vs.Villanova (non-IA)W280
10/20@Princeton (10-1)L054
10/23vs.Haverford (non-IA)L1012
11/6vs.Lancaster Crescents (non-IA)W124
11/13vs.Pennsylvania Reserves (non-IA)T22
11/20@Dickinson (7-3-2)L042
11/25@Swarthmore (non-IA)T66



1896-Franklin & Marshall (Independent)

9/26vs.Pennsylvania (14-1)L024
10/3vs.Gettysburg (non-IA)W240
10/10@Navy (5-3)L049
10/17@Haverford (non-IA)T44
10/24@Gettysburg (non-IA)L010
10/31vs.Mount Airy Deaf School (non-IA)W320
11/7vs.Swarthmore (non-IA)W100
11/14@Lafayette (11-0-1)L038
11/26vs.Bucknell (5-2-1)T00



1892-1895 - not rated

1891-Franklin & Marshall (Independent)

10/10@Lehigh (7-6)L022
10/17vs.Princeton (12-1)L044
10/24vs.Penn State (5-2)L626
11/7@Haverford (0-6)W234
11/14@Swarthmore (non-IA)L620
11/26vs.Bucknell (6-2-1)W126



1890-Franklin & Marshall (Independent)

10/1@Princeton (11-1-1)L1633
10/11vs.Lafayette (2-5-1)W1810
10/12vs.Penn State (non-IA)W100
10/21@Bucknell (1-3-1)W226
10/25@Pennsylvania (11-3)L028
11/1@Dickinson (3-6)W109
11/8vs.Millersville (non-IA)W380
11/15vs.Gettysburg (non-IA)W680
11/22vs.Bucknell (1-3-1)W1210
11/27vs.Fordham (non-IA)W180



1889-Franklin & Marshall (Independent)

10/12vs.Millersville (non-IA)W600
10/19vs.Bucknell (1-4-1)T1212
10/26@Bucknell (1-4-1)W160
10/30@Dickinson (4-1-1)L010
11/9@Swarthmore (1-6)W224
11/23vs.Fordham (non-IA)W560
11/28vs.Dickinson (4-1-1)W220