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Listed below are historical scores for Fullerton State.
This file was last updated on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

1992-Fullerton State (Big West)

9/5vs.Northridge State (non-IA)W287
9/12@UCLA (6-5)L1437
9/19@Georgia (10-2)L056
9/26vs.Sacramento State (non-IA)L329
10/3vs.*Nevada (7-5)L019
10/10@*San Jose State (7-4)L349
10/17@Louisiana (2-9)W1410
10/31vs.*Utah State (5-6)L726
11/7@*Pacific (3-8)L2023
11/14@*New Mexico State (6-5)L3144
11/28@*Nevada-Las Vegas (6-5)L1633



1991-Fullerton State (Big West)

8/31@Mississippi State (7-5)L347
9/7@Texas Tech (6-5)L741
9/21vs.Northridge State (non-IA)W1710
9/28@Georgia (9-3)L1427
10/5@*Pacific (5-7)L2856
10/12vs.*Nevada-Las Vegas (4-7)L325
10/19@*Utah State (5-6)L326
11/2vs.*New Mexico State (2-9)L1235
11/9@*San Jose State (6-4-1)L735
11/16@*Fresno State (10-2)L738
11/23vs.*Long Beach State (2-9)W3736



1990-Fullerton State (Big West)

9/1vs.Sonoma State (non-IA)W3824
9/8@Auburn (8-3-1)L1738
9/15@Mississippi State (5-6)L1327
9/22@Akron (3-7-1)L1748
9/29vs.*Fresno State (8-2-1)L338
10/6@*Nevada-Las Vegas (4-7)L1029
10/13vs.*Pacific (4-7)L3767
10/20@Hawaii (7-5)L2145
10/27@*Long Beach State (6-5)L3537
11/3vs.*San Jose State (9-2-1)L644
11/10vs.*Utah State (5-5-1)L1745
11/17@*New Mexico State (1-10)L943



1989-Fullerton State (Big West)

9/2@Northern Illinois (9-2)L1726
9/9vs.Northridge State (non-IA)W2720
9/16@Colorado State (5-5-1)L1442
9/23@San Diego State (6-5-1)T4141
9/30vs.*Nevada-Las Vegas (4-7)W3420
10/7@*Utah State (4-7)L2334
10/14@*Pacific (2-10)W3526
10/21@*Fresno State (11-1)L1933
11/4vs.*New Mexico State (0-11)W4510
11/11vs.*Long Beach State (4-8)W3113
11/18@*San Jose State (6-5)W2814



1988-Fullerton State (Big West)

9/3@Louisiana (6-5)L924
9/10@West Virginia (11-1)L1045
9/17@*Nevada-Las Vegas (4-7)W2010
9/24vs.*Pacific (2-9)W1310
10/1@Wyoming (11-2)L1635
10/8vs.*Fresno State (10-2)L1023
10/15@*Long Beach State (3-9)L2224
10/22@*New Mexico State (1-10)W243
10/29@Akron (5-6)L1415
11/12vs.*San Jose State (4-8)W5813
11/19vs.*Utah State (4-7)W2313



1987-Fullerton State (PCAA)

9/5@Hawaii (5-7)L044
9/12@Louisiana State (10-1-1)L1256
9/19vs.*Long Beach State (4-7)W3112
9/26@*Utah State (5-6)W3011
10/3@*San Jose State (10-2)L1946
10/10@Florida (6-6)L065
10/17@*Nevada-Las Vegas (5-6)W2814
10/24@Northern Illinois (5-5-1)W2120
10/31vs.*New Mexico State (2-9)W4814
11/7@*Fresno State (6-5)L1721
11/14vs.*Pacific (4-7)L1422
11/21vs.Montana (non-IA)W4326



1986-Fullerton State (PCAA)

8/30@Nevada (non-IA)L349
9/6@*New Mexico State (1-10)L2124
9/13vs.Idaho State (non-IA)W3525
9/20@Idaho (non-IA)L1725
9/27@*Nevada-Las Vegas (6-5)L2340
10/2@Tulsa (7-4)L1020
10/11vs.*Long Beach State (6-5)L2030
10/18vs.*Utah State (3-8)W330
10/25@Hawaii (7-5)L1526
11/1@*Fresno State (9-2)L2030
11/8vs.*San Jose State (10-2)L2448
11/15@*Pacific (4-7)W3938



1985-Fullerton State (PCAA)

9/7@Montana (non-IA)L3031
9/14vs.Nevada (non-IA)L330
9/21@Wyoming (3-8)L831
10/3@*San Jose State (2-8-1)W2018
10/12@*Utah State (3-8)W3230
10/19vs.*Nevada-Las Vegas (5-5-1)L610
11/2vs.*Fresno State (11-0-1)L742
11/9vs.*New Mexico State (1-10)W2117
11/16@Northern Arizona (non-IA)W228
11/23@*Long Beach State (6-6)W3827
11/30@*Pacific (5-7)W4337



1984-Fullerton State (PCAA)

9/1@Boise State (non-IA)W2725
9/8@Hawaii (7-4)W2113
9/15vs.Idaho (non-IA)W287
9/22@Colorado State (3-8)W3422
9/29vs.*Utah State (1-10)W2716
10/6@*Pacific (4-7)W4131
10/13vs.*San Jose State (6-5)W2112
10/20@Nevada (non-IA)W3614
10/27vs.*Long Beach State (4-7)W4228
11/3@*Fresno State (6-6)W2017
11/10@*Nevada-Las Vegas (11-2)L2026
11/17@*New Mexico State (2-9)W200



1983-Fullerton State (PCAA)

9/3@Boise State (non-IA)W1310
9/10@*Long Beach State (8-4)W2519
9/17@*Utah State (5-6)W2524
9/24@Arizona (7-3-1)L1027
10/1@*Pacific (3-9)W3114
10/8@Nevada (non-IA)W146
10/15@*San Jose State (5-6)W2011
10/22vs.*Fresno State (6-5)W1817
10/29@Idaho State (non-IA)L1043
11/5@Utah (5-6)L2047
11/12vs.*Nevada-Las Vegas (7-4)L013
12/17vs.Northern Illinois (10-2)L1320@ Fresno, CACalifornia Bowl



1982-Fullerton State (PCAA)

9/4vs.Northern Arizona (non-IA)W1915
9/11@Boise State (non-IA)L920
9/18@Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo (non-IA)W1410
9/25vs.*Utah State (5-6)L019
10/1vs.*Long Beach State (6-5)L37@ neutral site
10/9vs.*San Jose State (8-3)L1538
10/16@Wyoming (5-7)W2016
10/23vs.Nevada (non-IA)L717
10/30@Hawaii (6-5)L39
11/6@*Fresno State (11-1)L1431
11/20@*Pacific (2-9)L031
11/27@*Nevada-Las Vegas (3-8)L2342



1981-Fullerton State (PCAA)

9/5@Wyoming (8-3)L1338
9/12@*Utah State (5-5-1)L914
9/19@Hawaii (9-2)L1238
9/26@Arizona (6-5)L1637
10/3vs.Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo (non-IA)W3410
10/10vs.*Fresno State (5-6)W1310
10/17@*San Jose State (9-3)L2345
10/24@*Long Beach State (2-8)L910
10/31@*Pacific (5-6)L1617
11/7vs.Boise State (non-IA)W2017
11/21vs.Nevada (non-IA)L3436



1980-Fullerton State (PCAA)

9/6@*Fresno State (5-6)W3925
9/13vs.Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo (non-IA)W3023
9/20vs.Northern Arizona (non-IA)W2113
10/4@Nevada-Las Vegas (7-4)L1736
10/11vs.*Utah State (6-5)L1728
10/18@Boise State (non-IA)L1126
10/25@Nevada (non-IA)W1716
11/1@Hawaii (8-3)L2131
11/8vs.*Long Beach State (8-3)L1020
11/15@*San Jose State (7-4)L2133
11/22@*Pacific (4-8)L2632



1979-Fullerton State (PCAA)

9/8vs.Nevada-Las Vegas (9-1-2)L1435
9/22@Boise State (non-IA)L322
9/29@*Pacific (3-7)W177
10/6@*San Jose State (6-4-1)L023
10/13vs.Eastern Kentucky (non-IA)L733
10/20@Louisiana-Monroe (3-8)L1728
10/27vs.Northridge State (non-IA)W493
11/3@*Utah State (7-3-1)L735
11/10vs.*Fresno State (4-7)L2428
11/17@Idaho State (non-IA)W427
11/24@*Long Beach State (7-4)L1316



1978-Fullerton State (PCAA)

9/9@Boise State (non-IA)L1242
9/16vs.Santa Clara (non-IA)W3520
9/23@Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo (non-IA)L2741
9/30@Hawaii (6-5)L3342
10/7@*Pacific (4-8)L1735
10/14vs.Nevada (non-IA)L1437
10/21@*Long Beach State (5-6)W349
10/28@*Fresno State (3-8)W378
11/4@*San Jose State (7-5)L2130
11/11@Northridge State (non-IA)W3120
11/18@Cal Poly-Pomona (non-IA)W3022
11/24@Nevada-Las Vegas (7-4)L724



1977-Fullerton State (PCAA)

9/10@San Diego State (10-1)L1734
9/17@*Long Beach State (4-6)L3150
9/24@*San Jose State (4-7)L1223
10/1vs.Northridge State (non-IA)W4514
10/8@Louisiana-Monroe (2-9)W3110
10/15@Northern Arizona (non-IA)L924
10/22vs.Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo (non-IA)W4518
10/29vs.Nevada-Las Vegas (non-IA)L2124
11/5@Cal Poly-Pomona (non-IA)W480
11/12vs.*Fresno State (9-2)L1944
11/19@*Pacific (6-5)L749



1976-Fullerton State (PCAA)

9/11@Cal Poly-Pomona (non-IA)T1010
9/18vs.*San Jose State (7-4)L020
10/2@*Fresno State (5-6)L1231
10/9vs.San Francisco State (non-IA)W3113
10/16@Santa Clara (non-IA)W5814
10/23vs.San Diego State (10-1)L1427
10/30@Hawaii (3-8)L727
11/6vs.*Pacific (2-9)W177
11/13vs.*Long Beach State (8-3)L828
11/20@Northridge State (non-IA)L1016
11/27vs.Northern Arizona (non-IA)L1720



1975-Fullerton State (PCAA)

9/6vs.*Fresno State (3-8)L749
9/20@*Long Beach State (9-2)L632
9/27@Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo (non-IA)L1023
10/4@*San Diego State (8-3)L1459
10/11@*Pacific (5-6-1)L2031
10/18vs.California-Riverside (non-IA)W3231
10/25@*San Jose State (9-2)L741
11/1@Hawaii (6-5)L716
11/15vs.Cal Poly-Pomona (non-IA)L2133
11/22vs.Southern Mississippi (7-4)L070@ Biloxi, MS
11/29vs.Northridge State (non-IA)W140