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Listed below are historical scores for Georgetown.
This file was last updated on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

1950-Georgetown (Independent)

9/30@Penn State (5-3-1)L1434
10/7vs.Tulsa (9-1-1)L721
10/14vs.Maryland (7-2-1)L1425@ Washington, DC
10/20@Boston College (0-9-1)W2010
10/28vs.Villanova (4-5)L1420
11/3@Miami (Florida) (9-1-1)L742
11/11vs.Fordham (8-1)L1314@ New York, NY
11/18@Holy Cross (4-5-1)W2114
11/25@George Washington (5-4)L67



1949-Georgetown (Independent)

9/24@Holy Cross (1-9)W2013
9/30@Maryland (9-1)L733
10/8@Wake Forest (4-6)W126
10/14vs.New York University (3-6)W216
10/21@Boston College (4-4-1)W107
10/29vs.Fordham (5-3)L042@ New York, NY
11/5vs.Villanova (8-1)L1429
11/12@Denver (4-6)W2813
11/19vs.George Washington (4-5)L728
1/2vs.Texas-El Paso (8-2-1)L2033@ El Paso, TXSun Bowl



1948-Georgetown (Independent)

9/25@Holy Cross (5-5)L718
10/1vs.Boston College (5-2-2)L613
10/16@Tulsa (0-9-1)W137
10/22vs.Fordham (3-6)W350@ Washington, DC
10/30vs.Denver (4-5-1)T1010
11/6vs.New York University (3-6)W136
11/13vs.Villanova (8-2-1)L736@ Philadelphia, PA
11/20@George Washington (4-6)L713



1947-Georgetown (Independent)

9/27@Wake Forest (6-4)L06
10/4vs.Fordham (1-6-1)W407@ Washington, DC
10/11@St. Louis (4-6)L016
10/18@Tulsa (5-5)W120
10/24vs.New York University (2-5-1)W250@ Washington, DC
11/1@Boston College (5-4)L627
11/15vs.Villanova (6-3-1)L1214@ Philadelphia, PA
11/22vs.George Washington (1-7-1)T00



1946-Georgetown (Independent)

10/4vs.Wake Forest (6-3)L619
10/11vs.Fordham (0-7)W87@ Washington, DC
10/19vs.Villanova (6-4)L219@ Philadelphia, PA
10/26vs.St. Louis (4-6)W137
11/2@George Washington (4-3)W186
11/9@Boston College (6-3)L1320
11/16vs.Scranton (non-IA)W367
11/27vs.New York University (5-3)W1912@ Bronx, NY



1943-1945 - not rated

1942-Georgetown (Independent)

9/26@Temple (2-5-3)W70
10/2vs.Mississippi (2-7)W146
10/10vs.Manhattan (2-6)W97
10/17vs.Auburn (6-4-1)T66
10/24@Detroit Mercy (5-4)L06
10/31@Boston College (8-2)L047
11/7vs.North Carolina Pre-Flight (8-2-1)L723
11/14@North Carolina State (4-4-2)W2820
11/21vs.George Washington (3-6)W210



1941-Georgetown (Independent)

9/26vs.Mississippi (6-2-1)W166
10/4@Virginia Tech (6-4)L03
10/10@Temple (7-2)L717
10/18@George Washington (1-7-1)W250
10/25@Boston College (7-3)L614
11/8vs.Maryland (3-5-1)W260@ Washington, DC
11/15vs.North Carolina State (4-5-2)W207
11/20vs.Manhattan (4-4-1)W70@ New York, NY
11/29@Xavier (non-IA)L714



1940-Georgetown (Independent)

9/28vs.Roanoke (non-IA)W660
10/4@Temple (4-4-1)W140
10/12@Waynesburg (non-IA)W2612
10/19vs.Virginia Tech (5-5)W464
10/26vs.New York University (2-7)W260@ Bronx, NY
11/2@Syracuse (3-4-1)W286
11/9@Maryland (2-6-1)W410
11/16@Boston College (11-0)L1819
11/23@George Washington (5-3-1)W80
1/1vs.Mississippi State (10-0-1)L714@ Miami, FLOrange Bowl



1939-Georgetown (Independent)

9/30@Temple (2-7)W32
10/7vs.Roanoke (non-IA)W250
10/14@Syracuse (3-3-2)T1313
10/21@Bucknell (3-5)W137
10/28vs.George Washington (5-3)W70
11/4vs.West Virginia (2-6-1)W140
11/11vs.Maryland (2-7)W200@ Washington, DC
11/18vs.New York University (5-4)W140@ Bronx, NY



1938-Georgetown (Independent)

10/1@Hampden-Sydney (2-6)W510
10/8vs.Roanoke (non-IA)W336
10/15vs.Randolph-Macon (non-IA)W330
10/22vs.Manhattan (5-4)W1413@ Bronx, NY
10/29vs.Temple (3-6-1)W130
11/5vs.Bucknell (5-3)W130
11/12@West Virginia (4-5-1)W140
11/19@Maryland (2-7)W147



1937-Georgetown (Independent)

10/2@Shenandoah (non-IA)W380
10/9@Holy Cross (8-0-2)L627
10/16vs.Lafayette (non-IA)L06
10/23@Pennsylvania (2-5-1)T00
10/30vs.Manhattan (6-3-1)L1220@ Washington, DC
11/6vs.West Virginia (8-1-1)T66
11/13vs.New York University (5-4)W60@ New York, NY
11/20vs.Maryland (8-2)L212@ Washington, DC



1936-Georgetown (Independent)

10/3vs.Delaware (non-IA)W390
10/10@Cincinnati (non-IA)W70
10/17vs.Bucknell (4-4-1)W190
10/24vs.New York University (5-3-1)T77@ Bronx, NY
10/31vs.Shenandoah (non-IA)W470
11/7@West Virginia (6-4)W280
11/14vs.Manhattan (6-4)L013@ Brooklyn, NY
11/21@Maryland (6-5)W76
12/4@Miami (Florida) (6-2-2)L610



1935-Georgetown (Independent)

10/5@Albright (non-IA)L07
10/12vs.Roanoke (non-IA)W160
10/19vs.Miami (Florida) (non-IA)W130
10/26vs.New York University (7-1)L67@ Bronx, NY
11/2@Richmond (3-3-3)W70
11/9vs.Manhattan (non-IA)W130@ Brooklyn, NY
11/23vs.Maryland (7-2-2)L612@ Washington, DC
11/30@McDaniel (non-IA)L1014



1934-Georgetown (Independent)

10/6vs.Mount St. Mary's (non-IA)W200
10/13@Manhattan (non-IA)W90
10/20vs.William & Mary (2-6)W30
10/27vs.New York University (3-4-1)T00@ Bronx, NY
11/3@Richmond (8-1)L1314
11/10vs.Roanoke (non-IA)W200
11/24@Maryland (7-3)L06
12/1vs.McDaniel (non-IA)L013@ Baltimore, MD



1933-Georgetown (Independent)

9/30@Mount St. Mary's (non-IA)W180
10/7@Canisius (non-IA)L06
10/14vs.Manhattan (non-IA)T2020
10/21@McDaniel (non-IA)L020
10/28vs.William & Mary (6-5)L612
11/4@Boston College (non-IA)L039
11/18vs.Carnegie Tech (4-3-2)L019
11/25vs.West Virginia (3-5-3)L1214



1932-Georgetown (Independent)

10/1vs.Mount St. Mary's (non-IA)W260
10/8vs.Canisius (non-IA)W146
10/15vs.New York University (5-3)L039@ Bronx, NY
10/22vs.McDaniel (non-IA)L612
10/28@Detroit Mercy (8-2)L013
11/5@West Virginia (5-5)L019
11/12vs.West Virginia Wesleyan (non-IA)L014
11/19vs.Bucknell (4-4-1)T66
12/3@Carnegie Tech (4-3-2)L051



1931-Georgetown (Independent)

9/26vs.Lebanon Valley (non-IA)W250
10/3vs.McDaniel (non-IA)W257
10/10vs.New York University (6-3-1)L034@ Bronx, NY
10/16@Duquesne (non-IA)T00
10/24@Michigan State (5-3-1)L06
10/31@Boston College (non-IA)L220
11/7vs.Bucknell (6-0-3)L07
11/14vs.West Virginia (4-6)W130
11/21@Villanova (4-3-2)W136
11/28vs.Detroit Mercy (7-2-1)L06



1930-Georgetown (Independent)

9/27@Mount St. Mary's (non-IA)W146
10/4vs.Loyola (Chicago) (non-IA)W166
10/11vs.West Virginia Wesleyan (non-IA)W6712
10/18@McDaniel (non-IA)L010
10/24vs.West Virginia (5-5)L714
10/31vs.Michigan State (5-1-2)W1413
11/8@Boston College (non-IA)W2019
11/15vs.New York University (7-3)L02@ Bronx, NY
11/22vs.Villanova (5-5)L013@ Philadelphia, PA
11/29@Detroit Mercy (5-3-2)L012



1929-Georgetown (Independent)

9/28vs.Mount St. Mary's (non-IA)W260
10/5vs.McDaniel (non-IA)L07
10/12@St. Louis (non-IA)W130
10/19@West Virginia Wesleyan (non-IA)W190
10/26vs.Lebanon Valley (non-IA)W270
11/2vs.New York University (7-3)W140@ Bronx, NY
11/9@Navy (6-2-2)T00
11/16vs.West Virginia (4-3-3)T00
11/30@Detroit Mercy (7-1-1)L1314



1928-Georgetown (Independent)

9/29@Mount St. Mary's (non-IA)W310
10/6vs.Susquehanna (non-IA)W880
10/13vs.Lebanon Valley (non-IA)W520
10/20vs.West Virginia Wesleyan (non-IA)W347
10/27vs.Duke (5-5)W350
11/3vs.New York University (8-2)W72@ Bronx, NY
11/10vs.Carnegie Tech (7-1)L713
11/17vs.West Virginia (8-2)W120
11/24vs.Fordham (4-5)W277@ New York, NY
11/29@Detroit Mercy (9-0)L1333



1927-Georgetown (Independent)

9/24vs.Lenoir-Rhyne (non-IA)W800
10/1vs.Susquehanna (non-IA)W570
10/8vs.Davis & Elkins (non-IA)W390
10/15@Syracuse (5-3-2)L619
10/22vs.West Virginia (2-4-3)W250
10/29vs.Waynesburg (non-IA)W580
11/5vs.Lafayette (5-3-1)W272
11/12@Boston College (non-IA)W470
11/19vs.Fordham (non-IA)W380



1920-1926 - not rated

1919-Georgetown (Independent)

9/27vs.Norfolk Navy Yard (non-IA)W586
10/4@Norfolk Navy Base (non-IA)W340
10/11@West Virginia Wesleyan (non-IA)W170
10/18vs.Virginia Tech (5-4)W337
10/25@Detroit Mercy (non-IA)L1316
11/1vs.Delaware (non-IA)W477
11/8@Navy (7-1)W60
11/15@Georgia Tech (7-3)L027
11/22vs.Washington & Lee (8-1)W276
11/29@Boston College (5-3)L910



1918 - not rated

1917-Georgetown (Independent)

10/6vs.Lebanon Valley (non-IA)W337
10/13vs.Springfield (non-IA)W260
10/20@Lehigh (7-2)W176
10/27vs.Virginia Tech (6-2-1)W280
11/3@Fordham (non-IA)W120
11/10@Navy (7-1)L728
11/17vs.Washington & Lee (4-3)W2012@ Roanoke, VA
11/24@Army Ambulance Corps (non-IA)W290



1916-Georgetown (Independent)

10/7@Navy (6-3-1)L713
10/14vs.Eastern (Virginia) (non-IA)W607
10/21vs.Dartmouth (5-2-2)W100
10/28vs.Albright (non-IA)W800
11/4vs.West Virginia Wesleyan (3-6)W470
11/18@North Carolina State (2-5)W615
11/25vs.Bucknell (3-9)W780
12/2vs.George Washington (non-IA)W477
12/9@Tulane (4-3-1)W610



1915-Georgetown (Independent)

9/25@Princeton (6-2)L013
10/2@Navy (3-5-1)W90
10/9vs.Reina Mercedes (non-IA)W580
10/16vs.North Carolina (4-3-1)W380
10/23@Army (5-3-1)L010
10/30vs.Fordham (non-IA)W337
11/6@North Carolina State (3-3-1)W280
11/20vs.South Carolina (5-3-1)W610
11/25vs.St. Louis (non-IA)W900



1914-Georgetown (Independent)

9/26@Fordham (non-IA)T00
10/3@Navy (6-3)L013
10/17vs.Washington & Lee (9-0)L014
10/24@Pittsburgh (8-1)L021
10/31vs.West Virginia Wesleyan (4-3)W270
11/7@North Carolina State (2-3-1)T77
11/21vs.Washington & Jefferson (10-1)L614
11/26vs.Gallaudet (non-IA)W127



1913-Georgetown (Independent)

10/4vs.Randolph-Macon (non-IA)W440
10/11@Navy (7-1-1)L023
10/18vs.Virginia Medical (non-IA)W210
10/25vs.North Carolina State (6-1)L012
11/1vs.Carlisle (10-1-1)L034
11/8@West Virginia Wesleyan (5-3)L616
11/15vs.Virginia (7-1)W87
11/22vs.Holy Cross (non-IA)W167



1912-Georgetown (Independent)

9/28vs.Randolph-Macon (non-IA)W390
10/5vs.Mount St. Mary's (non-IA)W270
10/12vs.Washington & Lee (8-1)W200
10/19@North Carolina State (4-3)W480
10/26vs.Carlisle (12-1-1)L2034
11/2vs.North Carolina (3-4-1)W3710@ Richmond, VA
11/9vs.Washington (Maryland) (non-IA)W840
11/16vs.Virginia (6-3)W1613
11/28vs.Virginia Tech (5-4)W243



1911-Georgetown (Independent)

9/30vs.Seamen Gunners (non-IA)W390
10/7vs.William & Mary (non-IA)W660
10/14vs.Carlisle (11-1)L528
10/21@Richmond (non-IA)W650
10/28vs.St. John's (Maryland) (non-IA)W200
11/4@Army (6-1-1)T00
11/11vs.Vigilant A.C. (non-IA)W250
11/18vs.Virginia (8-2)W90
11/30vs.Lehigh (5-5-1)W283



1910-Georgetown (Independent)

10/1vs.Seamen Gunners (non-IA)W550
10/8@North Carolina State (4-0-2)T00
10/15vs.Washington & Lee (4-3)W520
10/22@Pittsburgh (9-0)L017
10/29vs.North Carolina (3-6)W120
11/12vs.Virginia (6-2)W150
11/19vs.Virginia Military Institute (non-IA)W146
11/24@Lehigh (2-6-1)W63



1909-Georgetown (Independent)

10/2vs.Gallaudet (non-IA)W360
10/9@Washington (Maryland) (non-IA)W65
10/16@Richmond (3-5-2)W170
10/23vs.North Carolina (5-2)L05
11/2@Fordham (5-1-2)T00
11/6vs.Virginia (7-1)L021



1908-Georgetown (Independent)

10/3vs.Gallaudet (non-IA)W150
10/10vs.Johns Hopkins (non-IA)W224
10/17@North Carolina State (6-1)L05
10/26vs.North Carolina (3-3-3)T66
11/7@Fordham (non-IA)L022
11/21vs.Virginia (7-0-1)L06
11/26vs.Washington & Lee (5-2-1)L1112



1906-1907 - not rated

1905-Georgetown (Independent)

9/23vs.Gallaudet (non-IA)W100
10/7@Princeton (8-2)L034
10/14vs.Villanova (3-7)L06
10/21@Swarthmore (7-1)L028
10/28@Washington & Jefferson (9-3)L027
11/4vs.North Carolina (4-3-1)L036@ neutral site
11/18vs.Bucknell (5-5)L018
11/25vs.George Washington (non-IA)W126
11/30@Carlisle (10-4)L076



1904-Georgetown (Independent)

9/26vs.Maryland (non-IA)W220
10/1@Princeton (8-2)L010
10/15vs.Villanova (non-IA)W170
10/22vs.Washington & Lee (non-IA)W470
10/29vs.Holy Cross (2-5-2)W174
11/5vs.North Carolina (5-2-2)W160@ neutral site
11/12vs.Bucknell (3-3)W120
11/19@George Washington (non-IA)W620



1903-Georgetown (Independent)

9/26@Maryland-Baltimore (non-IA)W230
10/3@Princeton (11-0)L05
10/10@St. Albans (non-IA)W250
10/17vs.North Carolina (6-3)W330@ neutral site
10/22@Maryland (non-IA)W280
10/28@Navy (4-7-1)W125
11/7vs.Carlisle (11-2-1)L628
11/14vs.George Washington (non-IA)W330
11/21vs.Gallaudet (non-IA)W290
11/26vs.Lehigh (9-2-1)L612



1902-Georgetown (Independent)

9/20vs.Maryland (non-IA)W270
9/27@Navy (2-7-1)W40
10/4vs.St. John's (Maryland) (non-IA)W180
10/11vs.Virginia Military Institute (non-IA)W2311
10/28vs.Lafayette (8-3)L023
11/1vs.West Virginia (non-IA)W50
11/8@Virginia Tech (3-2-1)L028
11/15vs.North Carolina (5-1-3)W125@ neutral site
11/22vs.Washington YMCA (non-IA)W530
11/27vs.Carlisle (8-3)L021