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Listed below are historical scores for Georgia Southern.
This file was last updated on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
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2021-Georgia Southern (Sun Belt)

9/4vs.Gardner-Webb (non-IA)W3025
9/11@Florida Atlantic (5-7)L638
9/18@Arkansas (9-4)L1045
9/25vs.*Louisiana (13-1)L2028
10/2vs.*Arkansas State (2-10)W5933
10/9@*Troy (5-7)L2427
10/14@*South Alabama (5-7)L1441
10/30vs.*Georgia State (8-5)L1421
11/6vs.*Coastal Carolina (11-2)L828
11/13@*Texas State (4-8)W3830
11/20vs.Brigham Young (10-3)L1734
11/27@*Appalachian State (10-4)L327



2020-Georgia Southern (Sun Belt)

9/12vs.Campbell (non-IA)W2726
9/26@*Louisiana (10-1)L1820
10/3@*Louisiana-Monroe (0-10)W3530
10/17vs.Massachusetts (0-4)W410
10/24@*Coastal Carolina (11-1)L1428
10/29vs.*South Alabama (4-7)W2417
11/7vs.*Troy (5-6)W2013
11/14vs.*Texas State (2-10)W4038
11/21@Army (9-3)L2728
11/28@*Georgia State (6-4)L2430
12/5vs.Florida Atlantic (5-4)W203
12/12vs.*Appalachian State (9-3)L2634
12/23vs.Louisiana Tech (5-5)W383@ New Orleans, LANew Orleans Bowl



2019-Georgia Southern (Sun Belt)

8/31@Louisiana State (15-0)L355
9/7vs.Maine (non-IA)W2618
9/14@Minnesota (11-2)L3235
9/28vs.*Louisiana (11-3)L2437
10/3@*South Alabama (2-10)W2017
10/19vs.*Coastal Carolina (5-7)W3027
10/26vs.New Mexico State (2-10)W417
10/31@*Appalachian State (13-1)W2421
11/9@*Troy (5-7)L2849
11/16vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (5-7)W5129
11/23@*Arkansas State (8-5)L3338
11/30vs.*Georgia State (7-6)W3810
12/21vs.Liberty (8-5)L1623@ Orlando, FLCure Bowl



2018-Georgia Southern (Sun Belt)

9/1vs.South Carolina State (non-IA)W376
9/8vs.Massachusetts (4-8)W3413
9/15@Clemson (15-0)L738
9/29vs.*Arkansas State (8-5)W2821
10/6vs.*South Alabama (3-9)W4813
10/11@*Texas State (3-9)W1513
10/20@New Mexico State (3-9)W4831
10/25vs.*Appalachian State (11-2)W3414
11/3@*Louisiana-Monroe (6-6)L2544
11/10vs.*Troy (10-3)L2135
11/17@*Coastal Carolina (5-7)W4117
11/24@*Georgia State (2-10)W3514
12/15vs.Eastern Michigan (7-6)W2321@ Montgomery, ALCamellia Bowl



2017-Georgia Southern (Sun Belt)

9/2@Auburn (10-4)L741
9/9vs.New Hampshire (non-IA)L1222
9/23@Indiana (5-7)L1752
10/4vs.*Arkansas State (7-5)L2543
10/14vs.*New Mexico State (7-6)L2735
10/21@Massachusetts (4-8)L2055
10/28@*Troy (11-2)L1638
11/4vs.*Georgia State (7-5)L1721
11/9@*Appalachian State (9-4)L627
11/18vs.*South Alabama (4-8)W520
11/25@*Louisiana (5-7)W3424
12/2@*Coastal Carolina (3-9)L1728



2016-Georgia Southern (Sun Belt)

9/3vs.Savannah State (non-IA)W540
9/10@*South Alabama (6-7)W249
9/17vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)W2321
9/24@Western Michigan (13-1)L3149
10/5@*Arkansas State (8-5)L2627
10/15@Georgia Tech (9-4)L2435
10/22@*New Mexico State (3-9)W2219
10/27vs.*Appalachian State (10-3)L1034
11/5@Mississippi (5-7)L2737
11/10vs.*Louisiana (6-7)L2633
11/19@*Georgia State (3-9)L2430
12/3vs.*Troy (10-3)W2824



2015-Georgia Southern (Sun Belt)

9/5@West Virginia (8-5)L044
9/12vs.Western Michigan (8-5)W4317
9/19vs.Citadel (non-IA)W4813
9/26@*Idaho (4-8)W4420
10/3@*Louisiana-Monroe (2-11)W5131
10/17vs.*New Mexico State (3-9)W5626
10/22@*Appalachian State (11-2)L1331
10/29vs.*Texas State (3-9)W3713
11/14@*Troy (4-8)W4510
11/21@Georgia (10-3)L1723
11/28vs.*South Alabama (5-7)W5517
12/5vs.*Georgia State (6-7)L734
12/23vs.Bowling Green (10-4)W5827@ Mobile, Bowl



2014-Georgia Southern (Sun Belt)

8/30@North Carolina State (8-5)L2324
9/6vs.Savannah State (non-IA)W839
9/13@Georgia Tech (11-3)L3842
9/20@*South Alabama (6-7)W286
9/25vs.*Appalachian State (7-5)W3414
10/4@*New Mexico State (2-10)W3628
10/11vs.*Idaho (1-10)W4724
10/25@*Georgia State (1-11)W6931
10/30vs.*Troy (3-9)W4210
11/8@*Texas State (7-5)W2825
11/15@Navy (8-5)L1952
11/29vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)W2216