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Listed below are historical scores for Hardin-Simmons.
This file was last updated on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

1962-Hardin-Simmons (Independent)

9/15@Tulsa (5-5)L039
9/22vs.McMurry (non-IA)L68
9/29@Wichita State (3-7)L613
10/6@North Texas (6-4)L829
10/13@Abilene Christian (non-IA)L614
10/20vs.Trinity (Texas) (non-IA)W146
10/27vs.Arkansas (9-2)L749@ Little Rock, AR
11/3@Texas-El Paso (4-5)L67
11/10@Texas-Arlington (non-IA)L67
11/17vs.West Texas A&M (9-2)L1334



1961-Hardin-Simmons (Border)

9/16@Tulsa (2-8)L027
9/23vs.North Texas (5-4-1)L79
9/30@Memphis (8-2)L056
10/7@Arizona (8-1-1)L753
10/14vs.Abilene Christian (non-IA)L027
10/21@*West Texas A&M (6-4)L042
10/28@*Arizona State (7-3)L047
11/4vs.*Texas-El Paso (3-7)L735
11/11@McMurry (non-IA)L1427
11/25@*New Mexico State (5-4-1)L854



1960-Hardin-Simmons (Border)

9/17@Cincinnati (4-6)L1415
9/23vs.Southern Mississippi (non-IA)L027@ Mobile, AL
10/1@Tulsa (5-5)L721
10/8vs.*Arizona State (7-3)L028
10/15@Memphis (8-2)L742
10/22@*West Texas A&M (3-7)L021
10/29@*Texas-El Paso (4-5-1)L645
11/5@North Texas (2-6-1)L1926
11/12vs.Trinity (Texas) (non-IA)L1243
11/19vs.*New Mexico State (11-0)L340



1959-Hardin-Simmons (Border)

9/19vs.North Texas (9-2)L2446
9/26@Wichita State (5-4-1)L1327
10/3@Auburn (7-3)L1235
10/10@Georgia (10-1)L635
10/17@Tulsa (5-5)L816
10/24@*West Texas A&M (1-9)W220
10/31vs.*Texas-El Paso (3-7)W2514
11/7vs.Trinity (Texas) (non-IA)W2315
11/14@*New Mexico State (8-3)L1342
11/21@*Arizona State (10-1)L814



1958-Hardin-Simmons (Border)

9/20@Tulsa (7-3)W140
9/27@Baylor (3-7)L714
10/4@Louisiana State (11-0)L620
10/11@*Arizona State (7-3)W146
10/18@Mississippi (9-2)L024
10/25vs.Wichita State (4-5-1)W136
11/1@*Texas-El Paso (2-7)W146
11/8vs.Arkansas (4-6)L1560@ Little Rock, AR
11/15vs.*West Texas A&M (1-9)W266
11/28vs.*New Mexico State (4-6)W2620
12/31vs.Wyoming (8-3)L614@ El Paso, TXSun Bowl



1957-Hardin-Simmons (Border)

9/21@Tulsa (4-6)W140
10/5@Mississippi (9-1-1)L734
10/12@*Arizona State (10-0)L2635
10/19vs.Wichita State (1-9)W2714
10/26@*West Texas A&M (7-3)L1939
11/2vs.*Texas-El Paso (6-3)W3320
11/9@*Arizona (1-8-1)W2820
11/16@Texas Tech (2-8)L2126
11/23vs.Oklahoma State (6-3-1)L732
11/28vs.*New Mexico State (3-7)W2920



1956-Hardin-Simmons (Border)

9/22@Arkansas (6-4)L621
9/29@Wichita State (4-6)W207
10/5@George Washington (8-1-1)L713
10/20vs.*Arizona State (9-1)L1326
10/27@Tulsa (7-2-1)L027
11/3@*Texas-El Paso (9-2)L1351
11/10vs.*West Texas A&M (8-2)L620
11/17@Pacific (6-3-1)W2019
11/24@*New Mexico State (1-9)W3819
12/1vs.Texas Tech (2-7-1)W4114



1955-Hardin-Simmons (Border)

9/17@Baylor (5-5)L735
9/24@Tulsa (2-7-1)L1941
10/1vs.*New Mexico State (3-7)W390
10/15vs.North Texas (5-4-1)L1930@ Odessa, TX
10/22@*West Texas A&M (4-4-1)W1918
10/29@*Arizona State (8-2-1)L1469
11/4vs.*Texas-El Paso (6-2-2)W2321
11/12@Cincinnati (1-6-2)W5320
11/19@Trinity (Texas) (non-IA)W146
11/26@*Texas Tech (7-3-1)L1416



1954-Hardin-Simmons (Border)

9/18@Tulsa (0-11)W2114
9/25@*New Mexico State (0-9)W270
10/2vs.Trinity (Texas) (non-IA)L014
10/9@North Texas (4-6)L720
10/16@Cincinnati (8-2)L1327
10/23vs.Oklahoma State (5-4-1)W137
10/30vs.*Arizona State (5-5)L1314
11/6@*Texas-El Paso (8-3)L720
11/13vs.*West Texas A&M (1-8)W3327
11/27vs.*Texas Tech (7-2-1)L1961



1953-Hardin-Simmons (Border)

9/19@Oklahoma State (7-3)L020
9/26vs.Midwestern Texas State (non-IA)W337
10/3@Trinity (Texas) (non-IA)L2127
10/10@Rice (9-2)L040
10/17@Tulsa (3-7)L1314
10/24@*West Texas A&M (1-8-1)W2614
10/31@*Arizona State (4-5-1)W2720
11/7vs.*Texas-El Paso (8-2)W1413
11/14vs.*New Mexico State (2-7)W390
11/21vs.North Texas (3-6-1)W1410
11/28@*Texas Tech (11-1)L1246



1952-Hardin-Simmons (Border)

9/20vs.*Arizona State (6-3)L726
9/27@Tulsa (8-2-1)L2756
10/4vs.Trinity (Texas) (non-IA)W337
10/11@Midwestern Texas State (non-IA)W3414
10/18@North Texas (non-IA)W2813
10/25@*Arizona (6-4)L1213
11/1@Santa Clara (2-6-1)T1414
11/8@*Texas-El Paso (5-5-1)W2726
11/15vs.*Texas Tech (3-7-1)T1414
11/22vs.*West Texas A&M (3-6)W256



1951-Hardin-Simmons (Border)

9/22@Pacific (6-5)L733
9/29@Trinity (Texas) (non-IA)W206
10/6vs.Midwestern Texas State (non-IA)W3221
10/13@*Arizona State (6-3-1)W3914
10/20@Houston (6-5)L2735
10/27@*West Texas A&M (2-7)W276
11/3vs.Cincinnati (non-IA)L1213
11/9vs.*Texas-El Paso (3-7)W460
11/17@Loyola Marymount (3-6)L1314
11/24vs.*Arizona (6-5)W1413
12/1@*Texas Tech (7-4)L2128
12/8@Tulsa (9-2)L1433



1950-Hardin-Simmons (Border)

9/16@*New Mexico State (2-7)W480
9/23@Cincinnati (non-IA)L719
9/30vs.Trinity (Texas) (non-IA)W410
10/7@*Arizona (4-6)L2832
10/14vs.*Arizona State (9-2)W4114
10/20vs.Houston (4-6)W1413
11/4vs.Loyola Marymount (8-1)L2021
11/11@*Texas-El Paso (7-3)L2021
11/18vs.*West Texas A&M (10-1)L3147
12/2vs.*Texas Tech (3-8)W2813



1949-Hardin-Simmons (Border)

9/17vs.North Texas (non-IA)W137
9/24@Cincinnati (non-IA)L2127
10/1vs.*Arizona State (7-3)W3413
10/8vs.*Arizona (2-7-1)W350
10/15vs.*New Mexico (2-8)W347@ Odessa, TX
10/22@Houston (5-4-1)T2727
10/29vs.*Texas-El Paso (8-2-1)W3314
11/5@Loyola Marymount (6-4)L3539
11/12@*West Texas A&M (5-4)L719
11/26@*Texas Tech (7-5)L1323
12/2@Trinity (Texas) (non-IA)W6613



1948-Hardin-Simmons (Border)

9/25@Cincinnati (non-IA)T77
10/9@*Arizona (6-5)L1420
10/16@*New Mexico (2-9)W2819
10/30@*Texas-El Paso (8-2-1)T2727
11/6vs.Oklahoma City (non-IA)W3421
11/11vs.*West Texas A&M (6-5)W286
11/20vs.*Arizona State (5-5)W6325
11/27vs.*Texas Tech (7-3)L2028
12/11vs.Pacific (non-IA)T3535@ Lodi, CAGrape Bowl
12/18vs.Ouachita (non-IA)W4012@ Little Rock, ARShrine Bowl
12/30vs.Wichita State (5-4-1)W4912@ Lafayette, LACamellia Bowl



1947-Hardin-Simmons (Border)

9/27vs.Trinity (Texas) (non-IA)W390
10/3@San Jose State (non-IA)L1219
10/11vs.*Arizona (5-4-1)W357
10/18vs.*New Mexico (4-5-1)W337
10/25@Mississippi State (7-3)L727
11/1vs.Houston (non-IA)W337@ Corpus Christi, TX
11/7@*West Texas A&M (7-4)W276
11/15vs.*Texas-El Paso (5-3-1)W180
11/29@*Texas Tech (6-5)L614
12/6@*Arizona State (4-7)W420
1/1vs.San Diego State (non-IA)W530@ San Diego, CAHarbor Bowl



1946-Hardin-Simmons (Border)

9/21vs.McMurry (non-IA)W310
9/28vs.Kansas State (0-9)W217
10/5vs.San Jose State (non-IA)W347
10/18@*New Mexico (5-5-2)W490
10/26vs.*Arizona State (2-7-2)W466
11/2@*Arizona (4-4-2)W198
11/9vs.*West Texas A&M (5-5)W287
11/16@*Texas-El Paso (3-6)W207
11/23vs.Howard Payne (non-IA)W330
11/30vs.*Texas Tech (8-3)W216
1/4vs.Denver (5-5-1)W200@ San Antonio, TXAlamo Bowl



1943-1945 - not rated

1942-Hardin-Simmons (Border)

9/19vs.Howard Payne (non-IA)W120
9/26@Baylor (6-4-1)W136
10/3vs.North Texas (non-IA)W340
10/10vs.Southern Methodist (3-6-2)W76@ San Antonio, TX
10/17vs.Louisiana Tech (non-IA)W4713
10/24vs.*Arizona State (2-8)W210
10/31vs.*Texas-El Paso (5-4)W397
11/7@*West Texas A&M (7-2)W400
11/14@*Arizona (6-4)W3426
11/21@*Texas Tech (4-5-1)T00
1/1vs.Second Air Force (Washington) (non-IA)L713@ El Paso, TXSun Bowl



1941-Hardin-Simmons (Border)

9/20@Texas Wesleyan (non-IA)W317
9/27@Baylor (3-6-1)L020
10/4vs.North Texas (non-IA)L37
10/11@Centenary (0-8-2)W276
10/17@San Jose State (non-IA)T77
10/25@*Texas-El Paso (4-5-1)W4414
11/1vs.*West Texas A&M (8-2)W2013
11/15@Louisiana Tech (non-IA)W130
11/21@*Texas Tech (9-2)L07
11/29vs.Howard Payne (non-IA)W137
12/6@*Arizona State (5-5-1)W200



1940-Hardin-Simmons (Independent)

9/28vs.Daniel Baker (non-IA)W330
10/5vs.Arizona State (7-2-2)W170
10/12vs.Texas-El Paso (4-4-1)W206
10/19@Howard Payne (non-IA)W277
10/29@Centenary (3-7)W1513
11/2@San Francisco (1-6-1)W2818
11/9@West Texas A&M (non-IA)W287
11/16@Catholic (non-IA)W2719
11/23vs.Loyola Marymount (3-7)W406



1939-Hardin-Simmons (Independent)

9/30vs.Howard Payne (non-IA)W140
10/7@Texas-El Paso (5-4)W120
10/14vs.West Texas A&M (non-IA)W1813
10/21vs.St. Edward's (non-IA)W333
10/28@Loyola Marymount (2-6-1)L06
11/4vs.Arizona State (8-2-1)W197
11/11vs.San Francisco (4-3-3)T66
11/17@New Mexico State (3-6)W2813
12/2@Centenary (2-9-1)W76