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Listed below are historical scores for Haskell.
This file was last updated on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

1916-Haskell (Independent)

9/28vs.Bethany (Kansas) (non-IA)W203
10/6vs.Fort Hays State (non-IA)W277
10/14@Notre Dame (8-1)L025
10/21@Wisconsin (4-2-1)L013
10/28vs.Texas A&M (6-3)L613@ Dallas, TX
11/4@Friends (non-IA)W103
11/11vs.Emporia State (non-IA)L014
11/18@Tulsa (non-IA)L046
11/24@Central Missouri State (non-IA)L06



1915-Haskell (Independent)

9/25vs.Kansas Wesleyan (non-IA)W70
10/2@Illinois (5-0-2)L036
10/9@Notre Dame (7-1)L034
10/15vs.Baker (non-IA)W60
10/23@Creighton (non-IA)W103
10/30vs.Texas A&M (6-2)L721@ Dallas, TX
11/6@Chicago (5-2)L035
11/12@Emporia State (non-IA)W217
11/20vs.Oklahoma State (4-5-1)W217
11/25@Tulsa (non-IA)L37



1914-Haskell (Independent)

9/26vs.Missouri-Kansas City (non-IA)W820
10/2vs.Emporia State (non-IA)W136
10/10vs.Christian Brothers (non-IA)L06@ Kansas City, MO
10/17@Creighton (non-IA)W380
10/23vs.Texas A&M (6-1-1)W100@ Fort Worth, TX
10/31@Notre Dame (6-2)L721
11/7vs.Texas (8-0)L723@ Houston, TX
11/14vs.Louisiana State (4-4-1)W310@ New Orleans, LA
11/26vs.Oklahoma (9-1-1)L1233@ Kansas City, MO



1911-1913 - not rated

1910-Haskell (Independent)

10/1@Kansas State (non-IA)L039
10/15@Texas (5-2-1)L363
10/18@Baylor (6-0-2)L352
10/21@Baker (non-IA)W96
10/29vs.St. Louis (non-IA)L016@ Kansas City, MO
11/5@Wichita State (non-IA)L035
11/9vs.Fort Leavenworth (non-IA)W220
11/13@Ottawa (non-IA)L011
11/24@Nebraska (7-1)L0119



1909-Haskell (Independent)

9/25vs.Independence A.C. (non-IA)W260
10/2vs.Chilocco (non-IA)W500
10/8@Barnes Medical (non-IA)W175
10/16vs.Texas (4-3-1)W1211@ Dallas, TX
10/20@Baylor (5-3)L012
10/23@Texas A&M (7-0-1)L015
10/30vs.Missouri-Rolla (non-IA)W1310@ St. Joseph, MO
11/13@Denver (7-2)W85
11/25@Nebraska (3-3-2)W165



1908-Haskell (Independent)

10/3@Arkansas (5-4)L06
10/6@Drury (non-IA)W40
10/17@Washburn (non-IA)L411
10/24@Nebraska (7-2-1)L010
10/31@St. Mary's (Kansas) (non-IA)W160
11/13@Texas A&M (3-5)W230
11/16vs.Louisiana State (10-0)L033@ New Orleans, LA
11/20@Alabama (6-1-1)L89
11/26@Creighton (non-IA)T1010



1907-Haskell (Independent)

10/5@Arkansas (4-4-1)T00
10/8vs.William Jewell (non-IA)W60
10/12@Kansas State (non-IA)W100
10/19@Washburn (non-IA)L033
10/25@Texas (6-1-1)L1045
10/28@Texas A&M (6-1-1)L05
11/9@North Dakota State (non-IA)L664
11/16@Marquette (non-IA)L011
11/28@Creighton (non-IA)L69



1906-Haskell (Independent)

10/6vs.Kansas City Medical (non-IA)W280
10/13@Kansas State (non-IA)L510
10/27vs.Kansas City Veterinary (non-IA)W104
11/2@Drake (2-4-1)L010
11/9@Texas (9-1)L028
11/15@Wichita State (non-IA)L412
11/24@Texas A&M (6-1)L632



1905-Haskell (Independent)

9/30vs.Buckner Business College (non-IA)W220
10/6@Fort Hays State (non-IA)W120
10/13@Texas (5-4)W180
10/16@Oklahoma (7-2)L1218
10/21@Missouri (5-4)L06
10/27@Wichita State (non-IA)W160
11/4@Emporia College (non-IA)W165
11/11@Drake (4-4)L610
11/25@Kansas City A.C. (non-IA)T00
11/30vs.Colorado (8-1)L039@ Denver, CO



1904-Haskell (Independent)

9/23vs.Friends (non-IA)W470
10/1@Ottawa (non-IA)W340
10/6@Kansas (8-1-1)W236
10/15vs.Missouri (3-6)W390@ Kansas City, MO
10/21@Texas (6-2)W40
11/12vs.Nebraska (9-3)W146@ Kansas City, MO
11/19@Washburn (non-IA)W140
11/24@Washington (Missouri) (4-7)W470
11/26vs.Carlisle (10-2)L438@ St. Louis, MO



1903-Haskell (Independent)

9/26@Colorado College (4-5)W450
10/5@Kansas City Medical (non-IA)W116
10/9vs.Texas (5-1-2)W60@ Dallas, TX
10/17@Nebraska (11-0)L016
10/24@Kansas (6-3)W126
10/31vs.Missouri (1-7-1)W120@ Kansas City, MO
11/7@Chicago (12-2-1)L1117
11/14@Creighton (non-IA)W220
11/26@Denver (6-7)W125



1902-Haskell (Independent)

9/20@American Osteopath (non-IA)W65
9/27vs.Washburn (non-IA)W290
10/8@Illinois (10-2-1)L1024
10/18vs.Missouri (5-3)W400@ Kansas City, MO
10/25@Washburn (non-IA)W415
11/1@Nebraska (10-0)L028
11/3@Creighton (non-IA)W176
11/8@Texas (6-3-1)W120
11/15@Kansas (6-4)W245
11/22vs.Ottawa (non-IA)T66
11/27@Washington (Missouri) (2-6-1)W180