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Listed below are historical scores for Long Beach State.
This file was last updated on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

1991-Long Beach State (Big West)

9/8@San Diego State (8-4-1)L1349
9/14@Boise State (non-IA)L1448
9/21vs.*San Jose State (6-4-1)L2032
9/28@Arizona (4-7)L2145
10/5@*Nevada-Las Vegas (4-7)W3119
10/12@*Fresno State (10-2)L1442
10/19@Miami (Florida) (12-0)L055
10/26vs.*Utah State (5-6)W76
11/2vs.*Pacific (5-7)L2451
11/9@*New Mexico State (2-9)L2428
11/23@*Fullerton State (2-9)L3637



1990-Long Beach State (Big West)

9/1@Clemson (10-2)L059
9/8@*Utah State (5-5-1)L1327
9/15@San Diego State (6-5)L2038
9/22vs.*Pacific (4-7)W287
9/29vs.Boise State (non-IA)W2120
10/6vs.*New Mexico State (1-10)W3127
10/13@*San Jose State (9-2-1)L2946
10/20@*Fresno State (8-2-1)L1628
10/27vs.*Fullerton State (1-11)W3735
11/10vs.Northridge State (non-IA)W2524
11/17vs.*Nevada-Las Vegas (4-7)W2920



1989-Long Beach State (Big West)

9/2vs.Northridge State (non-IA)W289
9/9@Hawaii (9-3-1)L1063
9/16@Boise State (non-IA)W1714
9/23@*Fresno State (11-1)L052
9/30@*Pacific (2-10)L2526
10/7vs.*New Mexico State (0-11)W5548
10/14@San Diego State (6-5-1)L2630
10/21vs.*San Jose State (6-5)L1021
10/28@Oregon (8-4)L1052
11/4@*Nevada-Las Vegas (4-7)L2143
11/11@*Fullerton State (6-4-1)L1331
11/25vs.*Utah State (4-7)W3118



1988-Long Beach State (Big West)

9/3vs.Boise State (non-IA)L1029
9/10@Oregon (6-6)L049
9/17@UCLA (10-2)L356
10/1vs.*Pacific (2-9)L1022
10/8@*Utah State (4-7)L2431
10/15vs.*Fullerton State (5-6)W2422
10/22@Akron (5-6)L040
10/29@Hawaii (9-3)L3134
11/5@*San Jose State (4-8)W3413
11/12@*New Mexico State (1-10)W2116
11/19@*Fresno State (10-2)L331
11/26vs.*Nevada-Las Vegas (4-7)L4142



1987-Long Beach State (PCAA)

9/5vs.Montana State (non-IA)W5115
9/12vs.Weber State (non-IA)W307
9/19@*Fullerton State (6-6)L1231
9/26@Michigan (8-4)L049
10/3@*Fresno State (6-5)L730
10/10@*Pacific (4-7)W96
10/17vs.*New Mexico State (2-9)W336
10/24vs.San Diego State (5-7)L4252
11/7@*Nevada-Las Vegas (5-6)L1730
11/14@*San Jose State (10-2)L1644
11/21vs.*Utah State (5-6)L1417



1986-Long Beach State (PCAA)

9/6@San Diego State (8-4)L2427
9/20@Western Michigan (3-8)W1413
9/27@UCLA (8-3-1)L2341
10/11@*Fullerton State (3-9)W3020
10/18@*New Mexico State (1-10)W387
10/25@*Fresno State (9-2)L1225
11/1@*Utah State (3-8)W143
11/8vs.Eastern Washington (non-IA)W3534
11/15@*San Jose State (10-2)L1438
11/22vs.*Nevada-Las Vegas (6-5)L831
11/29vs.*Pacific (4-7)W3821



1985-Long Beach State (PCAA)

9/7vs.*Utah State (3-8)L1719
9/14vs.San Diego State (5-6-1)L1434
9/21@Hawaii (4-6-2)W3330
9/28@*Nevada-Las Vegas (5-5-1)W2824
10/5@Boise State (non-IA)W1716
10/12@Tulsa (6-5)L3537
10/19vs.Eastern Washington (non-IA)L2330
10/26vs.*New Mexico State (1-10)W3817
11/2@*Pacific (5-7)W207
11/7vs.*San Jose State (2-8-1)W3722
11/16vs.*Fresno State (11-0-1)L3133
11/23vs.*Fullerton State (6-5)L2738



1984-Long Beach State (PCAA)

9/8@Oregon (6-5)L1728
9/15@UCLA (9-3)L1723
9/22@*Fresno State (6-6)L1720
9/29@Arizona (7-4)L2431
10/6vs.*Nevada-Las Vegas (11-2)L2341
10/13@*Utah State (1-10)W2422
10/20@*New Mexico State (2-9)W4313
10/27@*Fullerton State (11-1)L2842
11/3vs.*Pacific (4-7)W2422
11/10@*San Jose State (6-5)L742
11/24@San Diego State (4-7-1)W1817



1983-Long Beach State (PCAA)

9/3@Kansas State (3-8)W2820
9/10vs.*Fullerton State (7-5)L1925
9/17@Hawaii (5-5-1)W2321
9/24vs.Texas A&M-Kingsville (non-IA)W4610
10/8vs.San Diego State (2-9-1)W2013
10/15@*Pacific (3-9)W2816
10/22vs.*San Jose State (5-6)L918
10/29vs.Eastern Washington (non-IA)L1720@ Spokane, WA
11/5@Montana (non-IA)W3814
11/12vs.*Fresno State (6-5)L37
11/19@*Nevada-Las Vegas (7-4)W2421
11/25vs.*Utah State (5-6)W63



1982-Long Beach State (PCAA)

9/11@UCLA (10-1-1)L1041
9/18@Wyoming (5-7)L2736
10/1vs.*Fullerton State (3-9)W73@ neutral site
10/9vs.Cincinnati (6-5)L1434@ Cincinnati, OH
10/16@*San Jose State (8-3)W2221
10/23@San Diego State (7-5)L1751
10/30@*Fresno State (11-1)L2240
11/6vs.*Pacific (2-9)W3231
11/13vs.*Nevada-Las Vegas (3-8)W2413
11/20vs.Bowling Green (7-5)W247
11/27vs.*Utah State (5-6)W4417



1981-Long Beach State (PCAA)

9/5vs.Brigham Young (11-2)L831
9/12@Northern Illinois (3-8)W177
9/19@Louisville (5-6)L1335
9/26@Nevada-Las Vegas (6-6)L3132
10/3@Drake (10-1)L718
10/17vs.*Pacific (5-6)L1017
10/24vs.*Fullerton State (3-8)W109
11/7vs.*Utah State (5-5-1)L228
11/14vs.*Fresno State (5-6)L3031
11/21vs.*San Jose State (9-3)L2224



1980-Long Beach State (PCAA)

9/5vs.Northern Illinois (7-4)L916
9/20@Bowling Green (4-7)W2321
9/27@Brigham Young (12-1)L2541
10/4vs.Tennessee State (non-IA)L1835
10/11@*Pacific (4-8)W1712
10/18@*San Jose State (7-4)W2321
10/25@Oregon State (0-11)W3121
11/1@*Fresno State (5-6)W349
11/8@*Fullerton State (4-7)W2010
11/15vs.*Utah State (6-5)W2827
11/22vs.Drake (8-3)W217



1979-Long Beach State (PCAA)

9/1@Utah (6-6)L1034
9/15vs.Boise State (non-IA)W97
9/29@Northern Illinois (5-5-1)W93
10/6@*Utah State (7-3-1)L2851
10/13@Drake (3-8)W1714
10/20vs.*Fresno State (4-7)W2414
10/27@*San Jose State (6-4-1)L4253
11/3vs.*Pacific (3-7)W1715
11/9vs.Brigham Young (11-1)L1731
11/17@Wichita State (1-10)W1610
11/24vs.*Fullerton State (3-8)W1613



1978-Long Beach State (PCAA)

9/9@Louisiana (3-8)W100
9/16@Boise State (non-IA)L1319
9/30@*Pacific (4-8)L014
10/7vs.Northern Illinois (5-6)W2419
10/14@*Utah State (7-4)W3317
10/21vs.*Fullerton State (5-7)L934
10/28vs.San Diego State (4-7)W2725
11/4@*Fresno State (3-8)L4142
11/18vs.Drake (4-7)W250
11/25@Lamar (2-8-1)L3136
12/2@*San Jose State (7-5)L624



1977-Long Beach State (PCAA)

9/17vs.*Fullerton State (4-7)W5031
9/24vs.Lamar (2-9)W217
10/1@Drake (2-9)W2710
10/15vs.*San Jose State (4-7)L1633
10/22vs.*Pacific (6-5)L722
10/29@Wichita State (5-6)L2135
11/5vs.*Fresno State (9-2)L1423
11/12@San Diego State (10-1)L2233
11/19@Brigham Young (9-2)L2730
11/26vs.Bowling Green (5-7)W2928



1976-Long Beach State (PCAA)

9/11vs.Weber State (non-IA)W197
9/18@Utah State (3-8)W3210
9/25vs.Northern Illinois (1-10)W370
10/2@*Pacific (2-9)W1714
10/9vs.Drake (1-10)W4110
10/16@*San Jose State (7-4)L734
10/23@Lamar (2-9)W2110
10/30@Wichita State (4-7)W2414
11/6@*Fresno State (5-6)L023
11/13@*Fullerton State (3-7-1)W288
11/20vs.San Diego State (10-1)L310



1975-Long Beach State (PCAA)

9/6@Louisiana (6-5)L1722
9/13@Northern Illinois (3-8)W247
9/20vs.*Fullerton State (2-9)W326
9/26vs.*Pacific (5-6-1)W2812
10/4@Southern Illinois (1-9-1)W3124
10/11vs.*San Jose State (9-2)L730
10/18vs.*Fresno State (3-8)W4717
10/25@Drake (3-8)W3110
11/8vs.Hawaii (6-5)W100
11/15@Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo (non-IA)W2624
11/22@*San Diego State (8-3)W2117



1974-Long Beach State (PCAA)

9/14@Northern Illinois (4-7)L1416
9/21@*Pacific (6-5)L638
9/28vs.Drake (3-7-1)W2013
10/5@*San Jose State (8-3-1)L1727
10/12vs.Fullerton State (non-IA)W286
10/19@Hawaii (6-5)L2128
10/26vs.*San Diego State (8-2-1)L1727
11/2vs.Southern Illinois (2-9)W327
11/9@*Fresno State (5-7)W2824
11/16vs.Western Michigan (3-8)W3433
11/23@North Texas (2-7-2)W3519



1973-Long Beach State (PCAA)

9/8vs.Grambling State (non-IA)L1629
9/15@Western Michigan (6-5)L813
9/22vs.*San Jose State (5-4-2)L624
9/29@North Texas (5-5-1)T00
10/6@Fullerton State (non-IA)L1417
10/13@*Pacific (7-2-1)L610
10/20vs.*Fresno State (2-9)L1415
10/27vs.California-Riverside (non-IA)L1633
11/10@*San Diego State (9-1-1)L217
11/17@Wichita State (4-7)W3510
11/24@Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo (non-IA)L731



1972-Long Beach State (PCAA)

9/9@Western Michigan (7-3-1)L2028
9/16vs.North Texas (1-10)W2421
9/23@Grambling State (non-IA)W2519
9/30vs.Fullerton State (non-IA)W2714
10/6vs.Brigham Young (7-4)L2738
10/14@*Pacific (8-3)L1014
10/28@*San Jose State (4-7)L835
11/4@*Fresno State (6-4-1)W2116
11/17vs.Northern Illinois (7-4)L1322
11/25vs.*San Diego State (10-1)L1433
12/2@Northridge State (non-IA)W3532



1971-Long Beach State (PCAA)

9/11vs.Mississippi (10-2)L1329@ Jackson, MS
9/18@Northern Illinois (5-5-1)L3848
9/25vs.*Pacific (3-8)W1514
10/2vs.Northridge State (non-IA)W347
10/8vs.*San Jose State (5-6-1)L2830
10/16vs.*Los Angeles State (2-8)W367
10/23@*Santa Barbara (3-8)W3110
10/30@Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo (non-IA)W207
11/6vs.*Fresno State (6-5)W3013
11/13@*San Diego State (6-5)W127
11/20@Hawaii (7-4)W4621
11/27@Texas-El Paso (5-6)L3238



1970-Long Beach State (PCAA)

9/12vs.Montana State (non-IA)W193@ Great Falls, MT
9/19@*Pacific (5-6)L69
9/26vs.Hawaii (non-IA)L1423
10/3@*San Jose State (2-9)W73
10/10vs.Boise State (non-IA)W2714
10/17vs.*Santa Barbara (2-9)W337
10/24vs.Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo (non-IA)W4920
11/7@*Fresno State (8-4)W5014
11/14@*Los Angeles State (1-9)W407
11/20vs.*San Diego State (9-2)W2711
11/28@Northridge State (non-IA)W2111
12/19vs.Louisville (8-3-1)T2424@ Pasadena, CAPasadena Bowl



1969-Long Beach State (PCAA)

9/20@*Santa Barbara (6-4)W3216
9/27@Texas A&M-Kingsville (non-IA)L721
10/4vs.Northridge State (non-IA)L2132
10/11@Hawaii (non-IA)W2814
10/18vs.Northern Arizona (non-IA)W2315
10/24vs.Santa Clara (non-IA)W3428
11/1@Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo (non-IA)W2220
11/8vs.*Fresno State (6-4)W377
11/15vs.*Los Angeles State (0-9)W420
11/22vs.San Francisco State (non-IA)W410
11/29@*San Diego State (11-0)L3236