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Listed below are historical scores for Loyola Marymount.
This file was last updated on Tuesday, January 9, 2024.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

1951-Loyola Marymount (Independent)

9/23vs.San Diego Navy (non-IA)L2842
9/29@Pacific (6-5)L2841
10/6vs.Florida (5-5)L740
10/13@Santa Clara (3-5-1)L1620
10/26@San Jose State (2-7-1)W1312
11/3vs.Pepperdine (non-IA)W467
11/10@Kansas (8-2)L2634
11/17vs.Hardin-Simmons (6-6)W1413
11/25@San Francisco (9-0)L220



1950-Loyola Marymount (Independent)

9/22@Pepperdine (non-IA)W5014
10/7@St. Mary's (2-7-1)W480
10/13@San Jose State (6-3-1)W147
10/21@Pacific (7-3-1)W3533
10/28@Nevada (1-9)W347
11/4@Hardin-Simmons (5-5)W2120
11/11@Fresno State (non-IA)W280
11/25@Santa Clara (3-7)L2628
12/2vs.San Francisco (7-4)W4028



1949-Loyola Marymount (Independent)

9/23vs.Pacific (non-IA)L052
9/30@San Francisco (7-3)L1227
10/7vs.Fresno State (non-IA)W5213
10/15vs.St. Mary's (3-6-1)L1427
10/22vs.Santa Clara (8-2-1)L1927
10/29@San Diego State (non-IA)W3420
11/5vs.Hardin-Simmons (6-4-1)W3935
11/11vs.Nevada (5-5)W1312
11/18vs.Pepperdine (non-IA)W206
11/26@Arizona State (7-3)W277



1943-1948 - not rated

1942-Loyola Marymount (Independent)

10/3vs.Occidental (non-IA)W250
10/11@San Francisco (6-4)W72
10/18vs.Alameda Coast Guard (non-IA)W386
10/24vs.St. Mary's (6-3-1)L013
11/1vs.St. Louis (4-5)L620
11/7vs.Fresno State (non-IA)L627
11/15vs.Santa Ana Field (non-IA)W130
11/21vs.New Mexico (4-5-2)T1414
11/28@Santa Clara (7-2)L021
12/5@Redlands (non-IA)W270



1941-Loyola Marymount (Independent)

9/27vs.Redlands (non-IA)W200
10/4@Santa Clara (6-3)L620
10/10vs.Texas Tech (9-2)L014
10/18@Texas-El Paso (4-5-1)W206
10/25@St. Mary's (5-4)L1320
11/2@St. Louis (4-5-1)L1321
11/9vs.San Francisco (6-4)L2027
11/16vs.Creighton (5-5)W327
11/22@New Mexico (5-4-1)W73
11/30vs.Nevada (non-IA)W197



1940-Loyola Marymount (Independent)

9/21vs.Redlands (non-IA)W130
9/28vs.Whittier (non-IA)W180
10/5@Texas Tech (9-1-1)L019
10/19vs.St. Mary's (5-3)L718
10/25vs.Pacific (non-IA)W200
11/1vs.San Jose State (non-IA)L1227
11/9vs.Arizona (7-2)L1320
11/16@Santa Clara (6-1-1)L027
11/23@Hardin-Simmons (9-0)L640
12/1@San Francisco (1-6-1)L021



1939-Loyola Marymount (Independent)

9/30vs.Redlands (non-IA)W60
10/6vs.Pacific (non-IA)T1313
10/14vs.Santa Clara (5-1-3)L041
10/21vs.Arizona (6-4)L725@ Phoenix, AZ
10/28vs.Hardin-Simmons (7-1-1)W60
11/5vs.San Francisco (4-3-3)L714
11/11@St. Mary's (3-4-1)L740
11/17vs.San Jose State (non-IA)L010
11/24@Whittier (non-IA)L1319



1938-Loyola Marymount (Independent)

9/24@California Tech (non-IA)W510
9/30vs.Pacific (non-IA)W70
10/8vs.Redlands (non-IA)W270
10/15@Centenary (7-4)L67
10/22vs.Arizona (3-6)L1214
10/29vs.St. Mary's (6-2)L07
11/11vs.Baylor (7-2-1)L235
11/19vs.Hardin-Simmons (non-IA)L019
11/27@Gonzaga (1-7)W2019



1937-Loyola Marymount (Independent)

9/18@Redlands (non-IA)W270
9/24@California Tech (non-IA)W287
10/2vs.Gonzaga (2-6-2)W138
10/16@St. Mary's (4-3-2)L713
10/23vs.Hardin-Simmons (non-IA)L07
10/31vs.San Francisco (4-5-1)L06
11/6vs.Arizona (8-2)L613
11/11vs.Centenary (6-3-3)W147
11/20vs.Baylor (7-3)L1327@ Beaumont, TX
11/27vs.Villanova (8-0-1)L025
12/4@Santa Clara (9-0)L07



1936-Loyola Marymount (Independent)

9/18vs.California Tech (non-IA)W276
9/25vs.Redlands (non-IA)W207
10/3vs.Santa Clara (8-1)L613
10/17vs.St. Mary's (6-3-1)L719
10/23vs.Pacific (non-IA)W76
11/1@San Diego Marines (non-IA)W70
11/12vs.Texas Tech (5-4-1)W267
11/21@Whittier (non-IA)W146
11/29@San Francisco (4-4-2)L1417



1935-Loyola Marymount (Independent)

9/21@California Tech (non-IA)W526
9/28@Redlands (non-IA)L1819
10/5@Arizona State (2-5-1)W73
10/19vs.Arizona (7-2)W136
10/25vs.Texas Tech (5-3-2)W160
11/2@San Diego State (non-IA)L06
11/9@Santa Clara (3-6)W70
11/16vs.Michigan State (6-2)L027
11/23@UCLA (8-2)L614
11/30vs.Whittier (non-IA)W330
12/7vs.San Francisco (5-3)L09



1934-Loyola Marymount (Independent)

9/21vs.California Tech (non-IA)W430
9/28vs.La Verne (non-IA)W120
10/6vs.Arizona State (4-3-1)W430
10/20@Arizona (7-2-1)W60
10/26vs.Texas Tech (7-2-1)W127
11/2vs.Redlands (non-IA)W3812
11/10@San Diego State (non-IA)W193
11/17@San Francisco (3-3-1)T00
11/24@Santa Clara (7-2-1)L09
11/29@UCLA (7-3)L613



1933-Loyola Marymount (Independent)

9/30@Southern California (10-1-1)L018
10/7vs.Arizona (5-3)W1413
10/13vs.Nevada (non-IA)W210
10/21@UCLA (6-4-1)L720
10/28@New Mexico (3-4-1)W437
11/4@Whittier (non-IA)W210
11/11vs.California Tech (non-IA)W450
11/18vs.San Francisco (1-6-1)T00
11/24vs.Pacific (non-IA)W147
12/2@San Diego Marines (non-IA)W136