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Listed below are historical scores for Montana State.
This file was last updated on Monday, February 6, 2023.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

1947-Montana State (Independent)

9/20@Oregon (7-3)L1427
9/26@Brigham Young (3-7)L1419
10/4@Northern Colorado (non-IA)W3213
10/11vs.Hawaii (non-IA)L014@ Billings, MT
10/18vs.Montana (7-4)W1312@ Butte, MT
10/25vs.Idaho State (non-IA)W3412
11/1vs.Utah State (6-5)L1328
11/8vs.Portland (1-8)W2013
11/15@Nevada (9-2)L055



1946-Montana State (Independent)

9/28vs.Brigham Young (5-4-1)W1312
10/5@Colorado College (non-IA)T77
10/12@Utah State (7-2-1)L1428
10/19vs.Montana (4-4)L720@ Butte, MT
10/26vs.Northern Colorado (non-IA)W277
11/2@Nevada (7-2)L1438
11/9@Portland (2-7-1)W196
11/16vs.North Dakota State (non-IA)W3918
11/23@Colorado Mines (non-IA)W457
1/1vs.New Mexico (5-5-2)T1313@ San Diego, CAHarbor Bowl



1938-1945 - not rated

1937-Montana State (Rocky Mountain)

9/25vs.*Utah (5-3)L719
10/2@*Utah State (2-4-2)T66
10/9@*Northern Colorado (2-6)L2633
10/16vs.Idaho State (non-IA)W257
10/23vs.Montana (7-1)L019@ Butte, MT
11/6vs.Montana Tech (non-IA)W332
11/13@Carroll (Montana) (non-IA)W740
11/20@*Brigham Young (6-3)L019



1936-Montana State (Rocky Mountain)

9/26@*Utah State (7-0-1)L012
10/3@*Brigham Young (4-5)L019
10/10vs.*Colorado College (3-4-1)W63
10/17vs.*Northern Colorado (5-4)L013
10/24vs.Montana (6-3)L027@ Butte, MT
11/7@*Wyoming (2-5-1)L619
11/14@Idaho State (non-IA)W3219
11/21@Montana Tech (non-IA)W267



1935-Montana State (Rocky Mountain)

9/21@*Utah State (5-2-1)L733
9/28vs.*Brigham Young (4-4)W70
10/5vs.Montana (1-5-2)L020@ Butte, MT
10/12@*Utah (4-3-1)L047
10/19vs.Montana Tech (non-IA)W63
11/2vs.*Wyoming (4-4)L26
11/9@Idaho State (non-IA)T77
11/16@*Colorado College (4-3-1)L014
11/23@*Northern Colorado (4-3)L06



1934-Montana State (Rocky Mountain)

9/15vs.Englewood (non-IA)W200
9/22vs.*Brigham Young (4-5)L620@ neutral site
9/29vs.North Dakota Teachers (non-IA)W60
10/6@*Utah State (5-1-1)L06
10/13vs.*Wyoming (3-5)L625
10/27@*Northern Colorado (6-1)L019
11/10vs.Montana (2-5-1)L025@ Butte, MT



1933-Montana State (Rocky Mountain)

9/23@*Utah (5-3)L061
9/30@*Brigham Young (5-4)L025
10/7vs.*Utah State (4-4)L640
10/14@*Wyoming (2-6-1)W70
11/4vs.Montana (3-4)L032@ Butte, MT
11/11@Montana Tech (non-IA)W190
11/18@Idaho State (non-IA)L613



1932-Montana State (Rocky Mountain)

9/23vs.*Brigham Young (8-1)L06@ neutral site
10/1@*Utah State (4-4)L026
10/8vs.Idaho State (non-IA)T00
10/15@*Wyoming (2-6-1)L713
10/29vs.Montana Tech (non-IA)W70
11/5vs.Montana (2-7)W197@ Butte, MT
11/12vs.Carroll (Montana) (non-IA)W137



1931-Montana State (Rocky Mountain)

9/19vs.Anaconda Anodes (non-IA)W130
9/26vs.St. Mary's (Minnesota) (non-IA)T77
10/3@*Utah State (6-2)L621
10/10@Gonzaga (3-4)L038
10/17vs.*Wyoming (6-4)L1332
10/31vs.Montana (1-6)L637@ Butte, MT
11/7@Carroll (Montana) (non-IA)L06



1930-Montana State (Rocky Mountain)

9/13vs.Centerville (Butte) (non-IA)W440
9/20@Centerville (Butte) (non-IA)W380
9/27@Idaho (4-7)W76
10/4vs.Regis (6-3)W2619
10/11@*Wyoming (2-5-1)W2013
10/18vs.Montana (5-3)L613@ Butte, MT
10/25@Nebraska (4-3-2)L753
11/9vs.Carroll (Montana) (non-IA)W210
11/15@*Brigham Young (5-2-4)L619



1929-Montana State (Rocky Mountain)

9/21vs.Centerville (Butte) (non-IA)W250
9/28@Idaho (4-5)L639
10/5vs.*Utah State (3-4)L09
10/12@*Brigham Young (5-3)W1312
10/19vs.Montana (3-5-1)W1412@ Butte, MT
11/2vs.North Dakota State (non-IA)W60
11/11@*Wyoming (1-7)W130
11/23vs.Carroll (Montana) (non-IA)W70@ Great Falls, MT



1928-Montana State (Rocky Mountain)

9/29vs.Idaho (3-4-1)W1513
10/6@*Colorado College (5-3)L1432
10/13@Nebraska (7-1-1)L626
10/20vs.*Northern Colorado (4-4)W62
10/27@Montana (4-5-1)T00
11/3vs.*Brigham Young (3-3-1)W197
11/10vs.*Wyoming (2-7)W147
11/17@*Utah State (5-3-1)L715
11/24vs.Carroll (Montana) (non-IA)L019



1927-Montana State (Rocky Mountain)

9/24vs.North Dakota State (non-IA)W220
10/1vs.Idaho (4-1-3)L1219
10/8vs.*Colorado (4-5)W126
10/15vs.*Utah State (3-4-1)W136@ Ogden, UT
10/22@*Colorado College (6-2)L728
10/29@Purdue (6-2)L739
11/11vs.*Wyoming (4-5)W60@ Sheridan, WY
11/19vs.Montana (3-4-1)L06



1926-Montana State (Rocky Mountain)

10/2@Idaho (3-4-1)T00
10/9@*Colorado (3-5-1)W63
10/23vs.Montana (3-5)L027@ Butte, MT
10/30vs.*Northern Colorado (6-4)W96
11/6vs.*Brigham Young (1-5-1)W270
11/13vs.*Wyoming (2-4-2)W100@ Casper, WY
11/20@Albertson (non-IA)L07



1925-Montana State (Rocky Mountain)

9/19@Centerville (Butte) (non-IA)W210
9/26vs.Englewood (non-IA)W860
10/3@*Colorado (6-3)L323
10/10@Montana Tech (non-IA)W720
10/17vs.Intermountain (non-IA)W330
10/24vs.Carroll (Montana) (non-IA)W300
10/30vs.*Wyoming (6-3)L07
11/7@*Colorado Mines (2-7)W250
11/14@*Utah State (6-1)L710
11/21@*Brigham Young (3-3)L716
11/28vs.Montana (3-4-1)L728



1924-Montana State (Rocky Mountain)

10/11vs.*Brigham Young (2-3-1)W130
10/18vs.Centerville (Butte) (non-IA)W310
10/25@*Northern Colorado (2-5)W590
11/5@*Wyoming (2-6)L1718
11/22@*Denver (4-2-2)T00
11/29vs.Intermountain (non-IA)W680
12/6vs.Montana Tech (non-IA)W860



1923-Montana State (Rocky Mountain)

9/29@*Brigham Young (2-5)L1516
10/6@Idaho State (non-IA)W410
10/20vs.*Denver (6-3)L67
10/27vs.Montana Tech (non-IA)L27
11/3vs.Montana Wesleyan (non-IA)W303
11/10@Carroll (Montana) (non-IA)W830
11/17vs.Montana (4-4)L1324
11/24vs.*Northern Colorado (2-3-1)W4812
11/29@New Mexico (non-IA)W340