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Listed below are historical scores for Northern Arizona.
This file was last updated on Tuesday, January 9, 2024.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

1952-Northern Arizona (Border)

9/27vs.Eastern New Mexico (non-IA)L721
10/4vs.La Verne (non-IA)W3614
10/11vs.California Tech (non-IA)W207
10/18vs.New Mexico Highlands (non-IA)W137
11/1vs.*New Mexico State (2-6-1)L933
11/8@Western New Mexico (non-IA)L714
11/15@Whittier (non-IA)L025



1951-Northern Arizona (Border)

9/15@New Mexico Highlands (non-IA)L613
9/22@*New Mexico (4-7)L655
9/29vs.California Tech (non-IA)L1428
10/6vs.Whittier (non-IA)W60
10/13vs.La Verne (non-IA)L1213
10/20@Idaho State (non-IA)L2034
11/3@*New Mexico State (1-9)L1248
11/10vs.Western New Mexico (non-IA)L020



1950-Northern Arizona (Border)

9/16@*West Texas A&M (10-1)L1252
9/23@*New Mexico (2-8)L078
9/30vs.La Verne (non-IA)W3720
10/7@*Arizona State (9-2)L063
10/14vs.*New Mexico State (2-7)L1420
10/28vs.New Mexico Highlands (non-IA)W2619
11/4@Whittier (non-IA)L728
11/11@Western New Mexico (non-IA)L628
11/25@Pepperdine (non-IA)L1266



1949-Northern Arizona (Border)

9/17@Pepperdine (non-IA)L039
9/24vs.California Tech (non-IA)W4313
10/1vs.Western State (non-IA)L1425
10/8@*Arizona State (7-3)L662
10/15vs.Whittier (non-IA)L1320
10/22@Redlands (non-IA)T2020
11/5vs.*West Texas A&M (5-4)L647
11/12@*New Mexico State (4-6)L035



1948-Northern Arizona (Border)

9/11@*West Texas A&M (6-5)L028
9/18vs.*New Mexico State (3-7)W137
10/2vs.San Pedro A.C. (non-IA)W2112
10/16@*Arizona State (5-5)L040
10/23vs.Redlands (non-IA)W257
10/30@Western State (non-IA)L626
11/6vs.La Verne (non-IA)W476
11/13vs.Pepperdine (non-IA)L2034
11/27@Whittier (non-IA)L1227



1947-Northern Arizona (Border)

9/20@Nevada (9-2)L050
9/27@Pepperdine (non-IA)L760
10/4@*Texas-El Paso (5-3-1)L040
10/11vs.Western State (non-IA)W128
10/18@*Arizona State (4-7)L731
10/25@Wichita State (7-4)L755
11/1vs.*West Texas A&M (7-4)L025
11/8@*New Mexico State (3-6)L626



1946-Northern Arizona (Border)

9/14vs.Williams Field (non-IA)W60
9/21@*New Mexico (5-5-2)L712
9/28vs.Western New Mexico (non-IA)W320
10/5@Fresno State JV (non-IA)T66
10/19vs.*New Mexico State (5-5)W146
10/26@Western State (non-IA)W196
11/2@*West Texas A&M (5-5)L020
11/9vs.Eastern New Mexico (non-IA)W337
11/16@*Arizona State (2-7-2)T1313



1943-1945 - not rated

1942-Northern Arizona (Border)

9/26@*New Mexico (4-5-2)L626
10/3vs.Redlands (non-IA)L06
10/17vs.*West Texas A&M (7-2)L727
11/7@*Texas-El Paso (5-4)L020
11/21@*New Mexico State (1-8)W30
12/5vs.*Arizona State (2-8)L214



1941-Northern Arizona (Border)

9/20vs.Eastern New Mexico (non-IA)W320
9/26@*New Mexico (5-4-1)L612
10/4vs.New Mexico Highlands (non-IA)W340
10/25vs.*West Texas A&M (8-2)L027
11/1vs.*New Mexico State (2-7)W277
11/8@*Arizona (7-3)L041
11/15@*Arizona State (5-5-1)L033
11/29@*Texas-El Paso (4-5-1)L2023



1940-Northern Arizona (Border)

9/21vs.*Texas-El Paso (4-4-1)L728
9/28@*Arizona (7-2)L041
10/5vs.California Tech (non-IA)W3314
10/12@West Texas A&M (non-IA)L627
10/25@*New Mexico State (3-6)L013
11/2vs.*Arizona State (7-2-2)L012
11/9@Western New Mexico (non-IA)W210
11/16@*New Mexico (5-4)L2846



1939-Northern Arizona (Border)

9/16@Western New Mexico (non-IA)T1212
9/23vs.Brigham Young (5-2-2)L025
9/30vs.Nevada (non-IA)W97
10/7vs.*New Mexico State (3-6)L1325
10/14@*Texas Tech (5-5-1)L054
10/21vs.Whittier (non-IA)L1327
10/27@*New Mexico (8-2)L033
11/11@*Arizona State (8-2-1)L641



1938-Northern Arizona (Border)

9/24@Brigham Young (4-3-1)L019
10/1@Nevada (non-IA)T1212
10/8vs.Fort Hays State (non-IA)L1920
10/15vs.*Arizona State (3-6)W1913
10/22vs.*New Mexico (8-3)L020
10/28@*New Mexico State (7-2)L034
11/5vs.Panhandle State (non-IA)W337
11/12@Whittier (non-IA)L1923
11/27@San Jose State (non-IA)L1234



1937-Northern Arizona (Border)

9/18@*Texas Tech (8-4)L06
9/25@Whittier (non-IA)W90
10/2vs.California Tech (non-IA)W267
10/8@San Jose State (non-IA)L621
10/16vs.*New Mexico State (7-2)L07
10/23@*Arizona State (0-8-1)W70
10/30vs.New Mexico Highlands (non-IA)W610
11/6@*Texas-El Paso (7-1-2)L1353
11/13vs.La Verne (non-IA)W207
11/25@*New Mexico (4-4-1)L67



1936-Northern Arizona (Border)

9/26vs.California Tech (non-IA)W70
10/3vs.Santa Barbara (non-IA)L713
10/9@*New Mexico State (6-4-1)L041
10/17@Fresno State (non-IA)L631
10/24vs.*Arizona State (4-5)W190
11/7vs.*Texas-El Paso (5-3-1)T00
11/21@*Arizona State (4-5)W137
11/26@*New Mexico (2-7)L625



1935-Northern Arizona (Border)

9/21vs.Adams State (non-IA)W610
9/28vs.Occidental (non-IA)T00
10/5vs.*New Mexico State (7-1-2)L07
10/12vs.Western State (1-6)W2312
10/19@*New Mexico (6-4)L020
10/26vs.Cal Poly-Pomona (non-IA)T00
11/9vs.*Arizona State (2-5-1)L06
11/16@*Arizona State (2-5-1)T00
11/23@Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo (non-IA)W1512



1934-Northern Arizona (Border)

9/29vs.Whittier (non-IA)L67
10/5@*New Mexico (8-1)L633
10/13vs.Fresno State (non-IA)L1426
10/19@*New Mexico State (4-1-3)T66
10/27vs.*Arizona State (4-3-1)L021
11/3@*Arizona State (4-3-1)L06
11/17@Western State (2-5)W120



1933-Northern Arizona (Border)

9/29vs.Redlands (non-IA)W137
10/6@*New Mexico (3-4-1)W140
10/14vs.*New Mexico State (2-6)W137
10/28vs.*Arizona State (3-5)W130
11/4@*Arizona (5-3)L024
11/25@*Arizona State (3-5)W60



1932-Northern Arizona (Border)

10/8@*New Mexico (1-6-1)L06
10/15vs.*Arizona State (4-3-1)T66
10/29vs.*Arizona (4-5)W76@ Phoenix, AZ
11/5vs.Fresno State (non-IA)T00
11/12@*New Mexico State (4-5-1)L07
11/19@*Arizona State (4-3-1)W206
11/26@Phoenix All-Stars (non-IA)W70



1931-Northern Arizona (Border)

9/26@Fresno State (non-IA)W262
10/3vs.California Tech (non-IA)L013
10/10vs.*New Mexico State (6-4)W136
10/24vs.*Arizona State (6-2)L620
10/31@*New Mexico (3-3-1)L620
11/7@*Arizona (3-5-1)L1219
11/14@*Arizona State (6-2)W136
11/21@Whittier (non-IA)L1839