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Listed below are historical scores for St. Mary's.
This file was last updated on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

1950-St. Mary's (Independent)

9/22vs.Pacific (7-3-1)L040@ San Francisco, CA
9/29vs.Georgia (6-3-3)T77@ San Francisco, CA
10/7vs.Loyola Marymount (8-1)L048
10/14@San Francisco (7-4)L733
10/21@Oregon (1-9)W1813
10/28@California (9-1-1)L2540
11/5vs.Nevada (1-9)W2514
11/10@San Jose State (6-3-1)L618
11/18@Santa Clara (3-7)L09
12/2vs.Villanova (4-5)L713



1949-St. Mary's (Independent)

9/16vs.Oregon (4-6)L724
9/24@California (10-1)L729
10/2vs.Nevada (5-5)W2014
10/8vs.Villanova (8-1)L2028@ Philadelphia, PA
10/15@Loyola Marymount (6-4)W2714
10/22vs.San Francisco (7-3)L1441
10/29vs.Drake (6-2-1)T1313
11/5vs.Denver (4-6)W4121
11/12vs.Santa Clara (8-2-1)L619
11/18@San Jose State (non-IA)L1340



1948-St. Mary's (Independent)

9/18@Loyola Marymount (non-IA)W327
9/25@San Francisco (2-7)L07
10/2@California (10-1)L020
10/17vs.Nevada (9-2)L2048
10/23@Denver (4-5-1)W3322
10/30@Oregon (9-2)L1314
11/6vs.Portland (non-IA)W190
11/13@Santa Clara (7-2-1)L710
11/20@Boston College (5-2-2)L719
11/26@San Jose State (non-IA)W1914



1947-St. Mary's (Independent)

9/20@Portland (1-8)W2613
9/27@Hawaii (non-IA)W277
10/4@California (9-1)L645
10/11@Washington (3-6)L626
10/18vs.Nevada (9-2)L1439
10/25vs.Loyola Marymount (non-IA)W577
11/1@Detroit Mercy (6-4)L619
11/15vs.Santa Clara (4-4)L933
11/22@Boston College (5-4)L725
11/29vs.San Francisco (7-3)L2032



1946-St. Mary's (Independent)

9/28@Washington (5-4)W2420
10/5vs.Alameda NAS (non-IA)W730
10/12@California (2-7)L1320
10/19vs.Fordham (0-7)W332@ New York, NY
10/27vs.Nevada (7-2)W1312
11/1@UCLA (10-1)L2046
11/16@Santa Clara (2-5-1)W2819
11/30@San Francisco (3-6)W60
1/1vs.Georgia Tech (9-2)L1941@ Houston, TXOil Bowl



1945-St. Mary's (Independent)

9/22@California (4-5-1)W2013
9/30vs.Stockton Army Airfield (non-IA)W260@ San Francisco, CA
10/7vs.Nevada (non-IA)W390@ San Francisco, CA
10/13vs.Pacific (non-IA)W610@ San Francisco, CA
10/21@McClellan Field (non-IA)W580
11/3@Southern California (7-4)W260
11/17@UCLA (5-4)L713
1/1vs.Oklahoma State (9-0)L1333@ New Orleans, LASugar Bowl
11/12@Fresno State (non-IA)W326



1944 - not rated

1943-St. Mary's (Independent)

9/25@California (4-6)L1227
10/3vs.Del Monte Pre-Flight (7-1)L733@ San Francisco, CA
10/17vs.Alameda Coast Guard (4-2-1)L721@ San Francisco, CA
10/30vs.San Francisco (1-7)W197
11/6@Pacific (7-2)L719
11/20@UCLA (1-8)L719
11/25@Utah (0-7)W340



1942-St. Mary's (Independent)

9/26@California (5-5)L06
10/11vs.Nevada (non-IA)W206
10/17vs.San Francisco (6-4)W270
10/24@Loyola Marymount (5-4-1)W130
10/31vs.Fordham (5-3-1)L07@ New York, NY
11/7@Duquesne (6-3-1)T77
11/14@Santa Clara (7-2)L720
11/21vs.Mather Field (non-IA)W330
11/29vs.Alameda Coast Guard (non-IA)W260@ San Francisco, CA
12/6vs.Detroit Mercy (5-4)W20@ Oakland, CA



1941-St. Mary's (Independent)

9/20vs.Moffett Field (non-IA)W60
9/27@California (4-5)L031
10/4vs.Portland (non-IA)W310
10/11@San Francisco (6-4)W300
10/25vs.Loyola Marymount (5-5)W2013
11/1@Gonzaga (3-7)W260
11/9vs.Duquesne (8-0)L09
11/22vs.Fordham (8-1)L735@ New York, NY
11/29@Santa Clara (6-3)L1335



1940-St. Mary's (Independent)

9/28vs.Gonzaga (5-4-1)W160
10/5@California (4-6)L69
10/19@Loyola Marymount (3-7)W187
10/26vs.Fordham (7-2)W96@ New York, NY
11/2@Portland (non-IA)W2513
11/10vs.Duquesne (7-1)L67
11/16vs.San Francisco (1-6-1)W137
11/23vs.Santa Clara (6-1-1)L719



1939-St. Mary's (Independent)

10/1vs.Gonzaga (6-2)W190
10/7@California (3-7)W73
10/14vs.Dayton (non-IA)T66
10/28@San Francisco (4-3-3)L07
11/4vs.Portland (non-IA)L1214
11/11vs.Loyola Marymount (2-6-1)W407
11/18vs.Fordham (6-2)L013@ New York, NY
11/25@Santa Clara (5-1-3)L07



1938-St. Mary's (Independent)

9/24@California (10-1)L712
10/2vs.Gonzaga (1-7)W200
10/16vs.Portland (non-IA)W327@ San Francisco, CA
10/23@San Francisco (5-2-1)W136
10/29@Loyola Marymount (4-5)W70
11/5vs.Fordham (6-1-2)L03@ New York, NY
11/12vs.Santa Clara (6-2)W70
1/2vs.Texas Tech (10-1)W2013@ Dallas, TXCotton Bowl



1937-St. Mary's (Independent)

9/25@California (10-0-1)L730
10/2@Santa Clara (9-0)L07
10/9vs.Nevada (non-IA)W420
10/16vs.Loyola Marymount (4-7)W137
10/23vs.Idaho (4-3-1)W60
10/30@Pacific (non-IA)T00
11/6@San Francisco (4-5-1)W30
11/20vs.Fordham (7-0-1)L06@ New York, NY
11/27@Gonzaga (2-6-2)T00



1936-St. Mary's (Independent)

10/3@California (6-5)W100
10/10vs.Gonzaga (5-3)W2613
10/17@Loyola Marymount (6-3)W197
10/24vs.Fordham (5-1-2)L67@ New York, NY
10/31@Marquette (7-2)L620
11/7@Idaho (3-7)W267
11/14vs.San Francisco (4-4-2)T00
11/21vs.Santa Clara (8-1)L019
11/26@Pacific (non-IA)W340
12/5vs.Temple (6-3-2)W137



1935-St. Mary's (Independent)

9/28vs.Nevada (non-IA)W200
10/5@California (9-1)L010
10/12vs.Pacific (non-IA)W330@ San Francisco, CA
10/26@San Francisco (5-3)W130
11/9vs.Fordham (6-1-2)T77@ New York, NY
11/16@Santa Clara (3-6)W100
11/30vs.Washington State (5-3-1)T77@ San Francisco, CA
12/7vs.Oregon (6-3)W180
12/14vs.UCLA (8-2)L713



1934-St. Mary's (Independent)

9/29vs.Portland (non-IA)W610
10/6@California (6-6)W70
10/12vs.Nevada (non-IA)L79
10/20vs.Fordham (5-3)W149@ New York, NY
11/2vs.Washington State (4-3-1)W96@ San Francisco, CA
11/12@UCLA (7-3)L06
11/17vs.Santa Clara (7-2-1)W70
11/29vs.Oregon (6-4)W137
12/1vs.San Francisco (3-3-1)W73



1933-St. Mary's (Independent)

9/30@San Francisco (1-6-1)W70
10/7@California (6-3-2)L1314
10/14@Southern California (10-1-1)L714
10/27@Nevada (non-IA)W610
11/4vs.Fordham (6-2)W136@ New York, NY
11/11@Pacific (non-IA)W70
11/18@Santa Clara (6-2-1)T66
11/25@UCLA (6-4-1)W2214
11/30vs.Oregon (9-1)L713
12/9@Southern Methodist (4-7-1)W186



1932-St. Mary's (Independent)

9/24@West Coast Army (non-IA)W200
10/1vs.Nevada (non-IA)W350
10/8@California (7-3-2)T1212
10/22vs.Santa Clara (6-3)W1413
10/29vs.San Francisco (2-6)W167
11/5vs.Fordham (6-2)L014@ New York, NY
11/11@UCLA (6-4)W147
11/24vs.Oregon (6-3-1)W70
12/5vs.Alabama (8-2)L06@ San Francisco, CA



1931-St. Mary's (Independent)

9/26@Southern California (10-1)W137
10/3@California (8-2)W140
10/10vs.West Coast Army (non-IA)W217
10/17@San Francisco (non-IA)W146
10/24vs.Gonzaga (3-4)W137
10/31@Santa Clara (non-IA)W2114
11/7vs.Olympic Club (non-IA)L010
11/11@UCLA (3-4-1)L012
11/26vs.Oregon (6-2-2)W160
12/5vs.Southern Methodist (9-1-1)W72



1930-St. Mary's (Independent)

9/27vs.West Coast Army (non-IA)W320
10/4vs.San Francisco (non-IA)W130
10/11@California (4-5)L67
10/17@UCLA (3-5)W216
10/25@Gonzaga (1-7-1)W410
11/1vs.Santa Clara (non-IA)W130
11/8vs.Olympic Club (non-IA)W150
11/15vs.Fordham (8-1)W2012@ New York, NY
11/27vs.Oregon (7-2)W76