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Listed below are historical scores for Texas-Arlington.
This file was last updated on Monday, February 6, 2023.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

1981-Texas-Arlington (Southland)

9/5@Southern Methodist (10-1)L048
9/12vs.New Mexico State (3-8)W2613
9/19@Texas Christian (2-7-2)L1638
9/26@West Texas A&M (7-4)L3135
10/3@Southern Mississippi (9-2-1)L952
10/10@*Louisiana Tech (4-6-1)W3114
10/24vs.North Texas (2-9)W76@ Irving, TX
10/31vs.*Arkansas State (6-5)L710
11/7@*Louisiana (1-9-1)W237
11/14vs.*McNeese State (7-3-1)W2120
11/21vs.*Lamar (4-6-1)W317



1980-Texas-Arlington (Southland)

9/6vs.North Texas (6-5)L1431
9/13vs.Northwestern State (non-IA)L3138
9/27@Southern Methodist (8-4)L1652
10/4vs.Drake (8-3)L2030
10/11vs.West Texas A&M (5-6)L2638
10/18vs.New Mexico State (3-7-1)L1030
10/25vs.*Louisiana Tech (5-6)W2120
11/1@*McNeese State (10-2)L1731
11/8vs.*Louisiana (7-4)L1330
11/15vs.*Arkansas State (2-9)W3614
11/22@*Lamar (3-8)W4427



1979-Texas-Arlington (Southland)

9/8@West Texas A&M (5-5-1)W106
9/15vs.North Texas (5-6)L1419@ Irving, TX
9/22@Northwestern State (3-6)W3714
9/29@Texas Christian (2-8-1)W2114
10/6vs.*McNeese State (11-1)L1314
10/20@New Mexico State (2-9)W4214
10/27@*Louisiana Tech (2-9)W3016
11/3@*Arkansas State (4-7)W5618
11/10@*Louisiana (4-7)W2410
11/17vs.*Lamar (6-3-2)W4737
11/24vs.Idaho State (non-IA)W480



1978-Texas-Arlington (Southland)

9/2@Drake (4-7)L2325
9/9vs.West Texas A&M (3-8)L1018
9/16vs.North Texas (9-2)L2328@ Irving, TX
9/23vs.*Louisiana Tech (6-5)L2128
9/30vs.East Carolina (9-3)L1723
10/7@New Mexico State (6-5)W2817
10/14vs.*Louisiana (3-8)W243
10/21@*Lamar (2-8-1)W3717
10/28vs.*Arkansas State (7-4)L727
11/4vs.Northwestern State (5-6)W307
11/18@*McNeese State (7-4)W2017



1977-Texas-Arlington (Southland)

9/3vs.Northwestern State (6-5)L2428
9/17@Western Michigan (4-7)W1710
9/24@*Louisiana (6-4-2)L2030
10/1@West Texas A&M (6-4-1)W1713
10/8vs.*McNeese State (5-5-1)W247
10/15vs.North Texas (9-2)L615@ Irving, TX
10/22vs.New Mexico State (4-7)L67
10/29@*Louisiana Tech (9-1-2)L1234
11/5vs.Southern Mississippi (6-6)L320
11/12@*Arkansas State (7-4)W4414
11/19vs.*Lamar (2-9)W147



1976-Texas-Arlington (Southland)

9/4@Texas-El Paso (1-11)L1538
9/11@North Texas (6-5)L724
9/18vs.New Mexico State (4-6-1)W2110
9/25vs.Louisiana-Monroe (2-9)L2021
10/2vs.West Texas A&M (4-5-2)W2321
10/9vs.*Louisiana Tech (6-5)W5635
10/16@*McNeese State (10-2)W2710
10/30vs.*Louisiana (9-2)L2431
11/13vs.*Arkansas State (5-6)L1314
11/20@*Lamar (2-9)W3414
11/27@Southern Mississippi (2-9)L1021



1975-Texas-Arlington (Southland)

9/4vs.North Texas (7-4)L1427@ Irving, TX
9/13@Texas Christian (1-10)W247
9/20@*Louisiana Tech (8-2)L837
10/4@West Texas A&M (5-6)W397
10/11vs.*McNeese State (7-4)L2428
10/18vs.Southern Mississippi (7-4)L734
10/25@New Mexico State (5-6)L016
11/1@*Louisiana (6-5)L3235
11/15vs.*Lamar (1-10)W3724
11/22@*Arkansas State (11-0)L754
11/29vs.Bowling Green (8-3)W2117



1974-Texas-Arlington (Independent)

9/7@Western Michigan (3-8)L633
9/14@Texas Christian (1-10)L312
9/21vs.Louisiana Tech (non-IA)L1542
9/28@New Mexico State (5-6)L1442
10/12vs.Southern Mississippi (6-5)L1039@ Jackson, MS
10/19vs.McNeese State (non-IA)L043
10/26vs.Texas-El Paso (4-7)L1428
11/2@Pacific (6-5)L1726
11/9vs.Louisiana (2-9)W2117
11/16vs.Arkansas State (7-3)L1242
11/23@Lamar (8-2)L08



1973-Texas-Arlington (Independent)

9/8vs.North Texas (5-5-1)W317@ Irving, TX
9/15@Oklahoma State (5-4-2)L756
9/22@Texas Christian (3-8)L1349
10/6vs.McNeese State (non-IA)W2624
10/20vs.Southern Mississippi (6-4-1)L1441
10/27@Louisiana (0-10)W3122
11/3@Louisiana Tech (non-IA)L044
11/10@Arkansas State (non-IA)L1430
11/17vs.Western Michigan (6-5)W3112
11/23vs.Lamar (5-5)L710



1972-Texas-Arlington (Independent)

9/9@Southern Mississippi (3-7-1)L1738
9/16@Oklahoma State (6-5)L321
9/23@Toledo (6-5)L2438
9/30@Texas Christian (5-6)L1438
10/7vs.Louisiana Tech (non-IA)L1435
10/21vs.New Mexico State (2-9)L1217
10/28@Louisiana-Lafayette (non-IA)W70
11/4vs.Abilene Christian (non-IA)W3622
11/11vs.West Texas A&M (5-5)W207
11/18vs.Lamar (non-IA)W103
11/25vs.Arkansas State (non-IA)W76



1971-Texas-Arlington (Independent)

9/11@Texas-El Paso (5-6)L938
9/18@Texas Christian (6-4-1)L042
9/25vs.Toledo (12-0)L023
10/9@West Texas A&M (2-9)W130
10/16vs.Louisiana-Lafayette (non-IA)L016
10/23vs.New Mexico State (5-5-1)L620
10/30vs.Trinity (Texas) (non-IA)L728
11/6vs.Bowling Green (6-4)L1734
11/13@Arkansas State (non-IA)L728
11/20@Lamar (non-IA)L1423
11/27vs.Abilene Christian (non-IA)W2117