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Listed below are historical scores for Texas State.
This file was last updated on Monday, February 6, 2023.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

2022-Texas State (Sun Belt)

9/3@Nevada (2-10)L1438
9/10vs.Florida International (4-8)W4112
9/17@Baylor (6-7)L742
9/24vs.Houston Baptist (non-IA)W340
10/1@*James Madison (8-3)L1340
10/8vs.*Appalachian State (6-6)W3624
10/15@*Troy (12-2)L1417
10/22vs.*Southern Mississippi (7-6)L1420
11/5@*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)L3031
11/12@*South Alabama (10-3)L2138
11/19vs.*Arkansas State (3-9)W1613
11/26vs.*Louisiana (6-7)L1341



2021-Texas State (Sun Belt)

9/4vs.Baylor (12-2)L2029
9/11@Florida International (1-11)W2317
9/18vs.Incarnate Word (non-IA)L3442
9/25@Eastern Michigan (7-6)L2159
10/9vs.*South Alabama (5-7)W3331
10/16vs.*Troy (5-7)L2831
10/23@*Georgia State (8-5)L1628
10/30@*Louisiana (13-1)L045
11/6vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)W2719
11/13vs.*Georgia Southern (3-9)L3038
11/20@*Coastal Carolina (11-2)L2135
11/27@*Arkansas State (2-10)W2422



2020-Texas State (Sun Belt)

9/5vs.Southern Methodist (7-3)L2431
9/12vs.Texas-San Antonio (7-5)L4851
9/19@*Louisiana-Monroe (0-10)W3817
9/26@Boston College (6-5)L2124
10/10@*Troy (5-6)L1737
10/17@*South Alabama (4-7)L2030
10/24@Brigham Young (11-1)L1452
10/31vs.*Louisiana (10-1)L3444
11/7vs.*Appalachian State (9-3)L1738
11/14@*Georgia Southern (8-5)L3840
11/21vs.*Arkansas State (4-7)W4745
11/28vs.*Coastal Carolina (11-1)L1449



2019-Texas State (Sun Belt)

8/29@Texas A&M (8-5)L741
9/7vs.Wyoming (8-5)L1423
9/14@Southern Methodist (10-3)L1747
9/21vs.*Georgia State (7-6)W3734
9/28vs.Nicholls State (non-IA)W243
10/10vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (5-7)L1424
10/26@*Arkansas State (8-5)L1438
11/2@*Louisiana (11-3)L331
11/9vs.*South Alabama (2-10)W3028
11/16vs.*Troy (5-7)L2763
11/23@*Appalachian State (13-1)L1335
11/30@*Coastal Carolina (5-7)L2124



2018-Texas State (Sun Belt)

9/1@Rutgers (1-11)L735
9/8vs.Texas Southern (non-IA)W3620
9/15@*South Alabama (3-9)L3141
9/22@Texas-San Antonio (3-9)L2125
10/6vs.*Louisiana (7-7)L2742
10/11vs.*Georgia Southern (10-3)L1315
10/20@*Louisiana-Monroe (6-6)L1420
10/27vs.New Mexico State (3-9)W2720
11/3@*Georgia State (2-10)W4031
11/10vs.*Appalachian State (11-2)L738
11/17@*Troy (10-3)L712
11/24vs.*Arkansas State (8-5)L733



2017-Texas State (Sun Belt)

9/2vs.Houston Baptist (non-IA)W2011
9/9@Colorado (5-7)L337
9/16vs.*Appalachian State (9-4)L1320
9/23vs.Texas-San Antonio (6-5)L1444
9/30@Wyoming (8-5)L1045
10/7vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)L2745
10/12@*Louisiana (5-7)L724
10/28@*Coastal Carolina (3-9)W277
11/4vs.*New Mexico State (7-6)L3545
11/11vs.*Georgia State (7-5)L3033
11/18@*Arkansas State (7-5)L1230
11/24@*Troy (11-2)L962



2016-Texas State (Sun Belt)

9/3@Ohio (8-6)W5654
9/17@Arkansas (7-6)L342
9/24vs.Houston (9-4)L364
10/1vs.Incarnate Word (non-IA)W4817
10/8@*Georgia State (3-9)L2141
10/15@*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)L3440
10/22vs.*Louisiana (6-7)L327
11/5@*Appalachian State (10-3)L1035
11/12vs.*Idaho (9-4)L1447
11/19@*New Mexico State (3-9)L1050
11/26vs.*Troy (10-3)L740
12/3vs.*Arkansas State (8-5)L1436



2015-Texas State (Sun Belt)

9/5@Florida State (10-3)L1659
9/12vs.Prairie View A&M (non-IA)W6324
9/19vs.Southern Mississippi (9-5)L5056
9/26@Houston (13-1)L1459
10/10@*Louisiana (4-8)L2749
10/24vs.*South Alabama (5-7)W3618
10/29@*Georgia Southern (9-4)L1337
11/7vs.*New Mexico State (3-9)L2131
11/14vs.*Georgia State (6-7)L1941
11/19vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (2-11)W163
11/28@*Idaho (4-8)L3138
12/5@*Arkansas State (9-4)L1755



2014-Texas State (Sun Belt)

8/30vs.Arkansas-Pine Bluff (non-IA)W650
9/13vs.Navy (8-5)L2135
9/20@Illinois (6-7)L3542
9/27@Tulsa (2-10)W3734
10/4vs.*Idaho (1-10)W3530
10/14vs.*Louisiana (9-4)L1034
10/25@*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)W2218
11/1@*New Mexico State (2-10)W3729
11/8vs.*Georgia Southern (9-3)L2528
11/15@*South Alabama (6-7)L2024
11/20vs.*Arkansas State (7-6)W4527
11/29@*Georgia State (1-11)W5431



2013-Texas State (Sun Belt)

8/31@Southern Mississippi (1-11)W2215
9/7vs.Prairie View A&M (non-IA)W283
9/21@Texas Tech (8-5)L733
9/28vs.Wyoming (5-7)W4221
10/5@*Louisiana (9-4)L2448
10/12vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (6-6)L1421
10/19vs.*Georgia State (0-12)W2417
10/26vs.*South Alabama (6-6)W3331
11/2@Idaho (1-11)W3721
11/16@*Arkansas State (8-5)L2138
11/23vs.*Western Kentucky (8-4)L738
11/29@*Troy (6-6)L2842



2012-Texas State (WAC)

9/1@Houston (5-7)W3013
9/8vs.Texas Tech (8-5)L1058
9/22vs.Stephen F. Austin (non-IA)W4137
9/29vs.Nevada (7-6)L2134
10/6@New Mexico (4-9)L1435
10/13vs.*Idaho (1-11)W387
10/27@*San Jose State (11-2)L2031
11/3@*Utah State (11-2)L738
11/10vs.*Louisiana Tech (9-3)L5562
11/17@Navy (8-5)L1021
11/24@*Texas-San Antonio (8-4)L3138
12/1vs.*New Mexico State (1-11)W6628