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Listed below are historical scores for Troy.
This file was last updated on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

2021-Troy (Sun Belt)

9/4vs.Southern (non-IA)W553
9/11vs.Liberty (8-5)L1321
9/18@Southern Mississippi (3-9)W219
9/25@*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)L1629
10/2@South Carolina (7-6)L1423
10/9vs.*Georgia Southern (3-9)W2724
10/16@*Texas State (4-8)W3128
10/28@*Coastal Carolina (11-2)L2835
11/6vs.*South Alabama (5-7)W3124
11/13vs.*Louisiana (13-1)L2135
11/20vs.*Appalachian State (10-4)L745
11/27@*Georgia State (8-5)L1037



2020-Troy (Sun Belt)

9/19@Middle Tennessee State (3-6)W4714
9/26@Brigham Young (11-1)L748
10/10vs.*Texas State (2-10)W3717
10/17vs.Eastern Kentucky (non-IA)W3129
10/24vs.*Georgia State (6-4)L3436
10/31@*Arkansas State (4-7)W3810
11/7@*Georgia Southern (8-5)L1320
11/21vs.Middle Tennessee State (3-6)L1720
11/28@*Appalachian State (9-3)L1047
12/5@*South Alabama (4-7)W290
12/12vs.*Coastal Carolina (11-1)L3842



2019-Troy (Sun Belt)

8/31vs.Campbell (non-IA)W4314
9/14vs.Southern Mississippi (7-6)L4247
9/21@Akron (0-12)W357
9/28vs.*Arkansas State (8-5)L4350
10/5@Missouri (6-6)L1042
10/16vs.*South Alabama (2-10)W3713
10/26@*Georgia State (7-6)L3352
11/2@*Coastal Carolina (5-7)L3536
11/9vs.*Georgia Southern (7-6)W4928
11/16@*Texas State (3-9)W6327
11/23@*Louisiana (11-3)L353
11/29vs.*Appalachian State (13-1)L1348



2018-Troy (Sun Belt)

9/1vs.Boise State (10-3)L2056
9/8vs.Florida A&M (non-IA)W597
9/15@Nebraska (4-8)W2419
9/22@*Louisiana-Monroe (6-6)W3527
9/29vs.*Coastal Carolina (5-7)W4521
10/4vs.*Georgia State (2-10)W3720
10/13@Liberty (6-6)L1622
10/23@*South Alabama (3-9)W3817
11/3vs.*Louisiana (7-7)W2616
11/10@*Georgia Southern (10-3)W3521
11/17vs.*Texas State (3-9)W127
11/24@*Appalachian State (11-2)L1021
12/22vs.Buffalo (10-4)W4232@ Mobile, ALDollar General Bowl



2017-Troy (Sun Belt)

9/2@Boise State (11-3)L1324
9/9vs.Alabama State (non-IA)W347
9/16@*New Mexico State (7-6)W2724
9/23vs.Akron (7-7)W2217
9/30@Louisiana State (9-4)W2421
10/11vs.*South Alabama (4-8)L819
10/21@*Georgia State (7-5)W3410
10/28vs.*Georgia Southern (2-10)W3816
11/2vs.*Idaho (4-8)W2421
11/11@*Coastal Carolina (3-9)W4217
11/24vs.*Texas State (2-10)W629
12/2@*Arkansas State (7-5)W3225
12/16vs.North Texas (9-5)W5030@ New Orleans, LANew Orleans Bowl



2016-Troy (Sun Belt)

9/3vs.Austin Peay (non-IA)W5717
9/10@Clemson (14-1)L2430
9/17@Southern Mississippi (7-6)W3731
9/24vs.*New Mexico State (3-9)W526
10/1@*Idaho (9-4)W3413
10/15vs.*Georgia State (3-9)W3121
10/20@*South Alabama (6-7)W2821
11/5vs.Massachusetts (2-10)W5231
11/12vs.*Appalachian State (10-3)W2824
11/17vs.*Arkansas State (8-5)L335
11/26@*Texas State (2-10)W407
12/3@*Georgia Southern (5-7)L2428
12/23vs.Ohio (8-6)W2823@ Mobile, ALDollar General Bowl



2015-Troy (Sun Belt)

9/5@North Carolina State (7-6)L2149
9/12vs.Charleston Southern (non-IA)W4416
9/19@Wisconsin (10-3)L328
10/3vs.*South Alabama (5-7)L1824
10/10@Mississippi State (9-4)L1745
10/17vs.*Idaho (4-8)L1619
10/24@*New Mexico State (3-9)W527
10/31@*Appalachian State (11-2)L4144
11/7vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (2-11)W5114
11/14vs.*Georgia Southern (9-4)L1045
11/27@*Georgia State (6-7)L2131
12/5@*Louisiana (4-8)W4117



2014-Troy (Sun Belt)

8/30@Alabama-Birmingham (6-6)L1048
9/6vs.Duke (9-4)L1734
9/13vs.Abilene Christian (non-IA)L3538
9/20@Georgia (10-3)L066
9/27@*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)L2022
10/11vs.*New Mexico State (2-10)W4124
10/18vs.*Appalachian State (7-5)L1453
10/24@*South Alabama (6-7)L1327
10/30@*Georgia Southern (9-3)L1042
11/8vs.*Georgia State (1-11)W4521
11/15@*Idaho (1-10)W3417
11/29vs.*Louisiana (9-4)L2342



2013-Troy (Sun Belt)

8/31vs.Alabama-Birmingham (2-10)W3431
9/7vs.Savannah State (non-IA)W663
9/12@*Arkansas State (8-5)L3441
9/21@Mississippi State (7-6)L762
9/28@Duke (10-4)L3138
10/5vs.*South Alabama (6-6)W3433
10/12@*Georgia State (0-12)W3528
10/26@*Western Kentucky (8-4)W3226
10/31vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (6-6)L3749
11/7@*Louisiana (9-4)L3641
11/16@Mississippi (8-5)L2151
11/29vs.*Texas State (6-6)W4228



2012-Troy (Sun Belt)

9/1@Alabama-Birmingham (3-9)W3929
9/8vs.*Louisiana (9-4)L2437
9/15vs.Mississippi State (8-5)L2430
9/22@*North Texas (4-8)W147
9/29@*South Alabama (2-11)W3110
10/11vs.*Western Kentucky (7-6)L2631
10/20vs.*Florida International (3-9)W3837
10/27@*Florida Atlantic (3-9)L2734
11/3@Tennessee (5-7)L4855
11/10vs.Navy (8-5)W4131
11/17vs.*Arkansas State (10-3)L3441
11/24@*Middle Tennessee State (8-4)L2124



2011-Troy (Sun Belt)

9/3@Clemson (10-4)L1943
9/17@Arkansas (11-2)L2838
9/24vs.*Middle Tennessee State (2-10)W3835
10/1vs.Alabama-Birmingham (3-9)W2423
10/8@*Louisiana (9-4)L1731
10/15vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)L1038
10/25@*Florida International (8-5)L2023
11/5@Navy (5-7)L1442
11/12vs.*North Texas (5-7)L3338
11/19vs.*Florida Atlantic (1-11)W347
11/26@*Western Kentucky (7-5)L1841
12/3@*Arkansas State (10-3)L1445



2010-Troy (Sun Belt)

9/4vs.Bowling Green (2-10)W3027
9/11@Oklahoma State (11-2)L3841
9/18@Alabama-Birmingham (4-8)L3334
9/25vs.*Arkansas State (4-8)W3528
10/5@*Middle Tennessee State (6-7)W4213
10/16vs.*Louisiana (3-9)W3124
10/30@*Louisiana-Monroe (5-7)L1428
11/6@*North Texas (3-9)W4135
11/13vs.*Florida International (7-6)L3552
11/20@South Carolina (9-5)L2469
11/27vs.*Western Kentucky (2-10)W2814
12/4@*Florida Atlantic (4-8)W447
12/18vs.Ohio (8-5)W4821@ New Orleans, LANew Orleans Bowl



2009-Troy (Sun Belt)

9/3@Bowling Green (7-6)L1431
9/12@Florida (13-1)L656
9/19vs.Alabama-Birmingham (5-7)W2714
9/26@*Arkansas State (4-8)W3027
10/6vs.*Middle Tennessee State (10-3)W317
10/17@*Florida International (3-9)W4233
10/24vs.*North Texas (2-10)W5026
10/31vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (6-6)W4221
11/7@*Western Kentucky (0-12)W4020
11/14@Arkansas (8-5)L2056
11/21vs.*Florida Atlantic (5-7)W4721
11/28@*Louisiana (6-6)W4831
1/6vs.Central Michigan (12-2)L4144@ Mobile, ALGMAC Bowl



2008-Troy (Sun Belt)

8/28@*Middle Tennessee State (5-7)W3117
9/13vs.Alcorn State (non-IA)W650
9/20@Ohio State (10-3)L1028
9/27@Oklahoma State (9-4)L2455
10/7@*Florida Atlantic (7-6)W3017
10/18vs.*Florida International (5-7)W3323
10/25@*North Texas (1-11)W4517
11/1@*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)L3031
11/8vs.*Western Kentucky (2-10)W177
11/15@Louisiana State (8-5)L3140
11/22vs.*Louisiana (6-6)W483
12/6vs.*Arkansas State (6-6)W359
12/21vs.Southern Mississippi (7-6)L2730@ New Orleans, LANew Orleans Bowl



2007-Troy (Sun Belt)

9/1@Arkansas (8-5)L2646
9/8@Florida (9-4)L3159
9/14vs.Oklahoma State (7-6)W4123
9/22@*Louisiana (3-9)W4831
9/29vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (6-6)W247
10/6@*Florida International (1-11)W3416
10/20vs.*North Texas (2-10)W457
10/27@*Arkansas State (5-7)W270
11/3@Georgia (11-2)L3444
11/10@Western Kentucky (7-5)W2117
11/20vs.*Middle Tennessee State (5-7)W457
12/1vs.*Florida Atlantic (8-5)L3238



2006-Troy (Sun Belt)

9/2vs.Alabama State (non-IA)W380
9/9@Florida State (7-6)L1724
9/16@Georgia Tech (9-5)L2035
9/23@Nebraska (9-5)L056
9/30@Alabama-Birmingham (3-9)L321
10/14vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)W2419
10/28vs.*North Texas (3-9)W146
11/4vs.*Louisiana (6-6)W4228
11/11@*Florida Atlantic (5-7)W2417
11/18vs.*Arkansas State (6-6)L2633
11/25@*Middle Tennessee State (7-6)W2120
12/2@*Florida International (0-12)W2613
12/22vs.Rice (7-6)W4117@ New Orleans, LANew Orleans Bowl



2005-Troy (Sun Belt)

9/3vs.Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo (non-IA)W2710
9/10vs.Alabama-Birmingham (5-6)L727
9/17@Missouri (7-5)L2152
9/24@South Carolina (7-5)L2045
10/4@*North Texas (2-9)W1310
10/15@*Louisiana-Monroe (5-6)L327
10/20vs.*Florida International (5-6)W1813
10/29@*Louisiana (6-5)L2831
11/5vs.*Florida Atlantic (2-9)W2814
11/12@*Arkansas State (6-6)L39
11/26vs.*Middle Tennessee State (4-7)L717



2004-Troy (Sun Belt)

9/4@Marshall (6-6)W1715
9/9vs.Missouri (5-6)W2414
9/18@*New Mexico State (5-6)L1822
9/25@South Carolina (6-5)L717
10/2vs.*Utah State (3-8)W4921
10/16@*Arkansas State (3-8)L913
10/23@Louisiana State (9-3)L2024
10/30vs.*Idaho (3-9)W477
11/6vs.*Florida Atlantic (9-3)W246
11/13@*Louisiana (4-7)W1310
11/20vs.*Middle Tennessee State (5-6)W3717
12/30vs.Northern Illinois (9-3)L2134@ San Jose, CASilicon Valley Bowl



2003-Troy (Independent)

8/30@Kansas State (11-4)L541
9/6@Minnesota (10-3)L748
9/13@Alabama-Birmingham (5-7)W209
9/20vs.Southeastern Louisiana (non-IA)W280
9/27vs.Marshall (8-4)W3324
10/4@Nebraska (10-3)L030
10/18vs.Florida International (non-IA)W2110
10/25@Virginia (8-5)L024
10/30@North Texas (9-4)L021
11/8@Middle Tennessee State (4-8)L2027
11/15@Utah State (3-9)W2314
11/22vs.Louisiana-Monroe (1-11)W2824



2002-Troy (Independent)

8/31@Nebraska (7-7)L1631
9/7@Alabama-Birmingham (5-7)L2627
9/14vs.Southern Utah (non-IA)W4015
9/21@Iowa State (7-7)L1242
9/28@Missouri (5-7)L744
10/5vs.Austin Peay (non-IA)W413
10/12@Mississippi State (3-9)L811
10/19@Marshall (11-2)L724
10/26vs.Florida Atlantic (non-IA)W216
11/2vs.Arkansas (9-5)L023@ Little Rock, AR
11/9vs.Florida A&M (non-IA)W247@ Mobile, AL
11/16vs.Utah State (4-7)L1619



2001-Troy (Independent)

9/1@Nebraska (11-2)L1442
9/8@Middle Tennessee State (8-3)L1754
9/22vs.Nicholls State (non-IA)W260
10/6@Miami (Florida) (12-0)L738
10/13@Mississippi State (3-8)W219
10/20vs.Northridge State (non-IA)W4431
10/27vs.Southern Utah (non-IA)W2017
11/3@Maryland (10-2)L1447
11/10@Louisiana-Monroe (2-9)W4412
11/17vs.Jacksonville State (non-IA)W213
12/1vs.North Texas (5-7)W1816