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Listed below are historical scores for Virginia Military Institute.
This file was last updated on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

1981-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/12vs.*Western Carolina (4-7)W2114
9/19@Army (3-7-1)W147
10/3vs.William & Mary (5-6)W3114
10/10vs.*Citadel (7-3-1)W140@ Norfolk, VA
10/17@*Appalachian State (3-7-1)T1414
10/24@*Marshall (2-9)W2016
10/31@Virginia (1-10)L1013
11/7vs.Richmond (4-7)L1445
11/14vs.*Furman (8-3)L2133
11/21@Virginia Tech (7-4)W60



1980-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/6@*Western Carolina (3-7-1)L1416
9/13@William & Mary (2-9)W1310
9/20vs.*Marshall (2-8-1)W173
9/27@*Furman (9-1-1)L1621
10/4@*Citadel (7-4)L028
10/11vs.*Tennessee-Chattanooga (8-3)L1055
10/18@Richmond (5-6)W2217
10/25vs.Villanova (6-5)L617
11/1@Boston University (non-IA)L2238
11/8vs.*Appalachian State (6-4-1)T1616
11/15vs.Virginia Tech (8-4)L621@ Norfolk, VA



1979-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/8vs.William & Mary (4-7)W73
9/15vs.Richmond (0-11)W177
9/22@Virginia (6-5)L019
9/29@East Carolina (7-3-1)L1045
10/6vs.*East Tennessee State (7-4)W2414
10/13@*Appalachian State (3-8)W2722
10/20vs.*Citadel (6-5)L637
10/27vs.*Furman (5-6)W2120
11/3vs.Connecticut (3-6-2)T1313
11/10@*Marshall (1-10)W133
11/17@Virginia Tech (5-6)L2027



1978-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/9@William & Mary (5-5-1)L310
9/16vs.Bucknell (non-IA)W2514
9/23@*Citadel (5-6)L314
9/30@Virginia (2-9)W179
10/7vs.East Carolina (9-3)L619
10/14@Richmond (3-8)W236
10/21vs.Lehigh (non-IA)L1014
10/28vs.*Western Carolina (6-5)L1241
11/4@Georgia (9-2-1)L341
11/11vs.*Appalachian State (7-4)L1031
11/18@Virginia Tech (4-7)L228



1977-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/10vs.William & Mary (6-5)W2313
9/17@Army (7-4)L1427
9/24@East Carolina (8-3)L1314
10/8vs.Richmond (3-8)W250
10/15vs.*Citadel (5-6)W193
10/22@Lehigh (non-IA)L2030
10/29vs.Davidson (non-IA)W210
11/5@Virginia (1-9-1)W306
11/12@*Furman (4-5-2)W3128
11/19vs.Rhode Island (non-IA)W207
11/26@Virginia Tech (3-7-1)L727



1976-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/11@*William & Mary (7-4)L2034
9/18vs.*Appalachian State (6-4-1)L1231
9/25@*Richmond (5-6)L043
10/2vs.*Furman (6-4-1)W173
10/9vs.Virginia Tech (6-5)L737@ Richmond, VA
10/16vs.*East Carolina (9-2)L317
10/23@Delaware (non-IA)W106
10/30vs.Virginia (2-9)W137@ Norfolk, VA
11/6@*Citadel (6-5)W3014
11/20vs.Indiana State (3-7)W2614



1975-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/13vs.Delaware (non-IA)L910
9/20@Virginia (1-10)L2122
9/27vs.Davidson (non-IA)W550
10/4@*Furman (5-5-1)W1310
10/11@Georgia Tech (7-4)L1038
10/18@*Richmond (5-6)L1924
10/25vs.*Citadel (6-5)L36
11/8vs.*William & Mary (2-9)L713
11/15@Virginia Tech (8-3)L033
11/22@*East Carolina (8-3)L1228
11/29@Connecticut (non-IA)W133



1974-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/14vs.*Furman (5-6)W70
9/21@Vanderbilt (7-3-2)L745
9/28@Davidson (non-IA)W437
10/5vs.Virginia Tech (4-7)W2217@ Richmond, VA
10/12@*Citadel (4-7)W209
10/19vs.Southern Mississippi (6-5)L1415@ Mobile, AL
10/26vs.*William & Mary (4-7)W3120
11/2@*Richmond (5-5)L1417
11/9@Virginia (4-7)L1028
11/16vs.Colgate (4-6)W3114
11/23vs.*East Carolina (7-4)W133



1973-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/8@Virginia (4-7)L016
9/15vs.Navy (4-7)L637
9/22@*Richmond (8-2)L035
9/29@Tulane (9-3)L042
10/6vs.*Citadel (3-8)W236
10/13@*East Carolina (9-2)L742
10/20@*Furman (7-4)L1319
10/27@*William & Mary (6-5)L1445
11/3vs.*Davidson (2-8)W2417
11/10@Georgia Tech (5-6)L736
11/17@Virginia Tech (2-9)W2221



1972-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/9vs.*East Carolina (9-2)L330
9/16vs.*Davidson (3-7-1)L1418
9/23@Maryland (5-5-1)L1628
9/30@*Richmond (6-4)L1534
10/7@*Citadel (5-6)L342
10/14@Virginia (4-7)L1445
10/21vs.*William & Mary (5-6)L331
10/28@Dayton (4-6-1)L1014
11/4vs.*Furman (2-9)W317
11/11@West Virginia (8-4)L2450
11/18@Tennessee-Chattanooga (2-9)W170



1971-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/18vs.*Davidson (1-9)W273
9/25@Villanova (6-4-1)L313
10/2@*Furman (5-5-1)L014
10/9vs.*Citadel (8-3)L2425
10/16@*Richmond (5-6)L621
10/23@*William & Mary (5-6)L712
10/30@Maryland (2-9)L038
11/6@Southern Mississippi (6-5)L038
11/13@West Virginia (7-4)L328
11/20vs.Tennessee-Chattanooga (2-9)L831
11/27vs.Virginia Tech (4-7)L034@ Roanoke, VA



1970-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/12vs.*Furman (8-3)W130
9/19@Rice (5-5)L042
9/26@West Virginia (8-3)L1047
10/3@Boston College (8-2)L356
10/10@Virginia (5-6)L1049
10/17vs.*William & Mary (5-7)L1024
10/24@*Citadel (5-6)L956
10/31vs.*Davidson (2-8)L2155
11/7@North Carolina (8-4)L1362
11/14@*Richmond (4-6)L1740
11/21vs.Virginia Tech (5-6)L1420@ Roanoke, VA



1969-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/20@Rice (3-7)L055
9/27vs.*Richmond (6-4)L020
10/4@West Virginia (10-1)L032
10/11vs.Virginia (3-7)L1028@ Richmond, VA
10/18vs.*Citadel (7-3)L228
10/25@*William & Mary (3-7)L1725
11/1@*Davidson (7-4)L659
11/8@North Carolina (5-5)L1161
11/15@Boston College (5-4)L3249
11/27vs.Virginia Tech (4-5-1)L052@ Roanoke, VA



1968-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/21@Vanderbilt (5-4-1)L1225
9/28@Virginia (7-3)L047
10/5vs.Villanova (6-4)L1319
10/11vs.West Virginia (7-3)L714@ Roanoke, VA
10/19@*Citadel (5-5)L813
10/26vs.*William & Mary (3-7)L1020
11/2@*Richmond (8-3)L035
11/9@*Davidson (3-6)W2117
11/16@Boston College (6-3)L1345
11/28vs.Virginia Tech (7-4)L655@ Roanoke, VA



1967-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/16vs.*Davidson (4-5)W4621
9/23@*West Virginia (5-4-1)L921
9/30vs.*Richmond (5-5)L03
10/7vs.*William & Mary (5-4-1)L2833@ Richmond, VA
10/14vs.*Citadel (5-5)W2211@ Roanoke, VA
10/21@Georgia (7-4)L656
10/28@Virginia (5-5)W1813
11/4vs.Akron (non-IA)W3814
11/11@Boston College (4-6)W2613
11/23vs.Virginia Tech (7-3)W1210@ Roanoke, VA



1966-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/17@Villanova (6-3)W1413
9/24vs.Georgia (10-1)L743@ Roanoke, VA
10/1@Boston College (4-6)L014
10/7@*Richmond (2-8)W3420
10/15@Virginia (4-6)L2738
10/22vs.*George Washington (4-6)L013
10/29vs.*William & Mary (5-4-1)L1522
11/5@Southern Mississippi (6-4)L642
11/12@*Citadel (4-6)L1430
11/24vs.Virginia Tech (8-2-1)L1270@ Roanoke, VA



1965-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/18@*William & Mary (6-4)L2132
9/25@Army (4-5-1)L721
10/2@*George Washington (5-5)L014
10/9@Virginia (4-6)L1014
10/16@Southern Mississippi (7-2)L03
10/23@*Davidson (6-4)W1610
10/30@Boston College (6-4)L1241
11/6vs.*Richmond (0-10)W2114
11/13vs.*Citadel (2-8)W217
11/25vs.Virginia Tech (7-3)L1344@ Roanoke, VA



1964-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/19vs.*William & Mary (4-6)L1214
9/26@*Richmond (3-7)L1420
10/3@Villanova (6-2)L727
10/11vs.Virginia (5-5)L1920@ Richmond, VA
10/17@Buffalo (4-4-1)L1014
10/24vs.*Davidson (3-6)W350
10/31@Tulane (3-7)L625
11/6@Detroit Mercy (3-7)L728
11/14@*Citadel (4-6)L017
11/26vs.*Virginia Tech (6-4)L1335@ Roanoke, VA



1963-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/21vs.*George Washington (2-7)W146
9/28@Iowa State (4-5)L621
10/5@*Davidson (1-5-2)T1010
10/12vs.Virginia (2-7-1)L06@ Richmond, VA
10/19vs.Navy (9-2)L1221@ Norfolk, VA
10/25@*Richmond (3-6-1)T77
11/2@*William & Mary (4-6)W266
11/9@Holy Cross (2-6-1)L1214
11/16vs.*Citadel (4-6)W338
11/28vs.*Virginia Tech (8-2)L2035@ Roanoke, VA



1962-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/15vs.*George Washington (3-7)W226@ Lynchburg, VA
9/22@Villanova (7-3)L024
9/29@*Richmond (6-3)W210
10/6@Boston College (8-2)L018
10/13@Virginia (5-5)L628
10/20vs.*Davidson (3-5-1)W207
10/27vs.*William & Mary (4-5-1)W60
11/3@*Citadel (3-7)W167
11/10@Holy Cross (6-4)L1420
11/22vs.*Virginia Tech (5-5)W149@ Roanoke, VA



1961-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/16vs.Marshall (non-IA)W336
9/23@Villanova (8-2)L022
9/29@*Richmond (5-5)W86
10/7@*George Washington (3-6)L630
10/14vs.Virginia (4-6)L714@ Norfolk, VA
10/21@*Davidson (4-4)W130
10/28@*William & Mary (1-9)W147
11/4vs.*Citadel (7-3)L814
11/11@Buffalo (non-IA)W396
11/23vs.*Virginia Tech (4-5)W60@ Roanoke, VA



1960-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/17@*William & Mary (2-8)W3321
9/23@Buffalo (non-IA)W2814
10/1vs.*Richmond (3-6-1)W216
10/7@*George Washington (5-3-1)W3410
10/15@Virginia (0-10)W3016
10/22@Boston College (3-6-1)T1414
10/29@Memphis (8-2)L821
11/5vs.Lehigh (non-IA)W1814
11/12@*Citadel (8-2-1)W206
11/24vs.*Virginia Tech (6-4)L1213@ Roanoke, VA



1959-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/19@Marshall (non-IA)W460
9/26@Penn State (9-2)L021
10/3vs.*Richmond (4-5-1)T1414@ Portsmouth, VA
10/10vs.Virginia (0-10)W1912@ Lynchburg, VA
10/17vs.*William & Mary (4-6)W267@ Norfolk, VA
10/24vs.*Davidson (1-8)W347
10/30@*George Washington (1-8)W286
11/7@Lehigh (non-IA)W76
11/14vs.*Citadel (8-2)W328
11/26vs.*Virginia Tech (6-4)W3712@ Roanoke, VA



1958-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/20vs.Morehead State (non-IA)W4620
9/27@Villanova (6-4)W336
10/4vs.*Richmond (3-7)W126
10/11vs.*William & Mary (2-6-1)T66@ Bluefield, WV
10/18@Tampa (non-IA)W1312
10/25@*Davidson (5-4)W427
11/1vs.Virginia (1-9)W330@ Norfolk, VA
11/8vs.Lehigh (non-IA)T77@ Lynchburg, VA
11/15@*Citadel (4-6)L614
11/27vs.*Virginia Tech (5-4-1)L1621@ Roanoke, VA



1957-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/21@Tampa (non-IA)W70
9/28@Holy Cross (5-3-1)T2121
10/5@*Richmond (4-6)W286
10/12vs.*Davidson (5-3)W2614
10/19@*William & Mary (4-6)W1413
10/26vs.*George Washington (2-7)W2620@ Roanoke, VA
11/2@Virginia (3-6-1)W207
11/9@Lehigh (non-IA)W127
11/16vs.*Citadel (5-4-1)W337
11/28vs.*Virginia Tech (4-6)W146@ Roanoke, VA



1956-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/15vs.Stetson (non-IA)W476@ St. Petersburg, FL
9/22@Virginia (3-7)L018
9/29@Army (5-3-1)L1232
10/6@*Richmond (4-5)W3520
10/13vs.Lehigh (non-IA)L2027
10/20@*George Washington (8-1-1)L1440
10/27@*Davidson (5-3-1)T1313
11/3vs.*William & Mary (0-9-1)W206@ Lynchburg, VA
11/10@*West Virginia (6-4)L613
11/22vs.*Virginia Tech (7-2-1)L045@ Roanoke, VA



1955-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/17@Tulane (5-4-1)L720
9/24vs.*George Washington (5-4)L625@ Roanoke, VA
10/1vs.*Richmond (4-3-2)L021
10/8vs.*West Virginia (8-2)L1247@ Bluefield, WV
10/15@Virginia (1-9)L1320
10/22vs.*Davidson (5-4)L721
10/29@*William & Mary (1-7-1)L1320
11/5@Lehigh (non-IA)L039
11/12@*Citadel (5-4)W147
11/24vs.*Virginia Tech (6-3-1)L1339@ Roanoke, VA



1954-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/18vs.*Davidson (6-3)L019
9/25@*George Washington (1-7-1)W1614
10/2@*Richmond (5-4)W196
10/9@Boston College (8-1)L044
10/16@Virginia (3-6)L021
10/23vs.*West Virginia (8-1)L640@ Bluefield, WV
10/30vs.Florida State (8-4)L1933@ Lynchburg, VA
11/6vs.*William & Mary (4-4-2)W210@ Roanoke, VA
11/13vs.*Citadel (2-8)W420
11/25vs.*Virginia Tech (8-0-1)L946@ Roanoke, VA



1953-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/19vs.Catawba (non-IA)W440
9/26vs.*George Washington (5-4)L1314
10/3@*Richmond (5-3-1)L713
10/10@*Citadel (2-7)W140
10/17@Virginia (1-8)W216
10/24@*West Virginia (8-2)L2052
10/31@Florida State (non-IA)L712
11/7vs.*William & Mary (5-4-1)W2019@ Roanoke, VA
11/14@Cincinnati (non-IA)L067
11/26vs.*Virginia Tech (5-5)W2813@ Roanoke, VA



1952-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/20vs.*William & Mary (4-5)L1334@ Roanoke, VA
9/26@Miami (Florida) (4-7)L045
10/4vs.*Richmond (1-9)W2814
10/10@Florida State (non-IA)W287
10/18vs.Virginia (8-2)L1433@ Richmond, VA
10/25@*George Washington (6-2-1)T2020
11/1@Army (4-4-1)L1442
11/8vs.*West Virginia (7-2)L2139@ Roanoke, VA
11/15vs.*Citadel (3-5-1)W2019
11/27vs.*Virginia Tech (5-6)L726@ Roanoke, VA



1951-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/15@Cincinnati (non-IA)L726
9/22vs.Wofford (non-IA)W296
9/29@*Richmond (3-8)W340
10/6@*William & Mary (7-3)W207
10/20@Virginia (8-1)L1434
10/27@Catawba (non-IA)W3414
11/3vs.*Davidson (1-8)W3513
11/10@Georgia Tech (11-0-1)L734
11/17@*Citadel (4-6)W2721
11/22vs.*Virginia Tech (2-8)W207@ Roanoke, VA



1950-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/23vs.*William & Mary (4-7)W2519@ Roanoke, VA
9/30@*George Washington (5-4)L1215
10/7@*Richmond (2-8)W2614
10/14@Texas A&M (7-4)L052
10/21@Virginia (8-2)L1326
10/28vs.Catawba (non-IA)L1314
11/4vs.*Davidson (3-6)W466@ Charlotte, NC
11/11@Georgia Tech (5-6)W1413
11/18vs.*Citadel (4-6)W137
11/23vs.*Virginia Tech (0-10)W270@ Roanoke, VA



1949-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/24vs.Quantico Marines (non-IA)L714
10/1vs.*George Washington (4-5)W147@ Lynchburg, VA
10/8@*William & Mary (6-4)L654
10/15@*Richmond (3-7)W147
10/22vs.Virginia (7-2)L1332@ Lynchburg, VA
10/29@Army (9-0)L1440
11/5vs.*Davidson (2-8)W476
11/12@*Citadel (4-5)L1419
11/24vs.*Virginia Tech (1-7-2)T2828@ Roanoke, VA



1948-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/25vs.Catawba (non-IA)W286
10/2@*George Washington (4-6)W266
10/9vs.*William & Mary (7-2-2)L031@ Norfolk, VA
10/16@*Richmond (5-3-2)W90
10/23@Virginia (5-3-1)L1426
10/30vs.*Davidson (3-5-1)W336
11/6@Tulane (9-1)L728
11/13vs.*Citadel (2-7)W346
11/25vs.*Virginia Tech (0-8-1)W337@ Roanoke, VA



1947-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/27vs.Catawba (non-IA)W136
10/4vs.*George Washington (1-7-1)W137
10/11@Georgia Tech (10-1)L020
10/18@*Richmond (3-7)L2021
10/25vs.Virginia (7-3)L635@ Lexington, VA
11/1@*Davidson (6-3-1)T1414
11/8@*William & Mary (9-2)L2028
11/15@*Citadel (3-5)L67
11/27vs.*Virginia Tech (4-5)W2814@ Roanoke, VA



1946-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/21vs.Catawba (non-IA)W217
9/28@*Richmond (6-2-2)T77
10/5@Georgia Tech (9-2)L632
10/12@Virginia (4-4-1)L819
10/19vs.*Davidson (4-5)W250
10/26@*William & Mary (8-2)L041
11/2vs.*North Carolina State (8-3)L749@ Roanoke, VA
11/9@*Furman (2-8)W267
11/16vs.*Citadel (3-5)W267
11/28vs.*Virginia Tech (3-4-3)L720@ Roanoke, VA



1945-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/22vs.Emory & Henry (non-IA)W370
9/29@*Richmond (2-6)W406
10/6vs.Virginia (7-2)L740@ Lynchburg, VA
10/13@*North Carolina State (3-6)W2114
10/20vs.*William & Mary (6-3)L913
11/3@Vanderbilt (3-6)W2713
11/10@*Maryland (6-2-1)L038
11/17vs.Catawba (non-IA)L714
11/22vs.*Virginia Tech (2-6)W70@ Roanoke, VA



1944-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/30vs.Catawba (non-IA)L67
10/7@*Richmond (2-6)W2620
10/14vs.*Wake Forest (8-1)L738@ Greensboro, NC
10/20@Kentucky (3-6)L226
10/28vs.Virginia (6-1-2)L034@ Lynchburg, VA
11/4vs.*North Carolina State (7-2)L621
11/11@*Clemson (4-5)L1257
11/18vs.*William & Mary (5-2-1)L026@ Portsmouth, VA
11/30vs.*Maryland (1-7-1)L68@ Roanoke, VA



1943-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/25@Temple (2-6)L027
10/2vs.Davidson (non-IA)W130
10/9vs.*Clemson (2-6)W127@ Roanoke, VA
10/16@*Richmond (6-1)L027
10/23vs.*Wake Forest (4-5)L021@ Lynchburg, VA
10/30vs.Virginia (3-4-1)L034
11/13vs.Georgia (6-4)L746@ Atlanta, GA
11/25vs.*Maryland (4-5)L1421@ Roanoke, VA



1942-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/26vs.*Clemson (3-6-1)T00@ Lynchburg, VA
10/3@Temple (2-5-3)L67
10/10@Virginia (2-6-1)W3818
10/17vs.*Maryland (7-2)W290
10/24@*Richmond (3-6-1)W206
10/31vs.*Davidson (2-6-1)L624@ Lynchburg, VA
11/7vs.*Wake Forest (6-2-1)L028@ Winston-Salem, NC
11/14vs.*William & Mary (9-1-1)L627@ Norfolk, VA
11/26vs.*Virginia Tech (7-2-1)L620@ Roanoke, VA



1941-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/27vs.*Clemson (7-2)L736@ Lynchburg, VA
10/4@Temple (7-2)L1328
10/11@Army (5-3-1)L2027
10/18vs.Virginia (8-1)L727
10/25@*Richmond (2-7)W257
11/1vs.*Davidson (1-6-3)W137@ Lynchburg, VA
11/8@*William & Mary (8-2)L021
11/15@*Maryland (3-5-1)W270
11/20vs.*Virginia Tech (6-4)W1510@ Lynchburg, VA
12/5@Miami (Florida) (8-2)L710



1940-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/14vs.Roanoke (non-IA)W330
9/28@*Duke (7-2)L023
10/5vs.Newberry (non-IA)W130
10/12vs.*Davidson (5-5)W137@ Charlotte, NC
10/19@Virginia (4-5)W70
10/26@*Richmond (6-3)L79
11/2vs.*William & Mary (6-2-1)T00
11/9vs.Washington (Missouri) (3-6)W2013
11/16vs.*Maryland (2-6-1)W200@ Lynchburg, VA
11/21vs.*Virginia Tech (5-5)W140@ Roanoke, VA



1939-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/23vs.Roanoke (non-IA)W410
9/30@Kentucky (6-2-1)L021
10/7vs.*Davidson (2-7)W20@ Bluefield, WV
10/14@Vanderbilt (2-7-1)W2013
10/21vs.Virginia (5-4)W1613
10/28@Columbia (2-4-2)L726
11/4@*Richmond (7-1-2)T00
11/11vs.*Duke (8-1)L720
11/18vs.*Maryland (2-7)W130@ Norfolk, VA
11/30vs.*Virginia Tech (4-5-1)W197@ Roanoke, VA



1938-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/17vs.Elon (non-IA)W337
9/24@Virginia (4-4-1)T1212
10/1@Navy (4-3-2)L026
10/8vs.*Clemson (7-1-1)T77@ Charlotte, NC
10/15@*Richmond (6-3-1)W136
10/22@*William & Mary (3-7)W140
10/29@*Maryland (2-7)W4714
11/5vs.*Wake Forest (4-5-1)T66
11/12@*Davidson (4-6)W196
11/19vs.Roanoke (non-IA)W60
11/24vs.*Virginia Tech (3-5-2)T22@ Roanoke, VA



1937-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/18vs.Elon (non-IA)L612
9/25vs.Temple (3-2-4)L718
10/2vs.*William & Mary (4-5)W209@ Norfolk, VA
10/9vs.*Davidson (2-8)W70
10/16@*Richmond (5-4-1)W217
10/23@*Virginia (2-7)W267
10/30@Army (7-2)L720
11/6vs.*Maryland (8-2)L79
11/13vs.*Citadel (7-4)W270
11/25vs.*Virginia Tech (5-5)L612@ Roanoke, VA



1936-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/19vs.Wofford (1-7-1)W190
9/26vs.*South Carolina (5-7)W247
10/3@Kentucky (6-4)L038
10/10@*Davidson (5-4)L1338
10/17@Columbia (5-3)L038
10/24@*Richmond (4-4-2)W200
10/31vs.*Virginia (2-7)W126
11/7@*William & Mary (1-8)W210
11/14@*Maryland (6-5)W137
11/26vs.*Virginia Tech (5-5)L06@ Roanoke, VA



1935-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/21vs.Hampden-Sydney (non-IA)W260@ Lynchburg, VA
9/28@Tulane (6-4)L044
10/5@Columbia (4-4-1)L012
10/12vs.Richmond (3-3-3)L613
10/19vs.*Maryland (7-2-2)L06
10/26@*Virginia (1-5-4)T00
11/2@William & Mary (3-4-3)W190
11/9@*North Carolina (8-1)L056
11/16vs.Davidson (4-3-2)L614
11/28vs.*Virginia Tech (4-3-2)L612@ Roanoke, VA



1934-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/29vs.*Duke (7-2)L046
10/6@*South Carolina (5-4)L622
10/13@Columbia (7-1)L629
10/20@Richmond (8-1)L07
10/27vs.*Virginia (3-6)L1317
11/3vs.William & Mary (2-6)W136@ Norfolk, VA
11/10vs.*Maryland (7-3)L023@ Baltimore, MD
11/17@Davidson (4-4-1)L1327
11/29vs.*Virginia Tech (5-5)L013@ Roanoke, VA



1933-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/23vs.Emory & Henry (non-IA)L020
9/30vs.*Duke (9-1)L637@ Greensboro, NC
10/7@Army (9-1)L032
10/14@Davidson (6-2-1)L06
10/21vs.*Maryland (3-7)W1913
10/28@*Virginia (2-6-2)W1312
11/4vs.William & Mary (6-5)L014@ Norfolk, VA
11/11@Kentucky (5-5)L621
11/18@Richmond (5-4)L015
11/30vs.*Virginia Tech (4-3-3)T00@ Roanoke, VA



1932-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/17vs.King George (non-IA)W186
9/24@*Kentucky (4-5)L023
10/1vs.*Duke (7-3)L044
10/8@Citadel (4-5)L612
10/15vs.Davidson (4-4-1)L012
10/22vs.*Virginia (5-4)W64
10/29vs.*Maryland (5-6)L712@ Richmond, VA
11/5vs.William & Mary (8-4)L720@ Richmond, VA
11/12@Richmond (4-2-2)L07
11/24vs.*Virginia Tech (8-1)L026@ Roanoke, VA



1931-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/19vs.Hampden-Sydney (non-IA)W60
9/26vs.Richmond (non-IA)L07
10/3@*Duke (5-3-2)L013
10/10vs.Citadel (non-IA)T1313
10/17@*Virginia (1-7-2)W183
10/24vs.*Maryland (8-1-1)L2041@ Richmond, VA
10/31@Davidson (4-4-2)L07
11/7vs.*Clemson (1-6-2)W76@ Norfolk, VA
11/14vs.*Kentucky (5-2-2)L1220
11/26vs.*Virginia Tech (3-4-2)L613@ Roanoke, VA



1930-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/27vs.Richmond (non-IA)W120
10/4vs.St. John's (Maryland) (non-IA)W60
10/11@Citadel (non-IA)L67
10/18vs.*Virginia (4-6)L013
10/25vs.*Maryland (7-5)L020@ Richmond, VA
11/1vs.Davidson (6-4)W60
11/8vs.*Clemson (8-2)L032@ Norfolk, VA
11/15@*Kentucky (5-3)L026
11/27vs.*Virginia Tech (5-3-1)L024@ Roanoke, VA



1929-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/21vs.Hampden-Sydney (non-IA)W190
9/28@Richmond (non-IA)W400
10/5vs.*Florida (8-2)L712@ Tampa, FL
10/12vs.Citadel (non-IA)W137
10/19@*Virginia (4-3-2)W207
10/26vs.*Maryland (4-4-2)W76@ Richmond, VA
11/2@Davidson (5-5)W126
11/9vs.*Clemson (8-3)W120@ Norfolk, VA
11/16vs.*Kentucky (6-1-1)L1223
11/28vs.*Virginia Tech (5-4)W140@ Roanoke, VA



1928-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/22vs.Hampden-Sydney (non-IA)W147
9/29vs.Richmond (non-IA)T66
10/6@*Georgia Tech (10-0)L013
10/13vs.Roanoke (non-IA)W3113
10/20vs.*Virginia (2-6-1)W90
10/27vs.*Maryland (6-3-1)T00@ Richmond, VA
11/3vs.Davidson (2-8)W130
11/10vs.*Clemson (8-3)L012@ Lynchburg, VA
11/17@*Kentucky (4-3-1)L618
11/29vs.*Virginia Tech (7-2)W166@ Roanoke, VA



1927-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/17vs.Wofford (non-IA)W370
9/24vs.Richmond (non-IA)W220
10/1@*Georgia Tech (8-1-1)L07
10/8vs.Roanoke (non-IA)W320
10/15@*Virginia (5-4)L813
10/22vs.*Maryland (4-7)L610@ Richmond, VA
10/29@Davidson (4-4-1)W200
11/5vs.*North Carolina (4-6)W70
11/12vs.*Kentucky (3-6-1)L025@ Charleston, WV
11/24vs.*Virginia Tech (5-4)W129@ Roanoke, VA



1926-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/18vs.Wofford (2-8)W200
9/25vs.Richmond (non-IA)W100
10/2@*Georgia Tech (4-5)L013
10/9vs.Roanoke (non-IA)L713
10/16vs.*Virginia (6-2-2)L714
10/23vs.*North Carolina State (4-6)W70@ Richmond, VA
10/30vs.Davidson (7-2-1)W127@ Lynchburg, VA
11/6@*North Carolina (4-5)L028
11/13vs.*Kentucky (2-6-1)W109@ Charleston, WV
11/25vs.*Virginia Tech (5-3-1)L714@ Roanoke, VA



1925-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/19vs.Wofford (3-7)W90
9/26vs.Emory & Henry (non-IA)W460
10/3@*Georgia Tech (6-2-1)L033
10/10vs.Roanoke (non-IA)W1714
10/17@*Virginia (7-1-1)L1018
10/24vs.*North Carolina State (3-5-1)W276@ Richmond, VA
10/31vs.Lynchburg (non-IA)W330
11/7vs.*North Carolina (7-1-1)L1123@ Richmond, VA
11/14vs.*Kentucky (6-3)L07@ Charleston, WV
11/26vs.*Virginia Tech (5-3-2)L07@ Roanoke, VA



1924-Virginia Military Institute (Southern)

9/20vs.Wofford (3-7)W330
9/27vs.Emory & Henry (non-IA)W390
10/4@*Georgia Tech (5-3-1)L03
10/11vs.Roanoke (non-IA)W280
10/18@*Virginia (5-4)L013
10/25vs.*North Carolina State (2-6-2)W177@ Richmond, VA
11/8@*North Carolina (4-5)L03
11/15@*Kentucky (4-5)W103
11/22vs.Hampden-Sydney (non-IA)W250
11/27vs.*Virginia Tech (4-2-3)T00@ Roanoke, VA



1923-Virginia Military Institute (Independent)

9/22vs.Quantico Marines (non-IA)W60
9/29vs.Lynchburg (non-IA)W330
10/6@Georgia Tech (3-2-4)L710
10/13vs.Roanoke (non-IA)W276
10/20@Virginia (3-5-1)W350
10/27vs.North Carolina State (3-7)W227
11/3vs.Emory & Henry (non-IA)W460
11/10vs.North Carolina (5-3-1)W90@ Richmond, VA
11/17@Tennessee (5-4-1)W330
11/29vs.Virginia Tech (6-3)W60@ Roanoke, VA



1922-Virginia Military Institute (Independent)

9/30@Lynchburg (non-IA)W347
10/7vs.Roanoke (non-IA)W500
10/14vs.Morris Harvey (non-IA)W620
10/21@Virginia (4-4-1)W140
10/28vs.North Carolina State (4-6)W140@ Norfolk, VA
11/4vs.Catholic (non-IA)W610
11/11vs.North Carolina (9-1)L79@ Richmond, VA
11/18@George Washington (non-IA)W460
11/30vs.Virginia Tech (8-1-1)L37@ Roanoke, VA



1921-Virginia Military Institute (Independent)

9/24vs.Roanoke (non-IA)W130
10/1vs.Hampden-Sydney (non-IA)W320
10/8vs.Wake Forest (2-8)W200
10/15vs.Virginia (5-4)L714
10/22@Pennsylvania (4-3-2)L721
10/29@North Carolina State (3-3-3)T77
11/5vs.North Carolina (5-2-2)L720@ Richmond, VA
11/12vs.Kentucky (4-3-1)L714@ Louisville, KY
11/24vs.Virginia Tech (7-3)L726@ Roanoke, VA



1920-Virginia Military Institute (Independent)

9/25vs.Roanoke (non-IA)W540
10/2vs.Hampden-Sydney (non-IA)W1360
10/9@Virginia (5-2-2)W226
10/16vs.Citadel (2-6)W350@ Lynchburg, VA
10/23@Pennsylvania (6-4)W277
10/30vs.North Carolina State (7-3)W140@ Petersburg, VA
11/6@North Carolina (2-6)W230
11/13vs.Catholic (non-IA)W960
11/25vs.Virginia Tech (4-6)W247@ Roanoke, VA



1919-Virginia Military Institute (Independent)

9/27vs.Hampden-Sydney (non-IA)W30
10/11vs.William & Mary (non-IA)W213@ Richmond, VA
10/18@Virginia (2-5-2)L07
10/25vs.Davidson (4-6-1)W147@ Lynchburg, VA
11/1vs.North Carolina State (7-2)L021@ Roanoke, VA
11/8@North Carolina (4-3-1)W297
11/22vs.Roanoke (non-IA)W410
11/27vs.Virginia Tech (5-4)W130@ Roanoke, VA



1918-Virginia Military Institute (Independent)

11/2vs.Maryland (4-1-1)L67
11/9@Newport NTS (non-IA)L041
11/16vs.Gallaudet (non-IA)W196
11/28vs.Virginia Tech (7-0)L06@ Roanoke, VA



1917-Virginia Military Institute (Independent)

9/29vs.Hampden-Sydney (non-IA)W1514
10/6vs.William & Mary (non-IA)W530
10/13@Army (7-1)L034
10/20vs.Maryland (4-3-1)T1414
10/27vs.Davidson (6-4)L723@ Danville, VA
11/3vs.Roanoke (non-IA)W540
11/10vs.North Carolina State (6-2-1)L017@ Richmond, VA
11/17vs.Gallaudet (non-IA)W193
11/29vs.Virginia Tech (6-2-1)L06@ Roanoke, VA



1916-Virginia Military Institute (Independent)

9/30vs.Hampden-Sydney (non-IA)W190
10/7vs.William & Mary (non-IA)W660
10/14vs.Gallaudet (non-IA)W540
10/18@Maryland (non-IA)L915
10/28@North Carolina (5-4)L1338
11/4vs.Catholic (non-IA)L1416
11/11vs.Clemson (3-6)W377@ Richmond, VA
11/18@Virginia (4-5)L720
11/30vs.Virginia Tech (7-2)L1423@ Roanoke, VA



1915-Virginia Military Institute (Independent)

9/25vs.Hampden-Sydney (non-IA)W257
10/2vs.William & Mary (non-IA)W196
10/9vs.Gallaudet (non-IA)W70
10/16vs.Richmond (non-IA)W136
10/23vs.North Carolina (4-3-1)T33@ Greensboro, NC
10/30@Virginia (8-1)L044
11/6vs.Wake Forest (3-4)W216
11/13vs.Clemson (2-4-2)W63@ Richmond, VA
11/25vs.Virginia Tech (4-4)L927@ Roanoke, VA



1914-Virginia Military Institute (Independent)

9/26vs.Hampden-Sydney (non-IA)W297
10/3vs.Richmond (non-IA)W100
10/10vs.William & Mary (non-IA)W380
10/17vs.Gallaudet (non-IA)W60
10/24@Georgia Tech (6-2)L728
11/7vs.North Carolina (10-1)L730@ Charlotte, NC
11/14vs.Clemson (5-3-1)L2327@ Richmond, VA
11/26vs.Virginia Tech (6-2-1)L03@ Roanoke, VA



1913-Virginia Military Institute (Independent)

9/27vs.Hampden-Sydney (non-IA)W90
10/4vs.William & Mary (non-IA)W333
10/8vs.Mississippi (6-3-1)W140
10/15vs.St. John's (Maryland) (non-IA)W670
10/18@Virginia (7-1)L738
10/25vs.Maryland-Baltimore (non-IA)W300
11/1vs.Morris Harvey (non-IA)T00
11/8vs.North Carolina State (6-1)W147@ Richmond, VA
11/15vs.Roanoke (non-IA)W170
11/27vs.Virginia Tech (7-1-1)T66@ Roanoke, VA



1905-1912 - not rated

1904-Virginia Military Institute (Independent)

10/1vs.North Carolina State (3-1-2)L06
10/8@Navy (7-2-1)L012
10/10vs.Marine Officers (non-IA)W266
10/15@Virginia (6-3)L017
10/22vs.St. John's (Maryland) (non-IA)L612
10/29vs.Davidson (non-IA)W60
11/5@Hampton A.C. (non-IA)T1212
11/12vs.Augusta Military Academy (non-IA)W270
11/24vs.Virginia Tech (5-3)L517@ Roanoke, VA