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Listed below are historical scores for Washburn.
This file was last updated on Monday, February 6, 2023.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

1940-Washburn (MVC)

9/20vs.Emporia State (non-IA)W260
9/28@*Tulsa (7-3)L637
10/4@Emporia College (non-IA)L738
10/12@*Washington (Missouri) (3-6)L028
10/18vs.Grinnell (non-IA)W76
10/25vs.Wichita State (non-IA)L614
11/2vs.*Drake (4-5)L619
11/9@*Oklahoma State (6-3-1)L1433
11/15vs.Rockhurst (non-IA)W2521
11/21vs.St. Benedict (non-IA)W200



1939-Washburn (MVC)

9/22@Baker (non-IA)W270
9/30vs.Emporia State (non-IA)W120
10/7vs.*Washington (Missouri) (6-3-1)W2620
10/13vs.Colorado College (non-IA)W226
10/21vs.*Oklahoma State (5-4-1)L627
10/27@St. Benedict (non-IA)W2014
11/4@*Drake (5-5)L720
11/11@Grinnell (non-IA)W197
11/18@*Creighton (4-5)L047
11/30vs.Wichita State (non-IA)L67



1938-Washburn (MVC)

9/24vs.Baker (non-IA)W340
10/1vs.Emporia State (non-IA)W196
10/8@Kansas (3-6)L1458
10/15@Colorado College (non-IA)W200
10/21vs.Wichita State (non-IA)L635
10/29@*Oklahoma State (2-8)W140
11/12vs.Grinnell (non-IA)W60
11/19@Kansas State (4-4-1)L1441
11/24vs.St. Mary's (Texas) (non-IA)W3320



1937-Washburn (MVC)

9/24vs.Emporia State (non-IA)L612
10/1vs.Kansas (3-4-2)L225
10/9@*Drake (8-2)L025
10/16vs.*Oklahoma State (4-6)L325
10/22vs.Grinnell (non-IA)L013
10/29vs.Colorado College (5-4)L06
11/6@Kansas State (4-5)L720
11/14@St. Mary's (Texas) (non-IA)L1351
11/20vs.St. Benedict (non-IA)L013
11/25@Wichita State (non-IA)L719



1936-Washburn (MVC)

9/25vs.Wichita State (non-IA)W136
10/3@Kansas (1-6-1)L619
10/9@Emporia State (non-IA)L714
10/17@*Oklahoma State (1-9)L06
10/23vs.*Grinnell (2-7)W76
10/30vs.*Creighton (4-4)L2032
11/7@Colorado College (3-4-1)T00
11/21@*Tulsa (5-2-2)L047
11/28vs.*Drake (6-4)L018



1935-Washburn (MVC)

9/20vs.Baker (non-IA)W327
9/27vs.Emporia State (non-IA)W127
10/4@*Grinnell (3-5-1)L612
10/11@St. Benedict (non-IA)L613
10/18vs.*Tulsa (3-6-1)L619
10/26@Gonzaga (5-4-1)L021
11/2vs.Haskell (non-IA)W142
11/16@*Creighton (3-5-1)W203
11/23@Fort Hays State (non-IA)L612
11/28@Wichita State (non-IA)L67



1906-1934 - not rated

1905-Washburn (Independent)

9/30vs.Emporia College (non-IA)W390
10/7@Emporia State (non-IA)W296
10/14@Kansas State (non-IA)W125
10/21vs.Ottawa (non-IA)W166
10/30@Oklahoma (7-2)W96
11/4@Wichita State (non-IA)W106
11/11vs.Kansas (10-1)L1118
11/18@Colorado (8-1)L530
11/25vs.Denver (3-5-2)W60
11/30vs.Colorado College (5-1-2)L06