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Listed below are historical scores for Western Kentucky.
This file was last updated on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

2021-Western Kentucky (CUSA)

9/2vs.Tennessee-Martin (non-IA)W5921
9/11@Army (9-4)L3538
9/25vs.Indiana (2-10)L3133
10/2@Michigan State (11-2)L3148
10/9vs.*Texas-San Antonio (12-2)L4652
10/16@*Old Dominion (6-7)W4320
10/23@*Florida International (1-11)W3419
10/30vs.*Charlotte (5-7)W4513
11/6vs.*Middle Tennessee State (7-6)W4821
11/13@*Rice (4-8)W4221
11/20vs.*Florida Atlantic (5-7)W5217
11/27@*Marshall (7-6)W5321
12/3vs.*Texas-San Antonio (12-2)L4149@ San Antonio, TXCUSA Championship
12/18vs.Appalachian State (10-4)W5938@ Boca Raton, FLBoca Raton Bowl



2020-Western Kentucky (CUSA)

9/12@Louisville (4-7)L2135
9/19vs.Liberty (10-1)L2430
10/3@*Middle Tennessee State (3-6)W2017
10/10vs.*Marshall (7-3)L1438
10/17@*Alabama-Birmingham (6-3)L1437
10/24vs.Tennessee-Chattanooga (non-IA)W1310
10/31@Brigham Young (11-1)L1041
11/7@*Florida Atlantic (5-4)L610
11/14vs.*Southern Mississippi (3-7)W107
11/21vs.*Florida International (0-5)W3821
12/6@*Charlotte (2-4)W3719
12/26vs.Georgia State (6-4)L2139@ Mobile, ALLending Tree Bowl



2019-Western Kentucky (CUSA)

8/29vs.Central Arkansas (non-IA)L2835
9/7@*Florida International (6-7)W2014
9/14vs.Louisville (8-5)L2138@ Nashville, TN
9/28vs.*Alabama-Birmingham (9-5)W2013
10/5@*Old Dominion (1-11)W203
10/12vs.Army (5-8)W178
10/19vs.*Charlotte (7-6)W3014
10/26@*Marshall (8-5)L2326
11/2vs.*Florida Atlantic (11-3)L2435
11/9@Arkansas (2-10)W4519
11/23@*Southern Mississippi (7-6)W2810
11/30vs.*Middle Tennessee State (4-8)W3126
12/30vs.Western Michigan (7-6)W2320@ Dallas, TXFirst Responder Bowl



2018-Western Kentucky (CUSA)

8/31@Wisconsin (8-5)L334
9/8vs.Maine (non-IA)L2831
9/15@Louisville (2-10)L1720
9/22@Ball State (4-8)W2820
9/29vs.*Marshall (9-4)L1720
10/13@*Charlotte (5-7)L1440
10/20vs.*Old Dominion (4-8)L3437
10/27vs.*Florida International (9-4)L1738
11/2@*Middle Tennessee State (8-6)L1029
11/10@*Florida Atlantic (5-7)L1534
11/17vs.*Texas-El Paso (1-11)W4016
11/24@*Louisiana Tech (8-5)W3015



2017-Western Kentucky (CUSA)

9/2vs.Eastern Kentucky (non-IA)W3117
9/9@Illinois (2-10)L720
9/16vs.*Louisiana Tech (7-6)L2223
9/23vs.Ball State (2-10)W3321
10/7@*Texas-El Paso (0-12)W1514
10/14vs.*Charlotte (1-11)W4514
10/20@*Old Dominion (5-7)W3531
10/28vs.*Florida Atlantic (11-3)L2842
11/4@Vanderbilt (5-7)L1731
11/11@*Marshall (8-5)L2330
11/17vs.*Middle Tennessee State (7-6)W4138
11/24@*Florida International (8-5)L1741
12/16vs.Georgia State (7-5)L1727@ Orlando, FLCure Bowl



2016-Western Kentucky (CUSA)

9/1vs.*Rice (3-9)W4614
9/10@Alabama (14-1)L1038
9/17@Miami (Ohio) (6-7)W3124
9/24vs.Vanderbilt (6-7)L3031
10/1vs.Houston Baptist (non-IA)W503
10/6@*Louisiana Tech (9-5)L5255
10/15@*Middle Tennessee State (8-5)W4443
10/22vs.*Old Dominion (10-3)W5924
10/29@*Florida Atlantic (3-9)W523
11/5vs.*Florida International (4-8)W4921
11/12vs.*North Texas (5-8)W457
11/26@*Marshall (3-9)W606
12/3vs.*Louisiana Tech (9-5)W5844@ Bowling Green, KYCUSA Championship
12/20vs.Memphis (8-5)W5131@ Boca Raton, FLBoca Raton Bowl



2015-Western Kentucky (CUSA)

9/3@Vanderbilt (4-8)W1412
9/10vs.*Louisiana Tech (9-4)W4138
9/19@Indiana (6-7)L3538
9/26vs.Miami (Ohio) (3-9)W5614
10/3@*Rice (5-7)W4910
10/10vs.*Middle Tennessee State (7-6)W5828
10/15@*North Texas (1-11)W5528
10/24@Louisiana State (9-3)L2048
10/31@*Old Dominion (5-7)W5530
11/7vs.*Florida Atlantic (3-9)W3519
11/21@*Florida International (5-7)W637
11/27vs.*Marshall (10-3)W4928
12/5vs.*Southern Mississippi (9-5)W4528@ Bowling Green, KYCUSA Championship
12/21vs.South Florida (8-5)W4535@ Miami, FLMiami Beach Bowl



2014-Western Kentucky (CUSA)

8/29vs.Bowling Green (8-6)W5931
9/6@Illinois (6-7)L3442
9/13@*Middle Tennessee State (6-6)L4750
9/27@Navy (8-5)W3627
10/4vs.*Alabama-Birmingham (6-6)L3942
10/18@*Florida Atlantic (3-9)L3845
10/25vs.*Old Dominion (6-6)W6651
11/1@*Louisiana Tech (9-5)L1059
11/8vs.*Texas-El Paso (7-6)W3527
11/15vs.Army (4-8)W5224
11/22vs.*Texas-San Antonio (4-8)W457
11/28@*Marshall (13-1)W6766
12/24vs.Central Michigan (7-6)W4948@ Nassau, BahamasBahamas Bowl



2013-Western Kentucky (Sun Belt)

8/31vs.Kentucky (2-10)W3526@ Nashville, TN
9/7@Tennessee (5-7)L2052
9/14@*South Alabama (6-6)L2431
9/21vs.Morgan State (non-IA)W5817
9/28vs.Navy (9-4)W197
10/3@*Louisiana-Monroe (6-6)W3110
10/15vs.*Louisiana (9-4)L2037
10/26vs.*Troy (6-6)L2632
11/2@*Georgia State (0-12)W4428
11/9@Army (3-9)W2117
11/23@*Texas State (6-6)W387
11/30vs.*Arkansas State (8-5)W3431



2012-Western Kentucky (Sun Belt)

9/1vs.Austin Peay (non-IA)W4910
9/8@Alabama (13-1)L035
9/15@Kentucky (2-10)W3231
9/22vs.Southern Mississippi (0-12)W4217
9/29@*Arkansas State (10-3)W2613
10/11@*Troy (5-7)W3126
10/20vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (8-5)L4243
10/27@*Florida International (3-9)W146
11/1vs.*Middle Tennessee State (8-4)L2934
11/10vs.*Florida Atlantic (3-9)L2837
11/17@*Louisiana (9-4)L2731
11/24vs.*North Texas (4-8)W2524
12/26vs.Central Michigan (7-6)L2124@ Detroit, MILittle Caesars Bowl



2011-Western Kentucky (Sun Belt)

9/1vs.Kentucky (5-7)L314@ Nashville, TN
9/10vs.Navy (5-7)L1440
9/17vs.Indiana State (non-IA)L1644
10/1vs.*Arkansas State (10-3)L2226
10/6@*Middle Tennessee State (2-10)W3633
10/15@*Florida Atlantic (1-11)W200
10/22vs.*Louisiana (9-4)W4223
10/29@*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)W3128
11/5vs.*Florida International (8-5)W109
11/12@Louisiana State (13-1)L942
11/19@*North Texas (5-7)W3121
11/26vs.*Troy (3-9)W4118



2010-Western Kentucky (Sun Belt)

9/4@Nebraska (10-4)L1049
9/11@Kentucky (6-7)L2863
9/18vs.Indiana (5-7)L2138
9/25@South Florida (8-5)L1224
10/9@*Florida International (7-6)L2128
10/16vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (5-7)L3035
10/23@*Louisiana (3-9)W5421
10/30vs.*North Texas (3-9)L633
11/6vs.*Florida Atlantic (4-8)L1617
11/13@*Arkansas State (4-8)W3635
11/20vs.*Middle Tennessee State (6-7)L2627
11/27@*Troy (8-5)L1428



2009-Western Kentucky (Sun Belt)

9/5@Tennessee (7-6)L763
9/12vs.South Florida (8-5)L1335
9/19vs.Central Arkansas (non-IA)L728
9/26@Navy (10-4)L2238
10/10vs.*Florida International (3-9)L2037
10/17vs.*Louisiana (6-6)L2230
10/24@*Middle Tennessee State (10-3)L2462
10/31@*North Texas (2-10)L4968
11/7vs.*Troy (9-4)L2040
11/14@*Louisiana-Monroe (6-6)L1821
11/28@*Florida Atlantic (5-7)L2329
12/3vs.*Arkansas State (4-8)L2024



2008-Western Kentucky (Sun Belt)

8/30@Indiana (3-9)L1331
9/6@Eastern Kentucky (non-IA)W3713
9/13@Alabama (12-2)L741
9/20vs.Murray State (non-IA)W509
9/27@Kentucky (7-6)L341
10/4@Virginia Tech (10-4)L1327
10/11vs.Ball State (12-2)L724
10/18vs.*Florida Atlantic (7-6)L2024
11/1vs.*North Texas (1-11)L4051
11/8@*Troy (8-5)L717
11/15vs.*Middle Tennessee State (5-7)L1021
12/6@*Florida International (5-7)L327



2007-Western Kentucky (Independent)

9/1@Florida (9-4)L349
9/8vs.West Virginia Tech (non-IA)W870
9/15vs.Eastern Kentucky (non-IA)W266
9/20@Middle Tennessee State (5-7)W2017
9/29@Bowling Green (8-5)L2141
10/13@Ball State (7-6)L1235
10/20@Indiana State (non-IA)W567
10/27vs.North Carolina Central (non-IA)W5014
11/3@Tennessee-Chattanooga (non-IA)W2821
11/10vs.Troy (8-4)L1721
11/17vs.Morehead State (non-IA)W5212
11/24@North Texas (2-10)L2627