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Listed below are historical scores for William & Mary.
This file was last updated on Monday, February 6, 2023.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

1983-William & Mary (Independent)

9/10@Virginia Military Institute (non-IA)W2814
9/17vs.Delaware (non-IA)L1330
9/24@North Carolina (8-4)L2051
10/1vs.Yale (non-IA)W2614@ Norfolk, VA
10/8@Dartmouth (non-IA)W2117
10/15vs.James Madison (non-IA)W2421
10/22vs.Rutgers (3-8)L2835
10/29@Virginia Tech (9-2)L2159
11/5@Marshall (non-IA)W4824
11/12@East Carolina (8-3)L640
11/19vs.Richmond (3-8)W2415



1982-William & Mary (Independent)

9/11@Miami (Ohio) (7-4)L1735
9/18vs.Virginia Military Institute (non-IA)W2412
9/25@Virginia Tech (7-4)L347
10/2@Rutgers (5-6)L1727
10/9vs.Dartmouth (non-IA)W2416
10/16@Navy (6-5)L339
10/23@James Madison (non-IA)L1824
10/30@Delaware (non-IA)L2162
11/6vs.Brown (non-IA)L2223
11/13vs.East Carolina (7-4)L2731
11/20@Richmond (0-10)W2817



1981-William & Mary (Independent)

9/5@Temple (5-5)L042
9/12vs.Miami (Ohio) (8-2-1)L1433
9/19@Virginia Tech (7-4)L347
10/3@Virginia Military Institute (6-3-1)L1431
10/10@Dartmouth (6-4)W127
10/17vs.Marshall (2-9)W387
10/24@Navy (7-4-1)L027
10/31vs.James Madison (non-IA)W3119
11/7vs.Harvard (5-4-1)L1423
11/14@East Carolina (5-6)W3121
11/21vs.Richmond (4-7)W3521



1980-William & Mary (Independent)

9/6@North Carolina State (6-5)L042
9/13vs.Virginia Military Institute (3-7-1)L1013
9/20@Virginia Tech (8-4)L37
9/27@Navy (8-4)L645
10/4vs.Wake Forest (5-6)L727
10/11vs.Dartmouth (4-6)W1714
10/18@Rutgers (7-4)W2118
10/25vs.Delaware (non-IA)L37
11/1@East Carolina (4-7)L2331
11/8@Harvard (7-3)L1324
11/22@Richmond (5-6)L1426



1979-William & Mary (Independent)

9/8@Virginia Military Institute (6-4-1)L37
9/15vs.Colgate (5-4-1)W2815
9/22@Virginia Tech (5-6)L1435
9/29@Georgia Tech (4-6-1)L733
10/6vs.James Madison (non-IA)W330
10/13vs.Navy (7-4)L724@ Norfolk, VA
10/20vs.Rutgers (8-3)L024
10/27@Delaware (non-IA)L040
11/10@Appalachian State (3-8)W90
11/17vs.Richmond (0-11)W2410
11/24vs.East Carolina (7-3-1)L1438



1978-William & Mary (Independent)

9/9vs.Virginia Military Institute (3-8)W103
9/16@Connecticut (non-IA)W273
9/23@Villanova (5-6)W2117
9/30@Virginia Tech (4-7)L1922
10/7vs.Temple (7-3-1)T2222
10/14vs.James Madison (non-IA)W327
10/21@Navy (9-3)L09
10/28@Louisville (7-4)L2133
11/4vs.Citadel (5-6)W128
11/11@East Carolina (9-3)L320
11/18@Richmond (3-8)L317



1977-William & Mary (Independent)

9/3vs.Norfolk State (non-IA)W2713
9/10@Virginia Military Institute (7-4)L1323
9/17@Pittsburgh (9-2-1)L628
9/24@Louisville (7-4-1)W217
10/1vs.Villanova (4-7)W288
10/8vs.Virginia Tech (3-7-1)L817@ Richmond, VA
10/22@Navy (5-6)L1742
10/29vs.Rutgers (8-3)L2122
11/5@Citadel (5-6)W1413
11/12@East Carolina (8-3)W2117
11/19vs.Richmond (3-8)W2913



1976-William & Mary (Southern)

9/11vs.*Virginia Military Institute (5-5)W3420
9/18@Virginia (2-9)W140
9/25vs.*East Carolina (9-2)L1920
10/2@Virginia Tech (6-5)W2715
10/9vs.Delaware (non-IA)L1315
10/16@Navy (4-7)W2113
10/23@Ohio (7-4)W200
10/30@*Furman (6-4-1)L723
11/6vs.*Appalachian State (6-4-1)W2322
11/13vs.*Citadel (6-5)W220
11/20@*Richmond (5-6)L1021



1975-William & Mary (Southern)

9/6@North Carolina (3-7-1)L733
9/20@*East Carolina (8-3)L020
9/27@Pittsburgh (8-4)L047
10/4@*Citadel (6-5)L621
10/11vs.Ohio (5-5-1)L822
10/18@Rutgers (9-2)L024
10/25vs.*Furman (5-5-1)L621
11/1vs.Virginia Tech (8-3)L724@ Norfolk, VA
11/8@*Virginia Military Institute (3-8)W137
11/15vs.Colgate (6-4)L1721
11/22vs.*Richmond (5-6)W3121



1974-William & Mary (Southern)

9/7vs.Mississippi State (9-3)L749@ Jackson, MS
9/14@Wake Forest (1-10)W176
9/21@Virginia (4-7)L2838
9/28@*Furman (5-6)L010
10/5vs.*Citadel (4-7)W1612
10/12@Boston College (8-3)L1631
10/19vs.Rutgers (7-3-1)W2815
10/26@*Virginia Military Institute (7-4)L2031
11/9vs.Virginia Tech (4-7)L1534
11/16vs.*East Carolina (7-4)L1031
11/23@*Richmond (5-5)W5412



1973-William & Mary (Southern)

9/8@Virginia Tech (2-9)W3124
9/15@North Carolina (4-7)L2734
9/22@Wake Forest (1-9-1)W1514
9/29@*Citadel (3-8)W2412
10/6vs.Villanova (3-8)W3321
10/13@Vanderbilt (5-6)L720
10/20vs.*Davidson (2-8)W5135
10/27vs.*Virginia Military Institute (3-8)W4514
11/3@*East Carolina (9-2)L334
11/10vs.Colgate (5-5)L4249
11/17vs.*Richmond (8-2)L031



1972-William & Mary (Southern)

9/9vs.*Furman (2-9)W317
9/16@Navy (4-7)L913
9/23@Villanova (2-9)L1720
9/30vs.*Citadel (5-6)W3112
10/7@West Virginia (8-4)L3449
10/14vs.Vanderbilt (3-8)L1721
10/21@*Virginia Military Institute (2-9)W313
10/28vs.Virginia Tech (6-4-1)W1716@ Richmond, VA
11/4@*Davidson (3-7-1)W569
11/11vs.*East Carolina (9-2)L1521
11/18@*Richmond (6-4)L320



1971-William & Mary (Southern)

9/11@*Citadel (8-3)W3528
9/18@*East Carolina (4-6)W2810
9/25vs.*Davidson (1-9)W4014
10/2@Tulane (3-8)W143
10/9vs.West Virginia (7-4)L2328
10/16@Virginia Tech (4-7)L3041
10/23vs.*Virginia Military Institute (1-10)W127
10/30@North Carolina (9-3)L3536
11/6@Wake Forest (6-5)L2936
11/13@Temple (6-2-1)L1317
11/20vs.*Richmond (5-6)L1921



1970-William & Mary (Southern)

9/12@West Virginia (8-3)L743
9/18@Miami (Florida) (3-8)L1436
9/26vs.Cincinnati (7-4)L1017
10/3vs.Ohio Wesleyan (non-IA)W3329
10/10vs.*Citadel (5-6)L716
10/17@*Virginia Military Institute (1-10)W2410
10/24@Virginia (5-6)L633
10/31vs.Virginia Tech (5-6)L1435
11/7vs.Connecticut (non-IA)W2815
11/14@*Davidson (2-8)W2928
11/21@*Richmond (4-6)W3433
12/28vs.Toledo (12-0)L1240@ Orlando, FLTangerine Bowl



1969-William & Mary (Southern)

9/20@Cincinnati (4-6)L1826
9/27@Temple (non-IA)W76
10/4vs.Virginia (3-7)L1528
10/11@*Citadel (7-3)W2114
10/18vs.*Davidson (7-4)L1517
10/25vs.*Virginia Military Institute (0-10)W2517
11/1vs.Virginia Tech (4-5-1)L748@ Roanoke, VA
11/8vs.West Virginia (10-1)L031
11/15@Villanova (6-3)L2135
11/22vs.*Richmond (6-4)L1728



1968-William & Mary (Southern)

9/21@*East Carolina (4-6)W140
9/28vs.Virginia Tech (7-4)L012
10/5@Pittsburgh (1-9)L314
10/12vs.Ohio (10-1)L041
10/19vs.West Virginia (7-3)L020@ Richmond, VA
10/26@*Virginia Military Institute (1-9)W2010
11/2vs.Villanova (6-4)W3312
11/9@Syracuse (6-4)L031
11/16vs.*Citadel (5-5)L2124
11/23@*Richmond (8-3)L631



1967-William & Mary (Southern)

9/9vs.Quantico Marines (non-IA)W387
9/16vs.*East Carolina (8-2)L727
9/23@Virginia Tech (7-3)L731
9/30@Vanderbilt (2-7-1)L1214
10/7vs.*Virginia Military Institute (6-4)W3328@ Richmond, VA
10/14@Ohio (5-5)W2522
10/21@Navy (5-4-1)W2716
11/4@*Citadel (5-5)W240
11/11vs.*West Virginia (5-4-1)T1616
11/19vs.*Richmond (5-5)L716



1966-William & Mary (Southern)

9/17vs.*East Carolina (4-5-1)T77
9/24@*West Virginia (3-5-2)L1324
10/1@*George Washington (4-6)W103
10/8vs.Villanova (6-3)W3414
10/15vs.*Citadel (4-6)W246
10/22@Navy (4-6)L021
10/29@*Virginia Military Institute (2-8)W2215
11/5@Boston College (4-6)L1315
11/12vs.Virginia Tech (8-2-1)L1820
11/19@*Richmond (2-8)W3519



1965-William & Mary (Southern)

9/18vs.*Virginia Military Institute (3-7)W3221
9/25vs.*West Virginia (6-4)L1434
10/2@Virginia Tech (7-3)L79
10/9@Navy (4-4-2)L1442
10/16@*Davidson (6-4)W417
10/23vs.*George Washington (5-5)W2814
10/30vs.Southern Mississippi (7-2)W30@ Norfolk, VA
11/6@*Citadel (2-8)W206
11/13@Boston College (6-4)L1730
11/20vs.*Richmond (0-10)W210



1964-William & Mary (Southern)

9/19@*Virginia Military Institute (1-9)W1412
9/26@Navy (3-6-1)L635
10/3@Pittsburgh (3-5-2)L734
10/10vs.*Furman (3-7)W2114
10/17vs.*Citadel (4-6)W100
10/23@*George Washington (5-4)L021
10/31vs.*Virginia Tech (6-4)L2027
11/7vs.Virginia (5-5)L1314
11/14@*West Virginia (7-4)L1424
11/26@*Richmond (3-7)W3313



1963-William & Mary (Southern)

9/21@*Citadel (4-6)W70
9/28@Navy (9-2)L028
10/5@*Furman (7-3)W2717
10/12vs.*West Virginia (4-6)L1620
10/19@*Virginia Tech (8-2)L1328
10/26vs.*George Washington (2-7)L1432
11/2vs.*Virginia Military Institute (3-5-2)L626
11/9@Virginia (2-7-1)L79
11/16vs.*Davidson (1-5-2)W345
11/23@*Richmond (3-6-1)W296



1962-William & Mary (Southern)

9/15vs.*Virginia Tech (5-5)W30
9/22vs.Virginia (5-5)L719
9/29@Navy (5-5)L1620
10/6@*Citadel (3-7)W2923
10/13@*Davidson (3-5-1)T77
10/20vs.*Furman (4-6)W217
10/27@*Virginia Military Institute (6-4)L06
11/3@*West Virginia (8-2)L1328
11/10vs.*George Washington (3-7)W106
11/22vs.*Richmond (6-3)L315



1961-William & Mary (Southern)

9/16vs.*Virginia Tech (4-5)L620@ Roanoke, VA
9/23@Virginia (4-6)L621
9/30@Navy (7-3)L644
10/7vs.*Furman (7-3)W196
10/14vs.*Citadel (7-3)L810
10/20@*George Washington (3-6)L1249
10/28vs.*Virginia Military Institute (6-4)L714
11/4vs.*Davidson (4-4)L3031
11/11@Army (6-4)L1348
11/23@*Richmond (5-5)L1836



1960-William & Mary (Southern)

9/17vs.*Virginia Military Institute (7-2-1)L2133
9/24vs.Virginia (0-10)W4121@ Norfolk, VA
10/1vs.*George Washington (5-3-1)W199
10/8@*Furman (5-4-1)L2325
10/15vs.*Virginia Tech (6-4)L027
10/22@Florida State (3-6-1)L022
10/28@Tulane (3-6-1)L840
11/5@*Citadel (8-2-1)L014
11/12@Vanderbilt (3-7)L822
11/24@*Richmond (3-6-1)L019



1959-William & Mary (Southern)

9/19@Virginia (0-10)W370
9/26@Navy (5-4-1)L229
10/3vs.*Virginia Tech (6-4)L1420@ Roanoke, VA
10/10vs.*Furman (3-7)L78
10/17vs.*Virginia Military Institute (8-1-1)L726@ Norfolk, VA
10/24vs.*George Washington (1-8)W147
10/31vs.*Citadel (8-2)L1338
11/7@*Davidson (1-8)W257
11/14@Florida State (4-6)W90
11/21@*Richmond (4-5-1)L1220



1958-William & Mary (Southern)

9/27@Navy (6-3)L014
10/4@*Virginia Tech (5-4-1)L1527
10/11vs.*Virginia Military Institute (6-2-2)T66@ Bluefield, WV
10/18vs.North Carolina State (2-7-1)W136
10/24@*George Washington (3-5)L07
11/1@Boston University (4-5)L733
11/8vs.*Davidson (5-4)L716
11/15vs.*West Virginia (4-5-1)L656
11/27@*Richmond (3-7)W1815



1957-William & Mary (Southern)

9/21vs.*George Washington (2-7)L07
9/28@Navy (9-1-1)L633
10/5vs.*Virginia Tech (4-6)W137
10/12@Penn State (6-3)L1321
10/19vs.*Virginia Military Institute (9-0-1)L1314
10/26@*West Virginia (7-2-1)L019
11/2@*Citadel (5-4-1)W1412
11/9@North Carolina State (7-1-2)W76
11/16vs.Rutgers (5-4)W387
11/28@*Richmond (4-6)L712



1956-William & Mary (Southern)

9/22vs.Wake Forest (2-5-3)L039
9/29@Navy (6-1-2)L1439
10/6vs.Boston University (1-5-2)T1818
10/13@*Virginia Tech (7-2-1)L734
10/20vs.*West Virginia (6-4)L1320
10/26@*George Washington (8-1-1)L1416
11/3vs.*Virginia Military Institute (3-6-1)L620@ Lynchburg, VA
11/10@Army (5-3-1)L634
11/17@Rutgers (3-7)L620
11/22@*Richmond (4-5)L06



1955-William & Mary (Southern)

9/24@Navy (6-2-1)L07
10/1vs.*Virginia Tech (6-3-1)L714
10/8@Duke (7-2-1)L747
10/15@*West Virginia (8-2)L1339
10/22vs.*George Washington (5-4)L016
10/29vs.*Virginia Military Institute (1-9)W2013
11/5@Wake Forest (5-4-1)L713
11/19@North Carolina State (4-5-1)L2128
11/24@*Richmond (4-3-2)T66



1954-William & Mary (Southern)

9/25@Navy (8-2)L027
10/2@Pennsylvania (0-9)W277
10/9vs.North Carolina State (2-8)L026
10/16@Rutgers (3-6)W147
10/22@*George Washington (1-7-1)T1313
10/30@*Virginia Tech (8-0-1)T77
11/6vs.*Virginia Military Institute (4-6)L021@ Roanoke, VA
11/13vs.*West Virginia (8-1)L620
11/20vs.Wake Forest (2-7-1)W139
11/25@*Richmond (5-4)W20



1953-William & Mary (Southern)

9/19vs.Wake Forest (3-6-1)W1614@ Richmond, VA
9/26@Navy (4-3-2)T66
10/3@Cincinnati (non-IA)L757
10/17vs.*Virginia Tech (5-5)W137
10/24vs.*George Washington (5-4)W127
10/31@North Carolina State (1-9)W76
11/7vs.*Virginia Military Institute (5-5)L1920@ Roanoke, VA
11/14@*Richmond (5-3-1)W210
11/21vs.*Washington & Lee (4-6)L733
11/28vs.Boston University (5-3-1)L1441



1952-William & Mary (Southern)

9/20vs.*Virginia Military Institute (3-6-1)W3413@ Roanoke, VA
9/27vs.*Wake Forest (5-4-1)L2128
10/4@Penn State (7-2-1)L2335
10/11@Navy (6-2-1)L014
10/18@Boston University (5-4-1)L2833
10/24vs.*Richmond (1-9)W4213
11/8@*Virginia Tech (5-6)W3515
11/22vs.*North Carolina State (3-7)W416
11/29vs.Virginia (8-2)L1320



1951-William & Mary (Southern)

9/22vs.Boston University (6-4)W3425
9/29@Oklahoma (8-2)L749
10/6vs.*Virginia Military Institute (7-3)L720
10/13vs.*Wake Forest (6-4)W76@ Richmond, VA
10/20@*North Carolina State (3-7)W3528
10/27@*Richmond (3-8)W2014
11/3@Pennsylvania (5-4)W2012
11/10vs.*Virginia Tech (2-8)W287
11/17vs.*Duke (5-4-1)W1413
11/24@Virginia (8-1)L046



1950-William & Mary (Southern)

9/23vs.*Virginia Military Institute (6-4)L1925@ Roanoke, VA
9/30vs.Cincinnati (non-IA)W2014
10/7vs.*Wake Forest (6-1-2)L047
10/14@Michigan State (8-1)L1433
10/21@*Virginia Tech (0-10)W540
10/28@*North Carolina (3-5-2)L740
11/4@Boston University (3-5)L1416
11/11@Virginia (8-2)L013
11/18@Houston (4-6)L1836
11/25vs.*North Carolina State (5-4-1)W340@ Norfolk, VA
12/2vs.*Richmond (2-8)W406



1949-William & Mary (Southern)

9/17@Houston (5-4-1)W1413
9/24@Pittsburgh (6-3)L713
10/1vs.*Virginia Tech (1-7-2)W3913
10/8vs.*Virginia Military Institute (3-5-1)W546
10/15@Michigan State (6-3)L1342
10/22@*Wake Forest (4-6)L2855
10/29@*Richmond (3-7)W340
11/5vs.*North Carolina (7-4)L1420
11/19vs.Arkansas (5-5)W200@ Little Rock, AR
11/26vs.*North Carolina State (3-7)W337



1948-William & Mary (Southern)

9/25vs.*Davidson (3-5-1)W146@ Charlotte, NC
10/2vs.*Wake Forest (6-4)L1221
10/9vs.*Virginia Military Institute (6-3)W310@ Norfolk, VA
10/16@*Virginia Tech (0-8-1)W300
10/23@St. Bonaventure (non-IA)L67
10/30vs.*Richmond (5-3-2)W146
11/6@*North Carolina (9-1-1)T77
11/13@Boston College (5-2-2)T1414
11/20vs.*North Carolina State (3-6-1)W266
11/27vs.Arkansas (5-5)W90@ Little Rock, AR
1/1vs.Oklahoma State (6-4)W200@ Memphis, TNDelta Bowl



1947-William & Mary (Southern)

9/27vs.*Davidson (6-3-1)W210
10/4vs.*Citadel (3-5)W567
10/11vs.*Virginia Tech (4-5)W217@ Richmond, VA
10/18vs.*North Carolina (8-2)L713
10/25@Boston University (5-3)W4713
11/1vs.*Wake Forest (6-4)W210
11/8vs.*Virginia Military Institute (3-5-1)W2820
11/15vs.*Washington & Lee (5-5)W456@ Roanoke, VA
11/22vs.Bowling Green State (non-IA)W200
11/27@*Richmond (3-7)W350
1/1vs.Arkansas (6-4-1)L1921@ Birmingham, ALDixie Bowl



1946-William & Mary (Southern)

9/21vs.Camp McClelland (non-IA)W610
9/27@Miami (Florida) (8-2)L313
10/5@*Citadel (3-5)W5112
10/12vs.*Virginia Tech (3-4-3)W490
10/19vs.*Washington & Lee (2-6)W3418@ Roanoke, VA
10/26vs.*Virginia Military Institute (4-5-1)W410
11/2vs.*Maryland (3-6)W417
11/9vs.*North Carolina (8-2-1)L721@ neutral site
11/16@*George Washington (4-3)W200
11/28@*Richmond (6-2-2)W400



1945-William & Mary (Southern)

9/29vs.Catawba (non-IA)W196
10/6@Tennessee (8-1)L1348
10/13vs.*Virginia Tech (2-6)W380@ Richmond, VA
10/20@*Virginia Military Institute (5-4)W139
10/27@*North Carolina State (3-6)L620
11/3@*Maryland (6-2-1)W3314
11/10vs.*North Carolina (5-5)L06@ neutral site
11/17vs.Merchant Marine (5-3)W257
11/22@*Richmond (2-6)W330



1944-William & Mary (Southern)

9/30vs.Fort Monroe (non-IA)W460
10/6vs.Hampden-Sydney (non-IA)W380@ Richmond, VA
10/14@Pennsylvania (5-3)L046
10/21vs.Richmond Field (non-IA)W390
10/28@*North Carolina State (7-2)L219
11/11@*North Carolina (1-7-1)T00
11/18vs.*Virginia Military Institute (1-8)W260@ Portsmouth, VA
11/30@*Richmond (2-6)W400



1943 - not rated

1942-William & Mary (Southern)

9/19@Hampden-Sydney (non-IA)W270
9/26@Navy (5-4)W30
10/3@*Virginia Tech (7-2-1)W217
10/10@Harvard (2-6-1)T77
10/24vs.*George Washington (3-6)W610
10/31@Dartmouth (5-4)W3514
11/7vs.Randolph-Macon (non-IA)W400
11/14vs.*Virginia Military Institute (3-5-1)W276@ Norfolk, VA
11/21vs.North Carolina Pre-Flight (8-2-1)L014
11/26@*Richmond (3-6-1)W100
11/28@Oklahoma (3-5-2)W147



1941-William & Mary (Southern)

9/20vs.Newport News (non-IA)W530
9/27@Navy (7-1-1)L034
10/4vs.Randolph-Macon (non-IA)W517
10/11vs.*Virginia Tech (6-4)W167@ Richmond, VA
10/18@Hampden-Sydney (non-IA)W280
10/25@*George Washington (1-7-1)W480
11/1@Dartmouth (5-4)W30
11/8vs.*Virginia Military Institute (4-6)W210
11/20@*Richmond (2-7)W333
11/29vs.*North Carolina State (4-5-2)L013



1940-William & Mary (Southern)

9/21@*North Carolina State (3-6)L016
9/28@Navy (6-2-1)L719
10/5vs.Newport News (non-IA)W420
10/12vs.*Virginia Tech (5-5)W2013@ Richmond, VA
10/19vs.Hampden-Sydney (4-5)W410
10/26vs.Virginia (4-5)W136
11/2@*Virginia Military Institute (7-2-1)T00
11/9vs.Randolph-Macon (non-IA)W466
11/21@*Richmond (6-3)W160



1939-William & Mary (Southern)

9/23vs.Guilford (non-IA)W316
9/30@Navy (3-5-1)L631
10/7@Newport News (non-IA)W396
10/17vs.*Virginia Tech (4-5-1)T66@ Richmond, VA
10/21vs.Hampden-Sydney (4-5)W260
10/28vs.Virginia (5-4)L626@ Norfolk, VA
11/11vs.Randolph-Macon (non-IA)W196
11/18vs.*Washington & Lee (3-4-1)W1814
11/25@*Richmond (7-1-2)W70



1938-William & Mary (Southern)

9/17@Norfolk Navy (non-IA)W270
9/24@Navy (4-3-2)L026
10/1vs.Newport News (non-IA)L89
10/8vs.*Virginia Tech (3-5-2)L027@ Richmond, VA
10/15vs.Guilford (non-IA)W450
10/22vs.*Virginia Military Institute (6-1-4)L014
10/29@Virginia (4-4-1)L034
11/5vs.Hampden-Sydney (2-6)W187
11/12@*Washington & Lee (4-4-1)L027
11/24@*Richmond (6-3-1)L710



1937-William & Mary (Southern)

9/25@Navy (4-4-1)L045
10/2vs.*Virginia Military Institute (5-5)L920@ Norfolk, VA
10/9vs.*Virginia Tech (5-5)W120@ Richmond, VA
10/16vs.Guilford (non-IA)W370
10/23@American (non-IA)W380
10/30@*Virginia (2-7)L06
11/6vs.Hampden-Sydney (non-IA)W2112
11/13vs.*Washington & Lee (4-5)L1214
11/25@*Richmond (5-4-1)L06



1936-William & Mary (Southern)

9/26@Navy (6-3)L618
10/3vs.*Virginia (2-7)L07@ Norfolk, VA
10/10vs.*Virginia Tech (5-5)L014@ Richmond, VA
10/17vs.Guilford (non-IA)W380
10/24vs.Roanoke (non-IA)L013
10/31vs.Hampden-Sydney (non-IA)L019
11/7vs.*Virginia Military Institute (6-4)L021
11/14vs.*Washington & Lee (4-5)L713
11/26@*Richmond (4-4-2)L07



1935-William & Mary (Independent)

9/21vs.Virginia (1-5-4)T00
9/28@Navy (5-4)L030
10/5@Army (6-2-1)L014
10/12vs.Virginia Tech (4-3-2)T00@ Richmond, VA
10/19vs.Guilford (non-IA)W440
10/26vs.Roanoke (non-IA)W147
11/2vs.Virginia Military Institute (2-7-1)L019
11/9@Dartmouth (8-2)L034
11/16vs.Emory & Henry (non-IA)W220
11/28@Richmond (3-3-3)T66



1934-William & Mary (Independent)

9/29@Navy (8-1)L720
10/6vs.Emory & Henry (non-IA)W208
10/13vs.Virginia Tech (5-5)L06@ Richmond, VA
10/20@Georgetown (4-3-1)L03
10/27vs.Roanoke (non-IA)W156
11/3vs.Virginia Military Institute (1-8)L613@ Norfolk, VA
11/17vs.Washington & Lee (7-3)L07
11/29@Richmond (8-1)L06



1933-William & Mary (Independent)

9/16@Roanoke (non-IA)W76
9/23@Randolph-Macon (non-IA)W120
9/30@Navy (5-4)L012
10/7@Washington & Lee (4-4-2)L07
10/14vs.Virginia Tech (4-3-3)L713@ Richmond, VA
10/21@Guilford (non-IA)W377
10/28@Georgetown (1-6-1)W126
11/4vs.Virginia Military Institute (2-7-1)W140@ Norfolk, VA
11/11@Emory & Henry (non-IA)L625
11/18vs.Davidson (6-2-1)L712
11/26@Richmond (5-4)W60



1932-William & Mary (Independent)

9/17@Roanoke (non-IA)W60
9/24@Randolph-Macon (non-IA)W2713
10/1@Navy (2-6-1)W60
10/8@Guilford (non-IA)W470
10/15vs.Virginia Tech (8-1)L07@ Richmond, VA
10/22vs.Washington & Lee (1-9)W70
10/29@Army (8-2)L033
11/2@Bridgewater (non-IA)W770
11/5vs.Virginia Military Institute (2-8)W207@ Richmond, VA
11/12@George Washington (6-2-1)L612
11/19@Emory & Henry (non-IA)W186
11/24@Richmond (4-2-2)L718



1926-1931 - not rated

1925-William & Mary (Independent)

9/19@Norfolk Navy (non-IA)W130
9/26@Lenoir-Rhyne (non-IA)W440
10/3@Navy (5-2-1)L025
10/10@Syracuse (8-1-1)L033
10/17vs.Duke (4-5)W410
10/24@Randolph-Macon (non-IA)W540
10/31@Harvard (4-3-1)L714
11/7@Albright (non-IA)W270
11/14@Haskell (non-IA)L1314
11/21@Roanoke (non-IA)W220
11/25@Richmond (3-6)W140



1924-William & Mary (Independent)

9/27@Lenoir-Rhyne (non-IA)W270
10/4@Navy (2-6)L714
10/11@Syracuse (8-2-1)L724
10/18@Randolph-Macon (non-IA)W277
11/1vs.Duke (4-5)W213@ Norfolk, VA
11/8@King (non-IA)W270
11/15@Albright (non-IA)W270
11/22@Roanoke (non-IA)T77
11/27@Richmond (2-6-1)W206



1923-William & Mary (Independent)

9/22@Norfolk Fire Department (non-IA)W210
9/29@Navy (5-1-3)L1039
10/6@Syracuse (8-1)L361
10/13@Guilford (non-IA)W740
10/20@Duke (5-4)W210
10/27@Randolph-Macon (non-IA)W270
11/3@Hampden-Sydney (non-IA)W200
11/10vs.Delaware (non-IA)W140
11/17@Roanoke (non-IA)L79
11/29@Richmond (3-5)W276



1922-William & Mary (Independent)

9/30@Penn State (6-4-1)L727
10/7@Virginia Tech (8-1-1)L620
10/14@Randolph-Macon (non-IA)W337
10/21@Duke (7-2-1)W137
10/28@Hampden-Sydney (1-8)W326
11/4@Wake Forest (3-5-2)W180
11/11@Roanoke (non-IA)W140
11/18@Gallaudet (non-IA)W450
11/30@Richmond (6-2-1)L313