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Listed below are historical scores for Indiana State.
This file was last updated on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

1985-Indiana State (MVC)

9/7vs.St. Cloud State (non-IA)W3114
9/14@Eastern Illinois (non-IA)L739
9/21@Kansas (6-6)L1037
9/28vs.*Drake (4-7)W1710
10/5@*West Texas A&M (6-3-1)L2729
10/12@Northern Iowa (non-IA)L724
10/19vs.Western Illinois (non-IA)W4224
11/2vs.*Southern Illinois (4-7)W4138
11/9vs.Ball State (4-7)L2729@ Indianapolis, IN
11/16@*Illinois State (6-3-2)L2124



1984-Indiana State (MVC)

9/1vs.Wayne State (non-IA)W426
9/8vs.Eastern Illinois (non-IA)W2417
9/22vs.*Illinois State (5-6)W197
9/29vs.Central Missouri State (non-IA)W273
10/6vs.Ball State (3-8)W346@ Indianapolis, IN
10/13@Louisville (2-9)W4421
10/20vs.*Drake (4-7)W173
10/27@*Southern Illinois (3-8)W2710
11/3vs.Central Florida (non-IA)W380
11/10vs.*Tulsa (6-5)L1724
11/17@Western Illinois (non-IA)L222
12/1vs.Middle Tennessee State (non-IA)L4142



1983-Indiana State (MVC)

9/3vs.Louisiana-Monroe (non-IA)W109
9/10vs.Northern Iowa (non-IA)W260
9/17@Florida (9-2-1)L1317
9/24vs.Central Missouri State (non-IA)W337
10/1@*Illinois State (6-4-1)L2037
10/8vs.Ball State (6-5)W3514
10/15vs.*Wichita State (3-8)W2422
10/22vs.*Southern Illinois (13-1)L2134
10/29@Eastern Illinois (non-IA)W1713
11/5@*West Texas A&M (0-10-1)W3120
11/12@*Drake (1-10)W380
11/27vs.Eastern Illinois (non-IA)W1613
12/3@*Southern Illinois (13-1)L723



1982-Indiana State (MVC)

9/4@Central Michigan (6-4-1)L1035
9/11vs.*New Mexico State (3-8)W1410
9/18vs.McNeese State (non-IA)W1310
9/25@Ball State (5-6)W170
10/2@*Drake (4-7)W2919
10/9@Maryland (8-4)L038
10/16vs.Eastern Illinois (non-IA)L1216
10/23@*Southern Illinois (6-5)L921
10/30vs.*Illinois State (2-9)W247
11/6@Louisville (5-6)L2335
11/13@*Tulsa (10-1)L1448



1981-Indiana State (MVC)

9/5@Louisiana-Monroe (5-6)L838
9/12@*Drake (10-1)L1417
9/19@*New Mexico State (3-8)W416
9/26vs.*Wichita State (4-6-1)T1414
10/10vs.Ball State (4-7)W317
10/17vs.*Tulsa (6-5)L1920
10/24vs.*Illinois State (3-7)W3414
10/31vs.*Southern Illinois (7-4)L317
11/7@*West Texas A&M (7-4)L1417
11/14@Eastern Illinois (non-IA)W2714
11/21@Marshall (2-9)W420



1980-Indiana State (MVC)

9/6@*Drake (8-3)W1310
9/20vs.Eastern Illinois (non-IA)W140
9/27vs.Akron (non-IA)W279
10/4@*Wichita State (5-5-1)L2046
10/11vs.*Southern Illinois (3-8)W196
10/18@Louisville (5-6)L1727
10/25@Illinois State (4-7)L09
11/1vs.*West Texas A&M (5-6)W3718
11/8@*Tulsa (8-3)L730
11/15vs.*New Mexico State (3-7-1)W3328
11/22@Ball State (6-5)L2128



1979-Indiana State (MVC)

9/1vs.*Drake (3-8)W1912
9/8@*Wichita State (1-10)W289
9/15@Western Illinois (non-IA)W1714
9/22@*New Mexico State (2-9)W4023
9/29@Akron (non-IA)W2827
10/6vs.Ball State (6-5)W1813
10/13@*West Texas A&M (5-5-1)L1733
10/20vs.Louisville (4-6-1)L1034
10/27vs.Illinois State (3-8)W2321
11/3@*Southern Illinois (8-3)L3841
11/10vs.Louisiana-Monroe (3-8)W3821



1978-Indiana State (MVC)

9/9vs.*New Mexico State (6-5)L914
9/16vs.Western Illinois (non-IA)W3120
9/23@Eastern Michigan (3-7)L827
9/30@Louisville (7-4)L1231
10/7@Ball State (10-1)L07
10/14vs.*Drake (4-7)W130
10/21vs.*West Texas A&M (3-8)L736
10/28@Louisiana-Monroe (6-4-1)L014
11/4vs.*Southern Illinois (7-4)L728
11/11@Illinois State (2-9)L1427
11/18vs.*Wichita State (4-7)W4218



1977-Indiana State (Independent)

9/10@McNeese State (5-5-1)L725
9/17@Southern Illinois (3-8)W149
9/24vs.Western Carolina (6-4-1)L1415
10/1@Akron (non-IA)L320
10/8@Drake (2-9)W2320
10/22vs.Illinois State (3-7-1)W2010
10/29@West Texas A&M (6-4-1)L2031
11/5vs.Ball State (9-2)L1842
11/12vs.Wichita State (5-6)L1441
11/20@Louisville (7-4-1)L1627



1976-Indiana State (Independent)

9/18vs.Arkansas State (5-6)W3121
9/25vs.Dayton (4-7)L1420
10/2vs.Akron (non-IA)L734
10/9vs.Northern Illinois (1-10)W2810
10/16@Central Michigan (7-4)L1316
10/23@Illinois State (5-6)L1424
10/30vs.Southern Illinois (7-4)L221
11/6@Ball State (8-3)L924
11/13@Wichita State (4-7)W2017
11/20@Virginia Military Institute (5-5)L1426



1975-Indiana State (Independent)

9/13@Eastern Michigan (4-6)L730
9/20@Southern Illinois (1-9-1)W2321
10/4@Ball State (9-2)L1620
10/11vs.Northern Illinois (3-8)W2110
10/18vs.Dayton (5-6)W5614
10/25vs.Illinois State (2-7-1)W4213
11/1@Akron (7-4)L1114
11/8vs.Nebraska-Omaha (non-IA)W269
11/15@Tulsa (7-4)L762
11/22@Delaware (non-IA)L746